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With Huang Xiaolong as the center, starlight spread outward like a high tide rushing inland, wave after wave, like it would never end. 

It was a long time later when the starlight dispersed and Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes, joy shining through them.

He finally broke through, entering Tenth Order God Realm!

Possessing the Black Tortoise Divine Fire really removed all bottlenecks!

When Huang Xiaolong attempted to his breakthrough to Tenth Order God Realm, there wasnt the slightest hindrance, everything went smoothly.

He then submerged his divine sense internally to check his bodys condition; the time and space law threads in his soul sea had exceeded ten million, akin to pillars that propped up the heavens.

As far as Huang Xiaolong knew, in general, perfection stage Tenth Order God Realm masters time and space law threads would only be in the range of nine million.

It was rarely heard of anyone amassing over ten million time and space law threads in their soul sea at this stage.

But Huang Xiaolong, at early Tenth Order God Realm, had more than ten million threads.

Furthermore, the true immortal essence in his dantian was like a vast ocean that had no edge.

His True Dragon Physique had also undergone transformations, his veins and meridians, as well as his internal organs,  glimmered with tiny brilliant specks of starlight, forming a dazzling ancient galaxy of their own.

With a thought, the Black Tortoise Divine Fire appeared in the form of an armor on Huang Xiaolongs body, the icy blue snow-white glow was more radiant than ever, like a translucent crystal, awe-inspiring.

The moment he advanced to Tenth Order God Realm, Huang Xiaolong could distinctively feel a leap in the Black Tortoise Divine Fires power.

Whether it was the Black Tortoise Divine Armors defense or attack, there was a five to six times increase in strength.

‘The current me can absolutely defeat that Black Dungeon Tarragon from before. Huang Xiaolong contemplated.

Even under the circumstances of not using the Black Tortoise Divine Armor, he could totally defeat that perfection stage Tenth Order God Realm Black Dungeon Tarragon they met at the Heavenly Mountain.

If the Black Tortoise Divine Armor was added into the equation, he could easily kill it.

Following that, Huang Xiaolong observed his soul.

Compared to before, the clarity of his soul was like a sun that emitted blinding aureate light.

At the current level of his souls clarity, if he were to break through to Highgod Realm, what rank would the godhead he condensed be Huang Xiaolong asked Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi sighed, “You freak of a guy, even I, this old dragon, dont know what to say.

The clarity of your soul surpasses mine by a hundred times when I condensed my godhead!” At that time, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi succeeded in condensing a rank seven godhead, moreover, it was one of the top rank seven godheads, close to achieving a rank eight godhead.

Yet, Huang Xiaolongs soul was a hundred times more clear and purer than Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyis! It was hard to blame the old dragon for sighing in envy and burning with jealousy.

“According to the ancient Celestial Temples records, when the first Black Warrior Institute Principal condensed his godhead, his soul was as bright as the sun, emitting a dazzling light that lit up his soul sea.

Currently, the clarity of your soul should more or less be comparable to him.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi sighed again before continuing, “Therefore, the state of your soul can most likely condense a rank nine godhead!”

Rank nine!

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

He didnt expect that after obtaining the Black Tortoise Divine Fire and cultivating in the Heavenly Gods blood pool, reaching this level of soul clarity, he could only condense a rank nine godhead.

Only now did Huang Xiaolong understand what Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi explained before, how difficult it was to condense a rank ten and above godhead.

What more condensing a supreme godhead, the king of godheads!

Still, he was only an early Tenth Order God Realm at the moment.

Later, as he grows stronger, his souls clarity would only increase, and after obtaining the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire, his True Dragon Physique would evolve again.

With two great divine fires tempering his soul, its clarity would reach an unprecedented level.

Condensing the king of godheads wasnt necessarily a daydream.

By the time Huang Xiaolong exited the Godly Mt.

Xumi, the sky outside was dark.

Under the blanket of darkness, the Lightning Fire Peak revealed another kind of beauty.

