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Chapter 367: Asura Order

Hearing Zhao Shu’s answer, Huang Xiaolong was relieved, but then remembering the Deities Templar’s disciple selection matter, he felt slightly depressed having missed it.

It seems like he needed to think of another method to rescue Li Lu.

But then again, this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Deities Templar probably already guessed that he’d appear in the disciple selection to do something and made preparation in advance, just waiting for him to fall into their well-laid trap.

If he had shown up, not only would he be unable to bring Li Lu out, he could even lose himself in the gamble.

“Xiaolong, did something happen this time during your closed-door practice” Huang Peng asked.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “Yes, something unexpected happened, but it’s alright now.” Recalling the scene of his body exploding due to the excessive amount of true dragon essence, Huang Xiaolong still felt palpitations.

If it weren’t for his advancement into the Saint realm, being immortal unless the soul was destroyed, he’d be dead now.

Fortunately, the black and blue dragon martial spirits guarded the Dragon Pearl at that time.

“Let’s go inside and talk.” Looking at the expressions around him, Huang Xiaolong could tell that everyone had a lot of questions, thus persuaded with a smile.

Moments later, Huang Xiaolong and everyone else were seated in the hall, talking.

Due to worrying about Huang Xiaolong, the atmosphere in the Eminent Holiness space had been heavy and tense, but now that Huang Xiaolong appeared in front of everyone, it was like a ray of sunlight sweeping away the dark clouds, returning to its previous cheer and laughter.

“Uncle, Uncle!” At this time, nephew Guo Xiaofan reached Huang Xiaolong’s side, his childish voice saying, “My Mommy says you’re the most powerful person in this world, can you teach me”

Three years passed, the little guy was already five years old and was so much taller, but still as cute and lovable.

Huang Xiaolong grinned hearing the little one, “Teach you What do you want to learn”

Guo Xiaofan’s head tilted to the side, saying, “I want to learn how to fly.”

This answer brought a bout of laughter from everyone present.

Huang Xiaolong agreed: “Good, then Uncle will teach you how to fly.”

Little Guo Xiaofan bloomed hearing Huang Xiaolong’s promise, hands clapping excitedly shouting great, and then ran to Huang Min and Guo Tai, telling him that Uncle promised to teach him.

Watching Guo Xiaofan, Huang Xiaolong was reminded of his own childhood.

At that time, his grandfather, Huang Qide, was extremely partial to his Eldest Uncle’s son, Huang Wei.

After two decades, it seemed like another lifetime.

Then Huang Xiaolong asked Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu about the situation outside, as well as news about the Ancient Dragon Clan ruins in the Origin Forest.

In the past three years, Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu both ventured out of the Broken Tiger Rift twice, therefore they had some idea about the situation outside.

Zhao Shu reported to Huang Xiaolong about the Origin Forest Ancient Dragon Clan matter, where Deities Templar and other forces fought for the primordial divine dragon corpses.

In the end, Deities Templar snatched three, Chen Tianqi won one, the Beastmen Clan and Demonic Beasts experts from Ten Directions Continent managed to snatch two each.

Three corpses went to the Bedlam Lands, and the last one was taken by a mysterious person.

“Also, Young Lord, currently, Deities Templar has taken control of nine kingdoms under Duanren Empire!” Zhang Fu added.

“Deities Templar took control over nine Duanren Empire’s kingdoms!” Huang Xiaolong was genuinely shocked at this piece of information.

This situation put the Duanren Empire in a precarious position!

Zhang Fu also wore a solemn expression on his face, continuing: “Yes, if it weren’t for the Wind Snow Continent alliance covenant signed between Duanren Empire, Grand Dawn Empire, Goryeo Empire and six other empires, deterring Deities Templar, they would have already attacked to conquer Duanren Imperial City!”

Huang Xiaolong’s brows furrowed deeply.

Although Deities Templar acted with caution, not daring to launch large scale attack, it was still only a matter of time.

“What about the Luo Tong Kingdom” Huang Xiaolong suddenly asked.

Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu exchanged a look, hesitating.

Both knew Huang Xiaolong and Luo Tong Kingdom’s Prince Lu Kai has a good friendship.

