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Chapter 568: Masters From the Ying Family


‘Ask Master’

Huang Xiaolong was extremely anxious on the entire way back from the Cloudsea Mainland to his Master’s manor.

Even using the transmission array, it would still take a day off Huang Xiaolong’s time, right when time was of the essence.

If he could make it back to the Martial Spirit World even a day earlier, the chances of him intercepting the Ying Family would increase a little bit more. 

But Huang Xiaolong knew there was nothing he could do at the moment but rush back to the institute to see his Master.

Furthermore, he didn't know how many masters the Ying Family sent to the Martial Spirit World.

Displaying all his trump cards, his current strength could, at most, battle an early Fourth Order God Realm.

But the chances of winning were very slim.

If he Ying Family sent masters higher than early Fourth Order God Realm to the Martial Spirit World, then Huang Xiaolong soldering back alone would be a futile effort in the end.

He’d be powerless against them.

However, just as Huang Xiaolong made it to the Black Warrior City’s transmission Array to transfer back to the Black Tortoise World, the transmission array before him released a bright light as a man and a woman walked out.

“Eldest Senior-Apprentice brother, Third-Apprentice Sister!” Huang Xiaolong was pleasantly surprised. 

The two individuals that came out from the transmission array were none other than his Eldest Senior-Apprentice brother Liu Yun and Third Senior-Apprentice Sister Qi Wen.

“Fourth Junior-Apprentice brother!” They too did not expect to run into Huang Xiaolong.

“Fourth Junior-Apprentice brother, where are you going” Noticing the anxiety on Huang Xiaolong’s face, Eldest Senior-Apprentice brother Liu Yun inquired.

Liu Yun had heard about how Huang Xiaolong sent Li Dufeng flying with one strike on the Misty Rain Mountain Range, therefore Liu Yun’s gaze was slightly weird when he looked at this youngest apprentice-brother of his.

Before the outer disciple assessment, he even tried to remind Huang Xiaolong to watch out for Gudu Leng and Wang Biaoyuan. 

The way Third-Apprentice Sister Qi Wen looked at Huang Xiaolong was also a little strange.

She had always thought her own talent was shocking, but only now did she realize that compared to this little Fourth Junior-Apprentice brother, her level of talent seemed superficial.

Hearing his Eldest Senior-Apprentice brother asking, Huang Xiaolong recounted the earlier event briefly to Liu Yun.

“I know about the Iron Radix World having a transmission array.

Let’s go, Junior Apprentice-brother, I and your Third Senior-Apprentice sister will go to the Martial Spirit World with you.” Hearing that Huang Xiaolong’s family was in danger, he too became anxious, the words blurted out from his mouth without hesitation.

Originally, in this trip to the Black Warrior City, he and Qi Wen were planning to purchase something from the auction house, however, they couldn't be bothered with that matter right now.

Liu Yun words made Huang Xiaolong overjoyed.

He didn’t expect that his Eldest Senior-Apprentice brother was someone well versed in the transmission arrays network, moreover, with him and Third Senior-Apprentice sister willing to accompany him back to Martial Spirit World, he no longer worried about the Ying Family.

Despite not knowing his Eldest Senior-Apprentice brother and Third Senior-Apprentice sister’s true strength, he knew that both of them were Tenth Order God Realm and above.

Uptight about his family’s safety, Huang Xiaolong did not refuse their offer.

Immediately, all three of them stepped into the transmission array and departed.

However, it was not a direct one-way transfer from the Cloudsea Mainland to reach the Iron Radix World.

Transmission arrays, in simple terms, were just a Highgod Realm master constructing a teleportation formation based on their space law comprehension, but this was limited to a certain distance.

Huang Xiaolong’s group of three departed from the Black Warrior City, arriving in a place called the Cosmos World surface.

Upon arriving, the three of them did not rest, immediately rushing for the next transmission out, reaching a world surface called Guoer World.

The entire way, going through more than a dozen transmission arrays, the three of them finally reached the Iron Radix World.

Flying from Iron Radix World to the Martial Spirit World at their fastest speed, would only take a day’s time, according to Liu Yun.

However, when Liu Yun and Qi Wen walked out from the Iron Radix World’s transmission array, both of them had flabbergasted expressions on their faces.

