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Chapter 340: Refining the Supreme Ghost Flag

However, even though the Ghost King Dan contained the Ghost King’s space law comprehension, it didn’t mean that one could breakthrough to Saint realm just by swallowing one or two Ghost King Dans.

Saint realm territory was not that easy to enter.

Huang Xiaolong swept a glance over the ‘ghosts’ floating above the blood ocean inside the Ghost King Ring, a rough estimate gave Huang Xiaolong slightly over four hundred Ghost King Dans, if Huang Xiaolong absorbed all of them, it would probably be enough to propel him into the Saint realm.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t anxious to start with them, instead, he carefully scanned every nook and cranny within the Ghost King Ring’s space.

He found the Ghost King Dan, but what about the legendary Ghost King Sutra

What bewildered Huang Xiaolong was that his spiritual sense had explored up, down, and sideways around the space, yet he didn’t find any clue related to the secret cultivation skill.

In the next moment, Huang Xiaolong’s eyes caught sight of the blood ocean once again.

What about the bottom of the blood ocean

When Huang Xiaolong’s spiritual sense tried to explore the blood ocean, a dazzling light shot out and disintegrated Huang Xiaolong’s spiritual sense.

He had no way to check the bottom of the blood ocean.

A tiny frown formed between Huang Xiaolong’s brows.

He resorted to the Eye of Hell, the eerie red glow shone on the ring and inside it, but it only managed to penetrate ten zhang down from the surface of the ocean, unable to see further down.

In the end, after many attempts, Huang Xiaolong could only give up for now.

‘It seems like I need to try after breaking into the Saint realm.’ Huang Xiaolong speculated in his mind.

He then put away the Ghost King Ring and took out the Supreme Ghost Flag he got when he defeated Feng Yang on his way to the Ghost King’s cultivation cave.

On the journey back, Huang Xiaolong focused on improving his Godly Xumi Art, Asura Tactics, as well as having a good time, which indirectly caused him to neglect this Supreme Ghost Flag.

After refining the Supreme Ghost Flag and using it as the core to arrange the Sea of Devils and Ghosts Array, not only could it trap the enemies, it could also eliminate them.

Huang Xiaolong stood in the center of the Ten Buddha Formation after taking out the Supreme Ghost Flag.

Slowly but surely, he erased the tool spirit inside the Supreme Ghost Flag using the Buddhism energy from the formation.

When that was done, he extracted a drop of blood from his heart, dripping it onto the Supreme Ghost Flag, instantly, the thousands of devils and ghosts inside the flag came alive, shrill shrieks and howls echoed faintly from the flag.

At the same time, the mysterious runes on the flagstaff glimmered in a dazzling light.

According to the method Feng Yang told him beforehand, Huang Xiaolong swiftly suppressed the ghost aura boiling from the ghost flag while he branded his own soul mark on the flag.

One day passed.

Suddenly, a bright light shone from the ghost flag, lighting up the entire temple hall.

As the light dimmed, the sinister-looking inscriptions of devils and ghosts slowly quieted down.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong breathed out in relief.

After a day’s effort, he finally fully refined the Supreme Ghost Flag.

Fortunately, he had first erased the tool spirit inside with the Ten Buddha Formation’s support, otherwise he might not be able to refine this Supreme Ghost Flag even if he used ten days to half a month’s time.

Despite that, his battle qi and the true essence in his dantian were largely consumed in the process.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong swallowed a drop of Geocentric Buddha Elixir and executed the Instant Recovery martial ability, shimmering blue lights sparkled around Huang Xiaolong’s body.

A few seconds later, his expended battle qi and true essence recovered.

‘I wonder how powerful it is…’ Huang Xiaolong muttered curiously.

Huang Xiaolong exited the Xumi Temple.

Arriving in his own little yard, he raised the Supreme Ghost Flag in the air.

The Supreme Ghost Flag descended from midair, the bottom end of the flagstaff fixed to the center of the yard.

Huang Xiaolong ran his battle qi and the wicked, sinister devils and ghost drawings on the flag began to move, the mysterious runic patterns on the flagstaff started to glimmer.

In that instant, monstrous ghost aura broke out like a flash flood out from the ghost flag.

Accompanying the ghost aura were evils spirits and devils, one after another.

They appeared as if neverending.

Each of them actually had the strength of a peak half-Saint ghost.

At first, Huang Xiaolong was stunned, and then shock turned into delight.

Though these devils and evil spirits only had the strength of half-Saints, they triumphed in number.

