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Chapter 42: Xiantian Warrior


Meng Xia looked at his father’s body which was tumbling while red blood spurted out from his throat.

His mouth opened and he let out the loudest scream of his entire life.

His face turned pale devoid of any color, his eyes rolled back, and once again he wet his pants.

Haotian’s halberd stabbed forward once again into Meng Xia’s throat stopping his scream forever.

Retrieving his halberd, Haotian turned around without sparing a glance at the two bodies and returned to Huang Xiaolong’s side.

“Young Master, your subordinate came late and let Young Master suffered some shock.”

And at this time the Marshal Mansion guards arrived at Delicious Restaurant, shocked when they saw the two bodies of Meng Chen and Meng Xia lying on the floor.

“Marshal, this is!” A General within the group asked cautiously.          

Haotian said coldly, “They were killed by me.

Go and clean up the bodies.”

The soldiers were very shocked.

Marshal Haotian then pointed at a person “Drag him out and behead him!” That person was the Captain who had received Fei Hou’s gold plate but didn’t go the palace to inform Marshal Haotian.

“Marshal, mercy! ah, I, I was wrong.

Marshal, mercy!” That Captain soldier was so frightened that he immediately fell to his knees, kowtowing, and begging for mercy.

However, two soldiers dragged him out by force and moments later, a heart-wrenching wail rang out.

“Young Master, would you consider returning to the Marshal Mansion with me” Haotian turned around and respectfully asked for Huang Xiaolong’s opinion.

Young Master! The Marshal Mansion’s Generals, and soldiers all had disbelief written on their faces and everyone turned to look at Huang Xiaolong in wonder.

“All you of you come, kneel down and greet the Young Master!” Haotian ordered the present Generals and soldiers.

“Greeting the Young Master.” The Generals and soldier under Marshal Haotian quickly knelt down in salute before Huang Xiaolong.

“All of you can stand up.” said Huang Xiaolong as he looked at the soldiers kneeling down.

He was unaccustomed to having all these people kneeling down to him, especial as they were Generals and soldiers of the Luo Tong Kingdom.

Even if it was his Grandfather, Huang Qide, even he would need to lower his head in front of these people.

After everyone got up, Huang Xiaolong turned to Marshal Haotian and said, “Let’s go.”

Marshal Haotian was overjoyed, and it clearly showed on his face when he heard the Sovereign agree to return to the Marshal Mansion with him, respectfully he said, “Yes Young Master.

Young Master, this way please!”

Thus, Huang Xiaolong, Fei Hou, Haotian, and the soldiers from the Marshal Mansion headed towards the Marshal Mansion in big strides.


Soon after Huang Xiaolong and the others entered the Marshal’s Mansion, the news about Marshal Haotian killing Duke Meng Chen and his son along with all their guards at Delicious Restaurant spread like wildfire to every corner of the Royal City.

All the nobles families were shocked when they got the news, and their expressions turned ugly.


This was the first time ever that a Duke had been killed in public in the Royal City since the kingdom’s establishment more than two hundred years ago!   

“I heard that it was Duke Meng Chen who led his mansion’s experts to Delicious Restaurant to seize Marshal’s Junior Brother.

Marshal was furious and killed Meng Chen and the others in anger!”

“Duke Meng Chen’s luck is appalling, provoking the Marshal, but Marshal was too domineering, he ignored the law and he recklessly killed a Duke in the middle of the Royal City!”

Dukes, Marquises, and Barons were all having intimate discussions about this matter.

Within the Luo Tong Kingdom’s Palace, the King listened to endless reports from his ministers.

The King hesitated for a moment before he waved his hand and said, “I now understand the matter.

You may all go now.”

All the ministers present were startled when they heard this, but they dared not speak a word anymore.

They quietly left the vast hall knowing that Duke Meng Chen and his son died in vain.

Since the King did not say anything, then it meant that the King had decided to not pursue the matter.

Night came, and the moon shone down brightly.

