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Chapter 456: Unqualified

In fact, what Huang Xiaolong didn’t know was that the Beast God Scepter contained a shred of the Beast God’s aura, moreover, that year when the Beast God forged the Beast God Scepter, he included many ancient beasts’ bloodlines within, the kind of oppressive nature this had on the beastmen’s souls was so great that no beastman could muster any will to resist in front of the scepter.

This was the main reason why Goodman’s demeanor was so respectful and prostrating with such reverence.

“On your feet.” A moment later Huang Xiaolong permitted.

“Yes, Liege Lord Beast God.” Only then did Goodman rise to his feet, but he still kept his head lowered in apprehension—he, he actually had the guts to attack the Liege Lord!

According to the tribe laws, this was punishable by death!

Huang Xiaolong knew what Goodman was worried about with a single glance.

“You’re not at fault for not knowing.” Huang Xiaolong said, “I’m just passing by Hundred Tiger City.

Tomorrow, you’ll go to the Sacred Tiger City with me.”

Sacred Tiger City, like its name, was the Tiger Tribe’s sacred city, acting as the Tiger Tribe’s headquarters.

On this trip, Huang Xiaolong’s purpose was to meet the Tiger Tribe’s Patriarch.

He decided to first subjugate the Tiger Tribe and then the rest of the beastmen tribes.

Strength wise, the Tiger Tribe was far lacking compared to the Asura’s Gate, however, adding on the Lion Tribe, Wolf Tribe, and the rest of the beastmen forces, it was a force more formidable than the Cosmos God Cult!

“Yes, my Liege Lord Beast God!” Hearing that Huang Xiaolong did not blame him, Goodman’s heart started beating with joy and he hurriedly acknowledged Huang Xiaolong’s order.

“Let’s go back to the city.” Huang Xiaolong spoke.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong and Goodman made their way back to the city, to the Hundred Tiger City’s Castellan Manor.

At this time, right inside the Castellan Manor, Bobby was waiting to welcome Goodman’s return.

Yet no matter how he waited, he failed to see Goodman through the doors, the unease in his heart grew.

The manor steward noticed Bobby’s growing anxiety as he paced back and forth and said, “Captain Bobby, with Lord Goodman’s strength, even if the other side was the Thunder Human King or the Ice Human King, they would still not be Lord Goodman’s opponents.

Therefore, fret not, maybe Lord Goodman has killed that human and is on his way back!”

Bobby nodded silently.

Barely a breath time passed after the manor steward spoke those words and their Castellan was seen striding through the doors.

Both Bobby and the manor steward were about to greet Goodman, but in that instant, they saw their Lord Castellan Goodman turn around and bend respectfully at the waist, gesturing courteously, “Liege Lord, please!”

Liege Lord, please! Both men were dumbfounded.

Then, a black-haired young man was seen walking in.

Due to Huang Xiaolong wishing to keep the matter about him having the Beast God Scepter a secret temporarily, he only allowed Goodman to refer to him as Liege Lord in front of others.

“It’s, it’s you!” Seeing Huang Xiaolong, Bobby blurted out, anger and fear in his voice.

“Insolent!” Goodman’s backhand flew to Bobby’s cheek, sending him flying off to a corner of the hall.

Falling to the floor, there was no breath left in him, dying with his eyes wide open as if he did not expect Goodman to suddenly attack him.

Moreover, it was a no mercy one-hit kill.

The sudden turn of event was beyond the manor steward’s imagination, never did he imagine that the good Castellan would one day kill his own city guard chief captain.

Not only was Bobby the chief captain, he was the High Priest’s disciple.

The Tiger Tribe’s High Priest possessed great clout in the Tiger Tribe.

Glancing at Bobby’s corpse from the corner of his eyes, Huang Xiaolong walked into the main hall and took the main seat without a speaking a word.

Whereas Goodman dared not sit down himself, standing straight on Huang Xiaolong’s left.

This picture caused great waves in the manor steward’s heart.

‘A human garnered this extent of respect from the Castellan! Who exactly is this human’

“Leave us.” Huang Xiaolong said, taking a glance at the manor steward.

Huang Xiaolong’s voice woke the steward from his private musings, but he didn’t move.

Instead, he turned toward Castellan Goodman.