A First Order Saint realm wandering or getting lost inside the array would lose their life, no doubt.

Even if the enemy was a Second Order Saint realm warrior, the array would be able to contain them for some time, they would be unable to get out.

Furthermore, this Supreme Ghost Flag’s power could be enhanced, the more experts the ghost flag swallowed, the stronger it could become.

After testing the Supreme Ghost Flag’s power for an hour or so, Huang Xiaolong kept it away.

Because Huang Xiaolong was careful to limit the area within his yard, the rumbling ghost aura did not alert anyone in the Southern Hill Estate.

Finished with what he wanted to do, Huang Xiaolong walked out of his yard toward the direction of the grand hall, but when he was passing by his younger brother Huang Xiaohai’s yard, he heard sturdy blasts of punches hitting the air.

His footsteps halted.

With a direction change, Huang Xiaolong stood watching from the entrance of Huang Xiaohai’s yard.

Huang Xiaohai, with his upper body naked, revealing a firm muscular torso,  was practicing a set of fist skill called Heart Burrowing Fist, a mid-grade Earth rank battle skill.

With Huang Family’s current reputation and strength, it was not difficult to have Earth rank battle skills.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Huang Xiaohai turned his head around, beaming when he saw Huang Xiaolong.

Stopping his practice, he called out: “Big brother!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded while smiling, walking into the yard.

“I heard Dad and Mom say that you have a target of affection” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Hearing this question, Huang Xiaohai’s face turned red, fidgeting awkwardly.

“What’s there to be shy about” Huang Xiaolong laughed at his younger brother.

Huang Xiaohai was already twenty this year, in Martial Spirit World, a young man would bring a bride home at the age of eighteen or nineteen.

“Come, let us brothers go out for a walk and drink some wine.” Huang Xiaolong said.

All these years, other than practice, all Huang Xiaolong did was to practice even more.

He spent very little time accompanying his parents and even less time given to this younger brother of his.

“Yes, Big brother!” Huang Xiaohai was very happy, sprinting off to put on clothes and stepped out of the Southern Hill Estate.

Huang Xiaolong did not call for any guards with them, they were just two brothers spending time together.

All in all, the time spent by Huang Xiaohai in Duanren Imperial City was longer than Huang Xiaolong by far.

All year round, Huang Xiaohai stayed in his yard, practicing, therefore he wasn’t familiar with the Imperial City outside the four walls of the Southern Hill Estate.

While walking, Huang Xiaolong asked about Huang Xiaohai’s practice, the problems he had, clarifying them to Huang Xiaohai one by one.

Even though Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu would occasionally guide Huang Xiaohai, certain aspects of their battle qi comprehension were limited compared to Huang Xiaolong.

Listening to Huang Xiaolong’s explanation, Huang Xiaohai gained a deeper level of comprehension related to battle qi and his own cultivation.

The two brothers walked without direction as they talked, until an hour and a half later.

Huang Xiaolong stopped in front of a restaurant called Happy Monarch House.

From its outside appearance, this Happy Monarch House looked elegantly decorated, the lively atmosphere inside could be felt where they stood.

“How about this Happy Monarch Restaurant” Huang Xiaolong looked at his younger brother.

The only two places he had been to in the past were the Unforgettable Intoxication Restaurant, where they had the Beauty Allure Wine, which he thought was not bad, and the other one was the Sapidity Wine House, which he visited with Xie Puti to drink Sapidity Wine.

“I heard that this Happy Monarch’s Hometown Wine is quite good.” Huang Xiaohai said.

“Hometown Wine” Huang Xiaolong added another question, “You were here before”

Huang Xiaohai shook his head, “I just randomly heard some of the estate guards speak about it.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “Come on, let’s go in.”

The brothers walked in, went up to the first floor, searched for a table closer to the window and sat down.

Calling the waiter over, they ordered some dishes and two jugs of Hometown Wine to see if it really was as good as the guards said.

Soon, the waiter brought their orders, filling the table with fragrant dishes and two jugs of wine.

Just when Huang Xiaolong wanted to uncork the wine, they heard loud noises of discussion from the next table.

“Did you hear, this year’s Imperial City Battle’s first place winner was a young man named Huo Ping.

This Huo Ping’s martial spirit is a top grade thirteen White Bear, just a young’un, twenty-two-year-old and already a Xiantian Second Order!”

“Some people say that this Huo Ping’s talent exceeds that year’s Young Noble Divine Dragon, Huang Xiaolong.”


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