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Chapter 86:  Huang Ming and Sons, Killed


Cosmic Star Academy Student!

First Year Champion!

The Principal gifted a high Grade Five Spirit Dan to him!

Huang Peng and Su Yan felt as if their heads were spinning, feeling dizzy.

Cosmic Star Academy student ah! Where the entire Luo Tong Kingdom’s most talented juniors gathered! Their son was actually a Cosmic Star Academy student; not only that, Xiaolong was the First Year Champion and was given a high Grade Five Spirit Dan from the Principal.

What does this mean Both of them were well aware; this news, however, came too much of a sudden, and it was too shocking and too unbelievable to the point that both of them weren’t able to accept it all at the same time.

After what seemed like a very long time, Huang Peng and Su Yan gradually recovered from their shock and excitement; exchanging a look between themselves, Huang Peng shook his head mentally: this son, neither of them could see through him anymore.

Before it was a peak late-Tenth Order Fei Hou following his son, calling him Young Master, and now, even more shocking was the Luo Tong Kingdom’s Marshal Haotian also following his son, becoming their son’s subordinate.

On top of that, he had become a student of the Cosmic Star Academy, and he was the First Year’s number one student, and he was gifted a high Grade Five Spirit Dan for no reason and at no cost!

Everything that happened made them unable to see through the mysteries surrounding their son.

At last, they could only accept the two bottles containing Xingyao Dan and Qi Sea Dan.

Holding the one dan each in their hands, they don’t know whether they should be excited or happy.

However, after they have calmed down and accepted the two dans, Huang Xiaolong once again took out two sets of manual, saying “This is a set of an Earth rank cultivation technique and a battle skill.”

“What Earth rank cultivation technique and battle skill!” The newly recovered Huang Peng and Su Yan were once again struck dizzy.

Earth rank!

A buzz continued to resound in their brains.

A long time later, they gradually calmed down.

Taking the Earth rank cultivation technique and battle skill, both were already speechless.

“Dad, Mom, after the New Year two days later, move to the Luo Tong Royal City with me.” Huang Xiaolong’s voice was serious and low.

“To the Luo Tong Royal City This…” Huang Peng and Su Yan were surprised at their son’s abrupt suggestion and hesitated.

“Due to Liu Wei’s death, Huang Clan Manor is no longer safe.

Moreover, I bought a mansion in the Royal City.” Huang Xiaolong said.

Very soon, the Big Sword Sect will know that Liu Wei was killed by him; if his parents and siblings remained in Huang Clan Manor, it is certainly not safe.

Both Huang Peng and Su Yan knew the seriousness of the matter, and they had no conflict in moving to the Royal City; it’s just that they have been living in Huang Clan Manor for so long, especially Huang Peng– from the moment he was born, he had always been here.

“Then, your Grandfather” When Huang Peng mentioned this, Huang Xiaolong decisively shook his head: “Not possible, Dad.

There is no need to bring this matter up anymore.”


Huang Peng sighed in his heart; initially, he had wanted to ask his son to bring his father together with them.

But he knew it was impossible for his son to bring Grandfather Huang Qide along.

Although his son did not kill Huang Ming and his sons, it doesn’t mean Xiaolong had forgiven them.

It was because he pleaded for mercy that Xiaolong let the matter be handled according to Huang Clan Manor’s rules.

Father Huang Qide had always been partial towards Huang Ming’s side, and Huang Peng is aware that is was not possible for his son to forgive his father, Huang Qide.

Huang Peng could already imagine the scene after they left for the Royal City.

The arrival of Big Sword Sect’s experts descending onto Huang Clan Manor; Liu Wei dying in Huang Clan Manor, and that meant Huang Clan Manor would not be able to escape Big Sword Sect’s wrath.

 From top to bottom, the manor would be….!!

Huang Peng was struggling in his heart.


Two days came and went.

The New Year is here.

Cold snow was falling outside while the Eastern Courtyard was in a lively mood; little sister, Huang Min, and his little brother, Huang Xiaohai, were pestering for Huang Xiaolong to play with them.