Sadly, the steward’s inaction brought Goodman’s ire on him, “Didn’t you hear what Liege Lord said! Liege Lord told you to get out, roll out this instant! Remember, Liege Lord’s words are my words!”

The steward had never seen their Castellan throw this heavy a temper.

Scared out of his wits, the steward quickly withdrew from the hall.

After the steward left, Huang Xiaolong inquired about the Tiger Tribe’s current situation and background from Goodman.

Goodman, as one of Tiger Tribe’s top ten ranking experts and the Castellan of the Hundred Tiger City, the things he was privy to were on a different level to a small captain of a minuscule tribe branch like Amier.

From Goodman’s mouth, Huang Xiaolong found out that the Tiger Tribe Patriarch, Chuck, was a peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm expert.

Among all the beastmen tribe experts, Chuck ranked second amongst the top ten experts.

In the whole of Tiger Tribe, including Chuck, there were a total of twenty-six Saint realm experts.

The beastmen tribes’ number one spot was held by the Lion Tribe’s Patriarch, Daniel, and the Lion Tribe currently had twenty-nine Saint realm experts.

Their overall strength was slightly stronger than the Tiger Tribe.

On the other hand, the Wolf, Snake, Fox, and Beamon Tribes’ overall strengths were lower than the Tiger Tribe’s, each of them had about twenty-three to twenty-four Saint realm experts.

Lower down were the Cattle Tribe, Violent Horse Tribe, Ram Tribe, and Hundred Bird Tribe, their Saint realm experts numbered around twenty.

As for the remaining tribes, the average ones had at least four Saint realm experts while the weaker tribes had two Saint realm experts in general.

Night came.

In the courtyard arranged by Goodman, Huang Xiaolong took some time to practice the Asura Sword Skill.

The Asura Sword Skill consisted of a total of eighteen moves, and Huang Xiaolong merely practiced it until the eighth move.

Despite that, he was not in a rush to practice the remaining more powerful ten moves, but repeatedly went through and studied the first eight moves again, to gain new insights and comprehension.

From the Asura Sword Skill, Huang Xiaolong moved on to the Godly Xumi Art, then the Thirteen Moves of the Dragon God.

By now, Huang Xiaolong no longer needed to observe the primordial divine dragon postures to practice the Thirteen Moves of the Dragon God.

Therefore, he could refine all remaining ten primordial divine dragons and it wouldn’t hinder his progress at all.

The night passed in solitude, slowly making way for the break of dawn.

Huang Xiaolong came out from his arranged courtyard in the morning and saw that Goodman was already waiting respectfully for him outside.

“Liege Lord Beast God!” Goodman saluted with utmost respect.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “Let’s go.”

Both flew to the sky, leaving the Hundred Tiger City at rapid speed, heading toward Sacred Tiger City.

They did not rest on the way, speeding the whole journey.

Three days later, Huang Xiaolong and Goodman arrived at the Sacred Tiger City.

Huang Xiaolong was fine, but Goodman nearly heaved his lungs out following Huang Xiaolong’s breakneck speed and no break traveling.

When they arrived at the Sacred Tiger City, Goodman had squeezed out every ounce of energy in his cells, he was dead tired like a lazy pig, nearly collapsing to slumber right in front of the Sacred Tiger City gates.

Goodman was truly exhausted.

Following behind Huang Xiaolong for the entire three days’ journey, he grew fearful.

Three days of full speed flight, yet Huang Xiaolong remained looking dandy, Goodman even suspected that not only did Huang Xiaolong not spend much battle qi, it actually increased significantly.

After they entered the city, Huang Xiaolong told Goodman to lead him directly to the Sacred Tiger City’s Castellan Manor.

One hour later, the two of them stood in front of the grand entrance to the Castellan Manor.

“Ah, it’s Lord Goodman!” Several Tiger Tribe experts spotted Goodman at the entrance, in a fawning manner, each one of them hastened their steps to greet Goodman.

Goodman nodded, “Retreat to your duties, I’m here to see the Patriarch.” With that, he walked in, leading Huang Xiaolong.

However, one of the experts lifted his arm blocking Huang Xiaolong’s path while another faced Goodman with a difficult expression, cautiously saying, “Lord Goodman, this… is not appropriate!” Pointing at Huang Xiaolong, he continued: “You know, a human is unqualified to enter the Sacred City Manor.”


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