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Chapter 594: Offer You A Cup of Tea


“You!” Jiang Yongheng anger-warped face was marooned looking at Liu Yun.

Liu Yun’s display of strength had exceeded his estimation.

The question was, would he insist to act

However, Liu Yun was definitely not someone to speak empty words.

The next move he made would probably chop off his hands, or even kill him!

Others dared not, but Lu Yun did!

“Junior Apprentice-brother, let’s go!” No longer bothered with Jiang Yongheng, Liu Yun said to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Watching Liu Yun and Huang Xiaolong taking everyone away and leaving, Jiang Yongheng’s gripped the blood knife in his hand, unwillingness etched on his face, but in the end, he did not act.

“Liu Yun, Huang Xiaolong!” Jiang Yongheng ground each word, “You’ve gone overboard!”

At this time, Grand Elder Wang Jingyuan came beside Jiang Yongheng, speaking in a low voice, “Brother Yongheng, this Huang Xiaolong has always acted brazenly as if he was above others due to the fact that he is the Black Warrior Institute Principal’s personal disciple.

This time, he even dared to kill a core disciple of your Jiang Family.

This is a clear insult, showing that he does not put your Jiang Family in his eyes.”

The look in Jiang Yongheng’s eyes grew icy, “This matter will not end here.”

Although he knew that Wang Jingyuan did not bear any goodwill, deliberately fanning the fire between the Jiang Family and the Black Warrior Institute, with Jiang Wei’en killed within the walls of Changzhi City, the Jiang Family had already lost face.

Hence, one way or the other, this matter couldn't be swept away just like that.

A short while later, Liu Yun, Huang Xiaolong, and the rest reached the Divine Fort Residence.

“Junior Apprentice-brother, the Jiang Family will not let this matter slide so easily.” Liu Yun added, “I have a place in the Black Warrior City, why don’t you move your family over there for the time being”

Huang Xiaolong solemnly agreed, “Alright.”

After this matter, continuing to live in Changzhi City was no longer safe.

Having decided, Huang Xiaolong informed his parents and everyone else, telling them to pack light.

With that, they left Changzhi City, following Liu Yun.

But, upon arriving in Black Warrior City, Huang Xiaolong did not settle his family in Liu Yun’s residence.

Instead, he took out money and troubled his Eldest Apprentice-brother to help him purchase an adjoining residence.

Only Black Warrior Institute elite disciples and above could purchase a residence in Black Warrior City, and even though Huang Xiaolong couldn't, his Eldest Apprentice-brother Liu Yun could buy it for him.

Having money helped everything flow smoother.

After throwing out more than 10 billion, before the day ended, several residences next to each other changed owners.

The first thing Huang Xiaolong did was have people open entrances connecting these several residences.

All in all, its land area was even bigger than the Divine Fort Residence in Changzhi City.

Huang Xiaolong styled the residence as ‘Luo Tong Residence’.

On the same night itself, the Huang Family moved into the Luo Tong Residence.

While the Huang Family was busy moving into a new residence, the news of Jiang Wei’en being murdered by Huang Xiaolong in Changzhi City spread faster than wildfire, causing the entire Cloudsea Mainland to boil over.

The Jiang Family was one of the most prominent super forces of the Black Tortoise Galaxy.

Having one of their core disciples killed in the Cloudsea Mainland was a first in the family’s history.

“That Jiang Wei’en is the current Jiang Family Patriarch’s, Jiang Wuhuang’s grandson.

He was extremely cherished by Jiang Wuhuang.

This time, losing his favorite grandson in the hands of the Black Warrior Institute Principal’s fourth disciple, Jiang Wuhuang will surely go crazy!”

“We’re in for a good show this time.

There's no way Jiang Wuhuang will quietly endure this matter.

However, admittedly, that Huang Xiaolong is indeed a monstrous genius ah.

I heard he defeated Jiang Wei’en’s several Third Order and Fourth Order God Realm guards using just one move!”

“For real How long has that Huang Xiaolong been cultivating It hasn’t been a decade since he entered the Black Warrior Institute, right No, not even six years!”

The masters that rushed over to the Cloudsea Mainland due to the Black Warrior Auction house gossiped among themselves.

The Black Warrior Institute, inside Institute Principal Feng Yang’s manor.

Feng Yang was sitting on the main seat in the hall, leisurely sipping tea while Huang Xiaolong, Liu Yun, Chen Yang, and Qi Wen sat in silence.

