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Chapter 3305: Why Have You Come To My Zou Family

“I dont wish to kill anyone today.

All of you better get out of my sight right now.

If you anger me, Ill go over to your families and tear the heads off your old ancestors.”

Zou Dean and all the experts who came along were stunned by his words.

Zou Dean felt rage bubbling in his heart.

From what he thought, Huang Xiaolong would immediately use the Huang Family as a shield! Never in his wildest imaginations would he have thought that Huang Xiaolong would threaten their old ancestors!

Roaring in anger, Zou Dean raged, “Huang Xiaolong, do you really think no one can deal with you Take him down right now! Do whatever you want as long as you dont kill him!”

The experts who came along with him pounced on Huang Xiaolong as soon as he gave the order.

As the cultivators who came along were picked specifically to deal with powerful experts, the weakest among them were in the Golden Core Realm! They were also experts who could fight above their level, and they received special training a long time ago! They were extremely adept in fighting alongside each other.

Even a First Level Enlightenment Realm expert would be hard pressed to escape when faced with the assault of such a well trained bunch!

When Huang Xiaolong looked at the experts who were charging at him with whatever weird weapons they had in their hands, he casually waved his hand once.

When he did, every single cultivator Zou Dean brought along with him froze in the air as the true qi around them dissipated.

Zou Dean stared at him in shock.

“This… This is the body freezing art!” Zou Dean started to panic.

“Whats your relationship with the Ying Familys old ancestor! How do you know the body freezing art!”

The ability he was talking about was extremely difficult to cultivate.

Only the old ancestor of the Ying Family could do anything like it, and it was no wonder Zou Dean mistook the relationship between them.

Huang Xiaolong reached out and casually pulled Zou Dean towards him.

He grabbed the mans neck, and he placed the book he was reading back onto the shelf.

He stared at Zou Deans eyes and he growled, “I told you I didnt wish to kill anyone today.

But since youre asking for death, Ill fulfill your wish.” After he spoke, he clenched his fist and snapped Zou Deans neck.

Zou Deans nascent soul tried to escape from his body, but Huang Xiaolong incinerated it as soon as it appeared.


The leaders of the respective groups who were sent over felt their expressions changing in shock.

Zou Dean was a Ninth Level Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, but he was killing just like that! That was the third strongest expert in the Zou Family they were talking about!

All of a sudden, everyone thought of a terrifying possibility.

Huang Xiaolong was a First Level Enlightenment Realm expert!

“Scram!” The soundwave alone sent the thousands of cultivators flying.

Even the structures in the distance shattered from his yell.

Everyone stared at him in shock as Huang Xiaolongs body disappeared from where he stood.

After so many years of killing, Huang Xiaolong wanted to tame his bloodlust.

In the several days that he had been back, he tried controlling himself, but everyone was treating him as a soft persimmon.

Now, he planned to head over to the Zou and Chu families.

When he killed the old ancestors of the two families, he would send a warning to the rest of the world!

When they saw how Huang Xiaolong disappeared from where he stood, the thousands of cultivators that came had no idea how to react.

In the Zou Familys headquarters.

The old ancestor of the Zou Family, Zou Xinming, was playing chess with the patriarch of the Zou Family, Zou Fei.

The old ancestor could see the look of unease on Zou Feis face, and he chuckled, “If youre so affected by something so small, how will you deal with more important matters in the future”

According to Zou Xinming, Huang Xiaolong was nothing but a fly waiting to be crushed.

After all, a grand elder was nothing in his eyes!

“Old ancestor is right.

We can pander to the Six Swords Gate, but we might offend the Huang Family while doing it.

However, dont you think that something is wrong when the Ying Family ordered their disciples to steer clear of the Huang Family”

Zou Xinming glanced at Zou Fei and sighed, “The power of the Six Swords Gate is something you cannot imagine.

Even if all ten strongest families of our Huaxia Alliance banded together, we wont be able to suppress the Six Swords Gate! Moreover, the Huang Family isnt even the strongest one! In the future, you need to hug the Six Swords Gate and never let go.

Our Zou Family will definitely have the last laugh if thats the case.”

“Yes, old ancestor.” Zou Fei nodded sweriously, and he erased all the doubts in his mind.

However, a sneer broke their concentration.

“Who dares!”

The two of them turned to look towards the sky where a young man was hovering.

There wasnt a trace of aura around the man, but he managed to stand in the skies above them.

It was clear he was an expert in the Nascent Soul Realm or higher.

The experts of the Zou Family appeared when they noticed that there was an intruder in their midst and they rushed over.

Zou Feis expression fell as he growled, “Who in the world are you Why have you come to my Zou Family”

“I am Huang Xiaolong.”

“Huang Xiaolong!” Zou Xinming and Zou Fei jumped from their seats and screamed.

Didnt Zou Dean say that they had surrounded him in the university! How could he appear in the Zou Family Manor!

Zou Xinming frowned.

“Did you escape from Zou Dean and the others”

If he did.

He should be returning to the Huang Family as quickly as he could.

None of them understood why he came all the way to the Zou Family.

When they were still thinking about his intentions, Huang Xiaolong grabbed at the space before him.

Zou Xinming and Zou Fei appeared in his hands as terror swept through their hearts.

“You… This is not possible!” Zou Xinming roared in desperation.

He was a Second Level Enlightenment Realm cultivator, but he couldnt put up the slightest bit of resistance!

“Who are you!” Zou Xinming felt that he was dreaming and he widened his eyes in shock.

“Dont you think there was something wrong when the Ying Family gave the order to avoid offending the disciples of the Huang Family at all costs” Huang Xiaolong sighed.

Could it be!

In fact, the two of them thought of the reason before, but no one expected it to have anything to do with Huang Xiaolong!

With a single swipe, the heads of Zou Xinming and Zou Fei fell from their shoulders.

After exterminating their nascent souls, Huang Xiaolong disappeared from where he stood.

In several breaths of time, Huang Xiaolong appeared above the Chu Family Manor.

The same scene played out.

When he was done with the two families, Huang Xiaolong returned to the library in the Eastern University.

It only took several minutes to deal with them.

Not too long after Huang Xiaolong returned, the news started to spread from the two families.

The entire Huaxia Alliance fell into complete silence.

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