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“Penalize Huang Xiaolong” Liu Yu, Qi Bowen, and a few other present Grand Elders exchanged looks among themselves, each of them feeling doubtful.

There was that old bugger Feng Yang shielding Huang Xiaolong, even if they wanted to convene all Grand Elders for a meeting, the chance of punishing Huang Xiaolong was too slim.

It was impossible for Wang Na not to realize this.

But, she still wanted to hold a Grand Elders Committee meeting even knowing this

However, these Grand Elders did not voice out their doubts.

They each stood up, acknowledging Wang Nas order.

Two days went by.

Huang Xiaolong was practicing his alchemy refining skills when his Master Feng Yang came over.

When Feng Yang arrived and saw that Huang Xiaolong was leisurely practicing his alchemy skills, he pointed at him, laughing casually, “You kid still are still in the mood to fiddle around.”

Hearing this, Huang Xiaolong immediately knew that his Master Feng Yangs visit today was related to the matter two days ago, when he injured Hu Yue and Li Jiarong.

“Is Wang Na that old witch is still biting hard on that incident, unwilling to let go” Huang Xiaolong inquired.

The master-disciple duo reached the main hall, taking a seat.

The Black Warrior Institute Principal nodded, “Just yesterday, the Grand Elders Committee held a meeting, and that old witch argued that you defied the Elders relying on your identity, injuring Hu Yue and Li Jiarong.

Adhering to the institutes rules, she insisted that your elite disciple status be revoked, and proposed to execute you before all disciples!”

Huang Xiaolong sneered coldly, “That old witch did not mention anything about the Swallowing Sky Starquake Divine Pill formula”

Institute Principal Feng Yang said, “She did, but her version was that Hu Yue and Li Jiarong both thought to discuss the matter with you amiably, to share the Swallowing Sky Starquake Divine Pill formula with our Black Warrior Institute.

This is something beneficial to our institute, but you were angered and attacked the Elders.”

Huang Xiaolong sneered, “That old witchs ability to lie through her teeth is really admirable.

Obviously, it was Li Jiarong who attacked first.

Furthermore, Im sure shes the one who wants the Swallowing Sky Starquake Divine Pill formula, yet she dared to use the Black Warrior Institute as a cover.

Not to mention the fact that there are many things that can be beneficial to the institute, why doesn\'t she offer herself up to our many disciples to release some stress, this is also something beneficial to our institute!”

Feng Yang nearly spat the tea he was drinking, laughing wildly, “Excellent words! You\'re right, after all, whether that place of hers is entertaining Jiang Wuhuang or entertaining our Black Warrior Institute disciples, its just the same.

Ill bring this suggestion up to her later.”

This time, it was Huang Xiaolong who nearly choked on his tea.

A brief moment later, Feng Yang turned serious, speaking solemnly, “In fact, that old witchs main purpose isnt the Swallowing Sky Starquake Divine Pill formula.

She deliberately sent Hu Yu and Li Jiarong over to stimulate you to make a mistake.

Although I managed to suppress this matter from getting out of hand, many Grand Elders had already formed some opinions about you in the meeting.”

“The incident with Jiang Yu last time was still fine, but this time is a bit different.

After all, Hu Yue and Li Jiarong are both Institute Elders.

Regardless of reason, it is a fact that you attacked and wounded them.

This caused quite a few Grand Elders to be dissatisfied with you.” Feng Yang explained.

Huang Xiaolongs eyebrows rose to his forehead.

“That old witch will most likely continue to cause troubles and incidents like this in the future, therefore, you must be more careful.” After pondering for a moment, he added as an afterthought, “Under normal circumstances, the next Institute Principal will only be elected after the Highgod Advancement Tournament, however, this is not absolute.

If I use my position as the Institute Principal to protect you, then Wang Na that old witch will manipulate the situation, forcing me to relinquish my position before the Highgod Advancement Tournament!”

A sharp light glinted in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, though he remained silent.

But he understood what his Master Feng Yang was trying to say.

