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Chapter 596: True Dragon King's Beast Cores


By the time Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei reached the auction house, it was already packed with a sea of people.

As the Institute Principal’s personal disciple, of course, a high grade private room was arranged for Huang Xiaolong.

After both of them were seated inside the private room, Huang Xiaolong noticed Shi Xiaofei’s nervousness.

He reached out and held both of her small hands in his, reassuring her confidently, “Don’t worry, Senior Crazy Lady will definitely show up.”

As long as that Senior Crazy Lady showed up, he had ways to persuade her to help resolve the issue with Shi Xiaofei’s Pure Luminance Enlightened Buddha Physique.

Shi Xiaofei looked gratefully at Huang Xiaolong, “Big brother Huang, thank you very much.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled, “When your Pure Luminance Enlightened Buddha Physique is awakened, quickly break through God Realm and we’ll ascend to the Divine World together!”

Shi Xiaofei nodded with all seriousness, “I will definitely work very hard to ascend to the Divine World together with you!” Her hands tightened around Huang Xiaolong’s.

Half an hour passed as more and more high experts from various corners of the galaxy filled the auction hall.

Finally, the auction commenced.

The first item on auction was an egg of a divine beast, the Winged Tiger.

As a later generation of the Divine Bright Tiger, the Winged Tiger inherited one of the purest divine beast bloodlines.

Due to its high talent, in general, a Winged Tiger could grow to a high-level God Realm demonic beast. 

Moreover, the Winged Tiger was able to enhance its strength by swallowing spirit stones.

After incubation, it had a speedy growth rate, able to advance to God Realm within five hundred years.

Which was why many super forces’ disciples liked to purchase demonic beast eggs like the Winged Tiger that contained divine beast bloodlines, doubling as a mount when it grew up.

The starting price for this Winged Tiger egg was ten million.

In a matter of seconds, the cries of prices filled the hall like endless crashing waves.

Ten million was, honestly, nothing to Huang Xiaolong, however, he had no interest in this Winged Tiger egg, hence, he did not join in the bid for it.

Attending the auction this time around, Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei’s main purpose was to wait for Senior Crazy Lady to show up.

As the items shifted through the auction stage one after another, gasps of shock, exclamations of surprise, heavy sighs and laments could be ceaselessly heard.

In its third hour, the auction house entered into a white-hot atmosphere.

Each item were treasures worth over a hundred million.

Shi Xiaofei gradually became worried.

“There’s no need to worry.” Huang Xiaolong comforted, “The bidding for the sacred grade immortal spirit stone has yet to start, the instant Senior Crazy Lady appears, my Master will send people to inform us.” As the anchor item of the auction, it would be left to the end of the auction.

Shi Xiaofei nodded, she could only patiently wait.

Another dozen items passed through the auction stage, and after a divine armor was bid off, the auctioneer began to introduce the next item, “Coming up are two beast cores.

These are two beast cores of the legendary True Dragon King.” 

The moment the auctioneer’s introduction ended, the entire hall was filled with an excited energy.

“It’s actually the True Dragon King’s beast cores! The True Dragon King was a formidable master ranked third on the God Ranking List in the past!”

“The True Dragon King’s true body was a variant of Azure Dragon, thus having two beast cores inside his body.

One is water-element, and the other is an ice-element beast core.

If this True Dragon King’s beast cores are used in alchemy to refine sacred grade immortal divine pellets, it would definitely be the finest top sacred grade divine pellet!”

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes brightened, sitting inside the private room.

Beast cores of the third ranked True Dragon King! Each name on the God Ranking List was a Highgod Realm master! Most important of all, what he needed the most now were Highgod Realm divine dragons’ beast cores.

“Tsk tsk, this True Dragon King’s beast cores are really good stuff.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s praised, “These two True Dragon King’s beast cores are comparable to ten of the Highgod beast cores inside the Hailstone Treasure vault.

Little Huang brat, you absolutely must get these two beast cores!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, determined.

Even without Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s reminder, he’d have done the same.

Like Huang Xiaolong, there were many people keen on getting their hands on these True Dragon King’s beast cores.