“The matter, I already know.” Feng Yang spoke, “The fault lies with them.

Even if it is Wuhuang, there’s nothing much he can do.”

Huang Xiaolong spoke up, “This disciple has caused trouble for Master.”

Feng Yang waved his hand with an unconcerned demeanor, “A matter the size of a fart, don’t mind it.

If it were me, I would do the same.

Just a mere Jiang Family core disciple, even if we killed a Jiang Family Elder, there’s nothing to worry about as long as we’re in the right.”

“Thank you, Master.” Huang Xiaolong said gratefully.

At this time, a Black Warrior Institute disciple from outside came in to report, “Institute Principal, the Jiang Family’s Patriarch and Institute Vice-Principal Wang Na are outside, requesting to meet with you.”

Vice-Principal Wang Na A light flickered in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

Among the current management of the Black Warrior Institute, there were three Vice-Principals after the Institute Principal, and this Wang Na was one of them.

In the entire Black Warrior Institute, Wang Na’s strength was the closest to his Master Feng Yang.

No one expected this Institute Vice-Principall Wang Na to stand on the opposite side, coming here with the Jiang Family Patriarch.

“They sure act fast.” Hearing the disciple’s report, Feng Yang sneered.

“Let them in.” As if he saw through Huang Xiaolong’s doubts, Feng Yang said, “This Wang Na has some relation with the Jiang Family.”

The disciple backed out from the main hall, and returned a short while later leading in an attractive woman and a middle-aged man, Wang Na, and Jiang Wuhuang.

Due to Wang Na’s position in the Black Warrior Institute, Huang Xiaolong, Liu Yun, Chen Yang, and Qi Wen all stood up in respectful greeting.

Entering the hall, Jiang Wuhuang’s eyes made a quick scan around.

When his eyes swept over Huang Xiaolong, ill-disguised killing intent flickered.

“Institute Principal Feng Yang,” As soon as Jiang Wuhuang opened his mouth to speak, Feng Yang suddenly raised a hand, cutting his tempo, “Jiang Wuhuang, if you’re here to ‘ask’ for someone, then you need not speak further.”

Jiang Wuhuang’s words choked in his throat.

“The tea in my manor tastes quite good, probably better than what you have in the Jiang Manor.” Feng Yang continued, “If you’re here to drink tea, as a generous person by nature, I can only offer you a cup of tea.”

Jiang Wuhuang’s expression grew increasingly ugly.

Come to drink tea Offer you a cup

What did this Feng Yang take him as A beggar that came to beg for a cup of tea

Jiang Wuhuang inhaled deeply, but his tone was cold, “Institute Principal Feng Yang, all of us Black Tortoise Galaxy’s twenty-three super forces had unanimously laid down these rules.

Regardless of a person’s identity and status, if they committed murder on the Cloudsea Mainland, they must be handed to the Cloudsea Enforcement Team for execution! As the Black Warrior Institute Principal, will you openly shield your disciple and break the rule that our Black Tortoise Galaxy’s twenty-three super forces had set!”

Feng Yang smiled faintly, “It’s your brain that is muddled, or have I done wrong If I remember correctly, the rule we've set year states that if the other side attacked first, one is not guilty for killing the other party in view of self-defense!”

Jiang Wuhuang’s face flushed red.

“Feng Yang,” Wang Na interjected at this point.

“Although you are our Black Warrior Institute’s Principal, you still cannot defy the rules as you like.

Yes, Huang Xiaolong is your personal disciple, but he is also a Black Warrior Institute’s disciple.

He killed a person on the Cloudsea Mainland, he committed a crime.

As the Institute Vice-Principal, I have the authority to hand him over to the Cloudsea Enforcement Team!” That said, her hand reached out, wanting to capture Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong instantly felt the space around him still, unable to move an inch.

“Insolent!” Feng Yang snapped, his voice rumbled akin to a battle formation made up of millions of godly soldiers, like a fierce primordial beast roaring, resembling a killing outcry from the Divine World.

Wang Na’s face tightened.

With a twist of her left wrist, an endless icy flame soared forward.

A thunderous crash sounded in the hall.

Wang Na’s body wobbled, staggering back several steps, whereas Jiang Wuhuang fared worse, forced back all the way to the entrance.

Feng Yang remained where he was, his eyes chilling cold as he looked at Wang Na, “Old witch, you’re not qualified to decide what to do with my disciple.

Now, the two of you can scram out of my manor, if not, I’ll strip you two naked before tossing you two adulterous cheating pair outside!”


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