After obtaining the Etheric Physique, Huang Xiaolongs eyes and ears gained a unique ability.

Even if he doesnt use his divine sense, he could clearly see every blade of grass, every grain on a tree bark on the opposite mountain peak, several hundred miles away.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong saw two female elite disciples flying past.

“I heard the demonic beast clans attacked the Golden Mountain World and many of our outer disciples, inner disciples, elite disciples, even Elders have gone out to provide reinforcement to Golden Mountain World.”

“The demonic beast clans have been openly hostile in recent days, I wonder whats the reason.”

“This isnt only in our Vermilion Bird Galaxy, the same thing is happening in the three other galaxies, many world surfaces were attacked.

Among our disciples going to Golden Mountain World as reinforcement, more than five thousand of our outer disciples have fallen.

I heard there are more than a hundred deaths amongst the inner disciples, even a few elite disciples died, and Qi Qianqian was heavily injured!”

As these two female disciples talked, they flew further away.

Huang Xiaolongs eyebrows rose in doubt; all four galaxies worlds surfaces had suffered attacks from the demonic beast clans

It was extremely rare for them to act this way.

What exactly happened 

But Huang Xiaolong did not expect to hear that Qi Qianqian was heavily injured.

Ever since that time when he bluntly told Qi Qianqian not to bother him at the library, she really kept away, which saved Huang Xiaolong a lot of trouble.

After a brief moment of contemplation, Huang Xiaolong summoned his follower, Liu Yilong.

Handing Liu Yilong a  Spring Autumn Hundred Life Divine Pellet, he told him to bring it to Qi Qianqian.

When Liu Yilong heard that the bottle in his hand contained a Spring Autumn Hundred Life Divine Pellet, his hand trembled from shock, nearly smashing the bottle to the floor.

As a Vermilion Bird Institute disciple, Liu Yilong had naturally heard of Spring Autumn Hundred Life Divine Pellets that could heal any injuries no matter how grave they were within an hours time.

“Big bro, you, this Spring Autumn Hundred Life Divine Pellet, you really want to give it to Qi Qianqian” A moment later, Liu Yilong recovered from his shock, swallowing his saliva, he couldnt resist asking.

To him, it wasn\'t worth it to waste a precious Spring Autumn Hundred Life Divine Pellet on Qi Qianqian.

Huang Xiaolong didnt mind it, “If I tell you to send it, then go send it.

After you send that  Spring Autumn Hundred Life Divine Pellet to Qi Qianqian, this Nine Circles Golden Pill will be yours.”

Huang Xiaolong took out a shiny golden pill, waving it in front of Liu Yilong.

Liu Yilong nearly dropped the bottle in his hand again due to fright.

In the next second, Liu Yilong didnt utter another sound.

At a record-breaking speed, he flew to the mountain peak where Qi Qianqian was, threw the bottle containing Spring Autumn Hundred Life Divine Pellet and rushed back to the Lightning Fire Peak to report to Huang Xiaolong.

When Liu Yilong held the Nine Circles Folden Pill in his hand, that euphoric expression on his face was similar to stripping a hundred women naked.

Very carefully, Liu Yilong kept the Nine Circles Golden Pill away before looking at Huang Xiaolong with beaming smile, “Big bro, that Qi Qian, when she heard that the Spring Autumn Hundred Life Divine Pellet was from you, her heart was blooming on her face.

I bet when her injuries are healed, shell surely come looking for you at the Lightning Fire Peak to repay this gratitude with her body!”

“Scram!” Huang Xiaolong snapped, sending a kick at Liu Yilongs butt.

Liu Yilong flew away with a sheepish grin on his face.

After Liu Yilong left, Huang Xiaolong did not go to the library.

He turned around and went back inside the residence.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong had already gone through all ten top floors of the Vermilion Bird Institutes library.

As for the ten floors below, entering them required the status of an Elder.


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