Huang Xiaolong was in private room number sixteen, and inside private room eight not far from Huang Xiaolong sat an imposing young man of extraordinary bearing, clad in a robe with a green dragon emblem sewn on his chest.

Behind the young man, stood two old men.

These two old men stood quietly as if they blended themselves with heaven and earth itself, unassuming yet possessed unfathomable strength.

“We’ve already collected more than a hundred types of elixirs above ten thousand years, only lacking this True Dragon King’s beast cores.

Once we successfully obtain them, we can begin refining the Twin Dragon Flying to Heaven Sacred Pellet.

Once Young Lord consumes it, within four years, Young Lord’s strength will breakthrough another level!” One of the old men said respectfully.

The young man nodded.

“Young Lord, Vice-Principal Wang Na extended her invitation, hoping that Young Lord is willing to visit her manor after the auction ends.” The other old men said.

The young man answered with little interest, “I know, a little Black Warrior Institute inner disciple, is it necessary for me to personally act When the time comes, just let that Su Guozhen or Ba Canghai to do it, they’re more than enough.”

“Young Lord mustn’t underestimate this Huang Xiaolong.

According to the rumors, this child’s talent is extremely high, able to defeat a Fourth Order God Realm master having less cultivated for less than a hundred years.” The first old man solemnly stated.

The corner of the young man’s lips curved into a mocking sneer, “Just a Fourth Order God Realm, so what if his talent is high At the moment he’s only a Second Order God Realm, right Even if he managed to breakthrough to Third Order God Realm four years later, you can simply choose either one, Su Guozhen or Ba Canghai, they can still squash him dead easily.”

This young man was Azure Dragon Institute Principal’s personal disciple, the leader of the Azure Dragon Institute’s inner disciples, Xiang Mingzhi.

“Now, we’ll begin the bidding for the True Dragon King’s beast cores, both beast cores will be auctioned together, starting at one billion.

Every increase cannot be lower than ten million.” At this time, the auctioneer’s voice rang in the hall again.

One billion!

The guests sitting in the hall sucked in cold breaths of air.

One billion was a hard sum even for some super forces’ Grand Elders.

With one billion, one could already purchase a comfortable residence on the Cloudsea Mainland.

This figure immediately diminished the desire of many super forces’ Grand Elders and Patriarchs from bidding.

Although this True Dragon King’s beast cores were good stuff, they could only be used in alchemy, being refined into pellets.

Other than this, there wasn’t much use.

Then again, since when was a sacred grade divine pellet so easy to refine Not to mention the fact that it needed a large number of ten thousand years and above herbs as supplements.

The auction hall fell into an abrupt silence.

“Two billion!” Xiang Mingzhi aimed for a swift conclusion, doubling the price.

All the people in the hall were shocked, each turning their heads toward private room number eight.

“Private room number eight… If I’m not wrong, it’s the people from the Azure Dragon Institute!”

The guests in the hall showed a great reaction. 

In private room number six, Huang Xiaolong was a little surprised hearing this.

Azure Dragon Institute A small smile crept up his face, ‘How interesting.’

“Three billion!” While everyone was still reacting the Azure Dragon Institute, Huang Xiaolong’s voice cut through the noise in the hall, ringing crisp and clear in everyone’s ear.

Three billion!

When crowd’s focus shifted to private room six, another ripple shot through the crowd.

Inside private room eight, Xiang Mingzhi was slightly surprised, for he did not expect there to be people who dared to compete with him.

After a brief second of surprise, he showed a radiant smile, “It seems like this trip to Black Warrior City isn’t as dull as I assumed.

This is interesting, I hope you’ll continue to entertain me.” In the end, he called out: “Four billion!”

Four billion!

The crowd below once again sucked in a breath of cold air.

Madness! These were merely the True Dragon King’s beast cores, not the actual body itself.

At most, it could fetch a little over two billion.

Four billion had already exceeded its worth in double.

“Ten billion!” While the crowd below was jarred to the soul at four billion, Huang Xiaolong’s calm voice rang out.

Ten billion!

This time, the auction hall went deathly quiet.


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