Even though Huang Min suffered a kick from Huang Wei, her injury was lighter than Huang Peng’s.

And after treatment from Huang Xiaolong, she was almost completely healed.

This New Year was one of the happiest New Year ever for the two little guys.

The warmth and liveliness in the Eastern Courtyard was the complete opposite from the rest of Huang Clan Manor that was drowned in an eerie silence, especially the Northern Courtyard as if it was cursed with a dead atmosphere.

The New Year ended quickly.

On the Third Day of New Year, Huang Xiaolong brought his parents, and siblings away from Huang Clan Manor, heading to the Luo Tong Royal City.

When they were leaving, Huang Peng brought along seven to eight guards and servants; these guards and servants followed Huang Peng since he was little, and all of them were undoubtedly loyal.

Towards this, Huang Xiaolong has no objections.

“Big Brother, is there really a lot a lot of fun places in the Royal City” On the road, Huang Min asked Huang Xiaolong.

When the two little guys found out that they were going to the Royal City, both were jumping with joy.

All the way, both were chattering nonstop.

“The Royal City is a fun place.” Huang Xiaolong smiled and said.

“Big Brother, do we need to go back to Huang Clan Manor in the future” Huang Xiaohai asked.

This year, Huang Xiaohai reached the age of seven and had already gone through the martial spirit awakening ceremony.

His talent was good, possessing a top grade eight martial spirit.

“What about you, do you want to go back to Huang Clan Manor” Instead of answering, Huang Xiaolong asked smilingly.

“I never want to go back to Huang Clan Manor!” Huang Xiaohai shook his head vigorously: “I don’t want to see that jerk Huang Wei again!”

Huang Peng and Su Yan remained mum on this topic.

Because this time Huang Xiaolong was traveling with his family, the speed of their journey was quite slow, using six days to travel out of Canglan County.

At the speed they were moving, it would take at least a month for them to reach Luo Tong Royal City.

As they left Canglan County, Marshal Haotian informed Huang Xiaolong; Huang Qide, Huang Ming, and the clan moved away from the manor, leaving Huang Clan Manor behind.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

This was within his expectation.

Huang Qide was afraid Big Sword Sect will vent their wrath on Huang Clan Manor, so he would surely move Huang Clan away to a safer place.

Very quickly, twenty days had passed in the journey.


In the entire journey, no one felt dull with Huang Min and Huang Xiaohai ‘twittering’ all the way; due to the many days spent together, Huang Min, Huang Xiaohai, and the little violet monkey grew familiar, the three often horsed around together.

One day, deep into the quiet night.

Huang Xiaolong was resting in a spot of open place near a forest.

Everyone gathered around the bonfire, and hanging above the bonfire was the Sandyfern Beast and its fragrant smell wafted around from roasting the meat.

Huang Min, Huang Xiaohai, and the little violet monkey were very well-behaved, waiting obediently at the side with saliva drooling from their mouths as big, round eyes stared fixedly on the piece of roasting meat.

Fire glowed and casted an orangey-red shadow over his parents’ silhouette.

Watching this scene, a burst of warmth filled Huang Xiaolong’s heart.


At this time, Marshal Haotian suddenly came behind Huang Xiaolong, and in a low voice whispered: “Young Master, Subordinate has something to report about the Huang Clan Manor.”

Huang Xiaolong stood up and walked some distance away from the bonfire, more than a dozen meters away to be exact.

“What is it” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Young Master, Subordinate just received a report saying Big Sword Sect has found Huang Qide and the rest.” Marshal Haotian relayed honestly, “Huang Qide is dead, Huang Ming, Huang Jun, and Huang Wei were also killed off by people from Big Sword Sect.”

Huang Xiaolong was silent for a moment, and then nodded: “I know.” After saying that, he turned around, returning to the bonfire.

“Xiaolong, what is it” Huang Peng asked as if already he already guessed the outcome.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “Haotian just reported that the people of the Huang Clan Manor was found by the Big Sword Sect.” Regarding this matter, Huang Xiaolong did not want to hide it from his father.


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