Every time the three of them used the transmission arrays, the lowest fee required them to pay one million Xuanwu coins per person.

Hence, the lowest sum for each transfer for their group of three was three million Xuanwu coins.

With more than a dozen transfers along the way, it racked up close to fifty million Xuanwu coins!

Fifty million Xuanwu coins, even for Tenth Order God Realm masters like Liu Yun and Qi Wen was no small change.

But Huang Xiaolong paid the fifty million Xuanwu coins without so much as a frown.

Inwardly, Liu Yun and Qi Wen were worried about the transmission fees at the beginning, for neither of them carried that much money when they came out from the institute.

At this moment, Huang Xiaolong’s wealth had blown them away.

Liu Yun and Qi Wen knew of the Martial Spirit World.

To them, it was even lesser than a remote countryside.

Ignorant of the thoughts running through his senior- apprentices’ minds, Huang Xiaolong’s figure shot to the sky the instant he stepped out from the transmission array, desperate to find out the situation in the Martial Spirit World.

His mother, father, his sister and brother! And also, Shi Xiaofei!

The familiar faces of his family revolved in his mind.

Every time he thought that the Ying Family’s masters had already reached the Martial Spirit World crossed his mind, that they may have already acted against the Huang Family, already made a move on Shi Xiaofei, or worse yet, the entire Huang Family and Shi Xiaofei already met with misfortune, Huang Xiaolong became even more anxious, filled with unease, and struck with heavy guilt.

If, by any chance, something really did happen to his parents and the others, his conscience would never let him be at ease for his entire life—because he was the one who killed Ying Tian.

He was the reason the Ying Family sent high-level masters over to a small Martial Spirit World.

“Fourth Junior-Apprentice brother, don’t be so anxious.

Uncle and Auntie will be alright.” Watching Huang Xiaolong grew more desperate and anxious by the second, Liu Yun spoke to reassure him.

“That’s right, Fourth Junior-Apprentice brother.” Qi Wen also tried to comfort Huang Xiaolong, “We’ve investigated about that Ying Family earlier, a family from the Twin Celestial World, which is located far from the Martial Spirit World.

Even if a mid-level God Realm master flies at full speed, they would need at least two months to make it to the Martial Spirit World.

Therefore, those people from the Ying Family very likely haven't arrived yet.”

“If the Ying Family wants to deal with the Martial Spirit World, they would at most send a Fourth or Fifth Order God Realm master.” Liu Yun analyzed solemnly.

“Chances of them sending over high-level God Realm masters is negligible.”

This was Liu Yun’s conclusion, taking into consideration the Ying Family and the Martial Spirit World’s situation.

Before sending people over to the Martial Spirit World, the Ying Family had definitely gathered information regarding the Martial Spirit World from the Zhao and Xie Families.

Currently, there was no God Realm expert in the Martial Spirit World, simply sending two or three Second Order or Third Order God Realm masters was more than sufficient to take over the whole Martial Spirit World.

Therefore, Liu Yun judged that the masters sent out by the Ying Family wouldn't exceed Fifth Order God Realm.

Listening to Liu Yun and Qi Wen’s words, Huang Xiaolong’s anxious heart calmed down slightly.

Only slightly.

Three people flew at their fastest speed toward the Martial Spirit World.

While the three continuously narrowed the distance to the Martial Spirit World, somewhere in the vast galaxy, there were two more people flying at high speed in the same direction.

Both men were clad in purple brocade robes, one old and one young.

The older man was fat, whereas the young man was the opposite.

It was undeniably a strange combination.

“The Martial World is right in front, we'll arrive in another half a day.” The fat old man said, “If it were up to me, a weak world surface like the Martial Spirit World is too insignificant for the Patriarch to actually send us, the Ying Family’s twin heroes.

The Patriarch is being too cautious.”

The small lean young man said, “Once we've arrived, just kill off all the members of the Huang Family first.

After we capture that Huang Xiaolong, we must enjoy the fruits of our labor for a few days.”

For the past two months, they had been rushing the entire journey.

It was dull and boring, even their lower part seemed to emit a stench.

The fat old man chuckled, “Rumors say that the so-called Martial Spirit World’s number one beauty, Shi Xiaofei, is even prettier than our Twin Celestial World’s Zhou Ying.

Indeed, we absolutely must reward ourselves and enjoy a little.”


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