“Speak.” Noticing the small exchange between Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu, an ominous feeling filled Huang Xiaolong’s heart.

“Replying to Young Lord, the Luo Tong Kingdom has fallen into Deities Templar’s control, and Prince Lu Kai… was executed by Li Molin.” Zhao Shu hesitated in between, before uttering the truth.

“What!!” Huang Xiaolong abruptly rose from his seat, a terrifying murderous aura broke out from his body, his eyes turning scarlet.

Lu Kai… dead! Killed by Li Molin!

“Li Molin!!” Huang Xiaolong gritted his teeth, biting on every word.

Everyone stared astonished at Huang Xiaolong’s momentum, including Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu.

Sovereign, he”

“Young Lord, you…!” Zhang Fu asked, flabbergasted.

Huang Xiaolong converged his atmosphere, nodding as he did, “This time’s closed-door practice, I’ve broken through to Third Order Saint realm.”

“Third Order Saint realm!” Everyone exclaimed in disbelief almost at the same time, eyes focused on Huang Xiaolong.

This, how could this be possible! Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu felt it the most.

Before Huang Xiaolong went into closed-door practice, Huang Xiaolong had just advanced to Saint realm, but now, he had already reached Third Order Saint realm!

Pondering the matter, Huang Xiaolong did not conceal from the people present: “I’ve gotten the Dragon Pearl.” When Huang Xiaolong returned from the Origin Forest, he did not mention to anyone anything about the Dragon Pearl, thus everyone was still in the dark about this.

“Dragon Pearl, that legendary Dragon Clan’s greatest treasure, the Dragon Pearl!” Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu jumped from their seats at Huang Xiaolong’s words, their eyes widened to the size of an infant’s fist and their mouths agape.

Huang Peng, Su Yan, and the others might not realize the significance of the Dragon Pearl, but Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu did.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong did not feel strange seeing these two people’s reaction.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “I was in closed-door practice to refine the Dragon Pearl.

A small accident happened in the middle, that’s why it took so long, but I have fully refined the Dragon Pearl.”

Not merely refined, it basically became part of his body!

Huang Xiaolong could clearly sense the Dragon Pearl between his brows releasing true dragon essence every second at all time, his strength continued to rise every moment, growing stronger until the true dragon essence inside the Dragon Pearl depleted.

At this point, the dumbstruck Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu recovered from their gaffe, kneeling down on a single knee in excitement, lauding: “Congratulations, Young Lord, in getting the Dragon Clan’s great treasure! Sovereign is invincible throughout!”

“Congratulations, Young Lord, in getting the Dragon Clan’s great treasure! Sovereign is invincible throughout!” Yu Ming, Fei Hou, and Haotian quickly follow suit, kneeling down in salute.

Huang Xiaolong smiled helplessly at them, telling them to rise.

When the five of them stood up, Huang Xiaolong inquired about Chen Tianqi.

“Replying to Young Lord, one year ago, Chen Tianqi has announced to all forces that he is succeeding the Sovereign position for the Asura’ Gate.

On that day, he invited many forces’ experts and clans to the ceremony!” Zhao Shu answered without concealing the truth.

Huang Xiaolong snorted coldly hearing Zhao Shu’s reply, “Succeeding the Asura’s Gate Sovereign position” Then he turned to Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu, “Left Custodian Zhao, Right Custodian Zhang.”

“Subordinate present!” Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu both shook, taking a step forward with respect.

“Relay the Asura Order, let the Elders, Domain Leaders, and disciples know that I have the Asura Ring, I am the rightful successor to the Asura’s Gate Sovereign position.

Anyone submitting to Chen Tianqi will be treated as Asura’s Gate traitor and will be punished according to our Asura’s Gate regulations!” Huang Xiaolong stated in a sonorous voice.

Before, Huang Xiaolong was still weak, having no option but to conceal his identity as Asura’s Gate Sovereign.

But things were different now, he had advanced to peak late-Third Order Saint realm and was strong enough to battle Chen Tianqi alone, which was why he had no qualms in revealing the fact that he was the rightful successor for the Asura’s Gate Sovereign position.

“Subordinate will comply!” Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu felt their blood boil with excitement at Huang Xiaolong’s order, acknowledging the command with the utmost respect.


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