That old witchs real aim was to force his Master to relinquish the Black Warrior Institute Principal position.

Then, after she succeeded the position, taking care of him would be as easy as crushing an ant.

Another thing his Master just mentioned, that some Grand Elders were beginning to feel averse toward him, probably referred to the group of neutral Grand Elders that were now leaning more toward Wang Nas camp.

This situation was disadvantageous to Feng Yang.

“But, you need not worry too much about this.” Feng Yang laughed and said, “If that old witch wants to ascend to the Institute Principal position earlier, she still needs to see whether I agree or not.

Be careful when you act later, itll be fine as long as she has no proof against you.”

From there, the topic moved to Huang Xiaolongs recent breakthrough to Seventh Order God Realm, this news made Feng Yang exceptionally happy and was generous with his praises.

A short while later, Feng Yang left.

After his Master left, Huang Xiaolong fell into deep contemplation.

For that old witch Wang Na to resort to such blatant methods to deal with him, having no qualms despite the presence of the Ascending Moon Old Man and Institute Principal Feng Yang, there must be some strong backing behind her.

‘Looks like I need to upgrade my status slightly. Huang Xiaolong muttered under his breath.

Based on his current Seventh Order God Realm strength, he was qualified to be promoted to an Elder from an elite disciple.

Holding an Elder status, even if that old witch wanted to mess with him, her methods would be much more limited.

Still, the most crucial factor was still his own strength.

As long as he broke through to Tenth Order God Realm, Huang Xiaolong was confident that even without Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyis help, an early Highgod Realm master like that old witch wouldnt be able to kill him.

An inner disciple was promoted to an elite disciple by being one of the top ten in an assessment, but the promotion from an elite disciple to an Elder was different.

As long as the disciple was verified have broken through to Seventh Order God Realm, that was all.

Huang Xiaolong decided to make a trip to the Wintry North World to visit Shi Xiaofei after his promotion to an Elder.

Since the parting last time, almost two decades had gone by in the blink of an eye.

According to Huang Xiaolongs estimation, Shi Xiaofei should have reached the third stage of the Moon Summoning Rhyme and awakened her Pure Luminance Enlightened Buddha Physique.

If that was true, then she wouldnt have to continue staying in the land of new moon to cultivate.

Another six days passed.

The rank five godhead crumbled into dust and disappeared entirely after Huang Xiaolong had completely refined and absorbed the godforce and Gods Law within, stabilizing his recent breakthrough to Seventh Order God Realm.

Coming out from the Xumi Temple, Huang Xiaolong decided to first head to the Red Flood Hall to complete his promotion.

The Red Flood Hall was built on the peak of the largest mountain, Red Flood Peak, located at the center of the Red Flood Mountain Range.

The elite disciples promotion to Elders, accepting tasks, and many other matters were handled here.

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong appeared above the Golden Dragon Peak, flying off in the direction of the Red Flood Hall.

Two hours later, he arrived at the Red Flood Hall.

The moment Huang Xiaolong took the first step into the Red Flood Hall, the noisy hall immediately quieted down.

Several hundred elite disciples that were accepting tasks or reporting their task completion all turned their heads toward the entrance.

“Huang Xiaolong!” Someone blurted out loud.

Looking over at the source, Huang Xiaolong was surprised.

That person was none other than Li Ming, the second in command of the Pan Tiger Society.

At that time, under Pan Haichengs order, Li Ming came to the Golden Dragon Peak stating that Pan Haicheng wanted to see him, even emphasizing that no one ever dared to refuse Pan Haichengs invitation, he was overbearing and arrogant.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong gave him a beating and Li Ming fled in a sorry state.

At this time, Li Ming was standing behind a young man clad in a tiger robe, exuding an extraordinary aura.

The tiger emblem on his robe bore a kingly quality.

This young man was most likely one of the Great Five elite disciples, Pan Haicheng.

Although Huang Xiaolong was aware of Pan Haichengs existence from the beginning, he had never seen him in person.

He didnt expect to run into this Pan Haicheng today.


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