Huang Xiaolong stood in the Marshal Mansion’s garden with his hand behind his back admiring the full moon, recalling the scenes that happened in the restaurant during the day.

Today’s events had once again reminded him that he was still too weak.

Although he was only nine years old and had already reached the peak of late-Fifth Order, but while for others this might be incredible, compared to those Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Order warriors, his strength was still very insignificant.

Moreover, Marshal Haotian leaped off the condor from a high altitude and with just one wave of his halberd, he could kill more than a dozen Eighth and Ninth Order warriors while heavily injuring two Tenth Order warriors.

This level of strength was definitely not something a Tenth Order warrior could do; therefore, he must be above a peak late-Tenth Order warrior!

Power above a peak late-Tenth Order, what kind of strength is that All along, Huang Xiaolong had never asked Fei Hou, and when he was still in Huang Clan Manor, his parents had never talked about this matter.


A short while later, Huang Xiaolong called Fei Hou over.

“Sovereign, what are your orders” Fei Hou inquired respectfully when he arrived.

“Sit.” Huang Xiaolong pointed at a nearby garden stool opposite him.

When both of them were seated, Huang Xiaolong asked about the doubts he had.

“What is the realm above peak late-Tenth Order” Hearing Huang Xiaolong’s question, Fei Hou paused a few seconds before answering, “Replying Sovereign, after breaking through peak late-Tenth Order, in the Martial World they are called Xiantian Warrior.”

“Xiantian Warrior!” Huang Xiaolong repeated.

“Yes, Sovereign.” Fei Hou nodded and said: “Our martial spirits absorb spiritual energy to convert into battle qi in our meridians, and battle qi can temper the body.

The initial stages of a warrior, from First to Third Order can temper the muscles, Fourth to Sixth Order refines the tendons, and Seventh to Tenth Order tempers the bones!”

“However, battle qi from the  First to Tenth Order doesn’t strengthen our internal organs, only when we breakthrough Tenth Order into Xiantian Warrior does that happen.

As long as we breakthrough to Xiantian, we can then continuously temper and refine every aspect of our body and at the same time, our life span will also increase.

A Tenth Order warrior can at the most live up to a hundred years or so, however, when one advances to Xiantian, our life span will increase exponentially.

In general, a Xiantian warrior can live up to hundred years old and a peak Xiantian up to three hundred years.

“Three hundred years!” Huang Xiaolong was amazed.

Fei Hou nodded, “That’s right, roughly thirty years ago, Senior Brother already breakthrough to Xiantian.

Senior Brother Haotian looks like he’s in his seventies, but in fact, he’s already more than a hundred years old!”

Huang Xiaolong was surprised; he never imagined that Marshal Haotian was more than a hundred years old!

Fei Hou continued, “When one reaches the Seventh Order warrior, a Qi Sea will form near the chest, and it will change once we breakthrough to Xiantian and the Qi Sea will condense into liquid form.

That’s why a Xiantian warrior’s battle qi contains more power.

Not only that, our martial spirits will evolve and can then turn into a real physical entity!”

“A martial spirit can become a real physical being!”  Huang Xiaolong’s eyes widened in astonishment.

“If martial spirits could turn into matter, then does that mean that martial spirits can be called out to battle”

“Yes, Sovereign,” Fei Hou nodded his head, saying “The higher the martial spirits grade, the stronger it will be once it turns into a physical body.

For example, Senior Brother Haotian has a top grade ten martial spirits, the Dark Nether Lion.

When released, there is not much of a difference in their strength.”

Saying there isn’t much of a difference in their strengths would mean that the martial spirit is equivalent to another Xiantian level expert! This is the gap between a Xiantian and a Houtian warrior.

Huang Xiaolong also thought of something: at the time when he breakthroughs to Xiantian, his martial spirits will be released in physical form and since his martial spirits are twin dragons, couldn’t he fly into the sky with one foot on the black dragon and another foot on the blue dragon

With his superb talent martial spirits, how heaven−defying would his strength be when he entered the Xiantian realm   


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