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Chapter 3253: One Batch!

Manager Xu Kaiqiangs heart sank facing the branch managers sullen face.

Still, he quickly explained, “Branch Manager, theres a young man outside who wants to exchange high-level golden core!”

“Oh, exchange high-level golden cores” Branch Manager Ellis wasnt surprised nor was the Tan Familys grand elder, Tan Jian, but it was merely a little unexpected for them.

It wasnt rare to see someone coming to the bank to exchange golden cores, but high-level golden cores were rare.

After all, high-level Golden Core Realm beasts had extraordinarily tough defenses with extreme agility, and not to mention their innate ability to escape.

It took a lot of effort even for a Nascent Soul Realm expert to kill a high-level Golden Core Realm beast.

Some human race Nascent Soul Realm experts had thought of hunting high-level Golden Core Realm fierce beasts as a source of income, but nine out of ten times, they returned without success.

Thus, there werent many high-level golden cores available in the market, and even rarer was Ninth Level Golden Core beasts golden core.

Then again, even though someone came to exchange high-level golden core, branch manager Ellis still pulled his face in displeasure and said, “Merely exchanging high-level golden core, whats the fuss about You can handle such matters.

Didnt you see Im talking with Grand Elder Tan Jian!”

Although the Tan Familys status was not as high as Huang Family, the Tan Family was still one of the few more powerful cultivation families in Donglin Province, and the sole hegemon in Laixin City.

As one of Tan Familys grand elders, Tan Jian was also the second most powerful expert in Tan Family! Such an existence could only be treated courteously, not to be slighted at all.

But Manager Xu Kaiqiang blurted out anxiously, “Branch Manager, that young man, he wants to exchange one batch of high-level golden cores!”

Branch Manager Ellis finally showed shock, “What O-one batch! All high-level golden cores!”

Tan Jian was just as astonished.

“How many are there” Branch Manager Ellis couldnt help asking.

“Yes, Branch Manager!” Xu Kaiqiang hurriedly replied, “Before I left to come inside, he had already poured out sixteen, and he was still pouring out golden cores when I came in to call you!”

“Six-sixteen!” There was finally a crack in Ellis calm facade, and he jumped to his feet and stared fixedly at Xu Kaiqiang, “You are certain all of them are high-level golden cores!”

Tan Jian was just as shocked.

Even one level-seventh golden core was worth two hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones, and a level-ninth golden core was worth much more.

With sixteen golden cores, there were at least three to four million low-grade spirit stones!

“Yes, I am certain!” Xu Kaiqiang nodded his head and added, “Many experts present saw it.

I am absolutely certain all of them are high-level golden cores.” With that said, he recounted the scene where Huang Xiaolong had poured out the high-level golden cores from the Sun Moon Furnace.

“Grand Elder Tan Jian, you see, this…” Ellis sounded urgent and turned to look at Tan Jian with a troubled expression.

Tan Jian smiled, “I too am interested to take a look, Branch Manager Ellis.

How about we go together”

Ellis laughed in delight at Tan Jians words.

“My pleasure, Grand Elder Tan Jian.

After you!”

Ellis made a gesture of invitation.

Tan Jina chuckled and did not feign politeness as he stepped out from the room.

The group of three, Ellis, Tan Jian, and Xu Kaiqiang headed to the lobby.

When the three arrived at the lobby, there was a big crowd gathered at the lobby, and many of them had astounded expressions on their faces as they stared at the exchange counter.

The three looked towards the counter and saw a young man who appeared to be in his twenties, pouring out golden cores onto the counter from a pill furnace just like Xu Kaiqiang had described!

Bright golden high-level golden cores!

On the counter, there were already thirty-eight high-level golden cores!

Thirty-eight high-level golden cores were piled on the counter, exuding a robust fierce beasts true energy, flowing around the spacious lobby.

How robust was this energy to fill the entire lobby to this degree!

Looking at the pile of thirty-eight high-level golden cores, Ellis and Tan Jian felt their hearts jerk.

Xu Kaiqiang was already shaking from head to toe.

Thirty-eight high-level golden cores, dazzling brightly, eclipsed the expensive lighting in the lobby.

Huang Datou screamed inwardly when he realized that there were thirty-eight high-level golden cores on the counter.

Did uncle kill so many beasts on the way here

How come there are as many as thirty-right high-level golden cores!

Could it be… He finally understood what his uncle meant when he said he wanted to exchange something at the bank!

Huang Datou felt his head spin looking at the pile ofgolden marbles on the counter.

The first thoughts that came to his mind were actually about many, many spiritual hog beasts, and countless Golden Flame Spiritual Fruits!

The Golden Flame Spiritual Fruit that he liked the most, the spiritual fruit that he had only eaten once… After this day, he would be able to eat it every day.


Spiritual hog beast, and many other kinds of spiritual beasts! Fragrant and delicious meat!

Then, Huang Datou remembered Huang Xiaolong had mentioned he would prepare the dowry required to marry Tan Wei.

His vision was suddenly blurred by tears.

Huang Xiaolong ignored the reactions around him as he continued to pour golden cores out.

A few moments later, he stopped and put away the Sun Moon Furnace.

Sixty-six high-level golden cores!

Previously, Huang Xiaolong had hunted over fifty fierce beasts, and as they had flown over the Xingan Mountain Range, he had killed another twelve.

Hence, all in all, there were sixty-six golden cores!

Huang Xiaolong looked at the employee on the other side of the counter who was too shocked to do his job, and he reminded, “Help me assess these golden cores value and tabulate how many low-grade spirit stones in exchange.”

High-level golden cores were divided into seventh-level, eighth-level, ninth-level, as well as late-ninth level, peak late-ninth level, and so on.

Each category was a different price, hence the requirement for assessment.

Of course, those in Huang Xiaolongs hands were all ninth-level and above.

Huang Xiaolong had not killed fierce beasts below ninth-level.

The several employees behind the counters finally reacted, and it was at this time that Ellis approached, politly and respectfully as he spoke, “Sir, I am the branch manager of this Swiss Bank branch, Ellis.

How may I address you”

Huang Xiaolong looked at Ellis, and Tan Jian, standing beside him, as well as Xu Kaiqiang at the back, and replied casually, “Huang Xiaolong.”

Huang Xiaolong Everyone was baffled.

“Sir, are you a member of Donglin Provinces Huang Family” Ellis asked cautiously.

Huang Xiaolong replied tepidly, “You can consider me so.”

Huang Xiaolong did not elaborate further.

Consider so Others thoughts ran wild.

“Pardon me, Sir.

If I may ask, were you the one who hunted these high-level Golden Core Realm fierce beasts” Ellis hesitated before asking.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Ellis, smiling whilst not smiling as he responded, “Is this a Swiss Banks rule that you need to inquire the sources of your clients items”

Ellis waved his hands and shook his head, smiling awkwardly, “No, no.

Im just curious.

Please do not take offense.

I will have people evaluate this batch of golden cores immediately!”

The Zou Familys disciple stared at the sixty-sixty golden cores in shock, but as his shock receded, his eyes glimmered, and no one knew what he was thinking.

However, the glamorous woman in his embrace was looking at Huang Xiaolong with sparkling eyes, feelingan itch all over.

Shortly, two of the banks valuators started going through the sixty-six golden cores.

“What, all, all of them are ninth-level and above Five peak late-ninth level Ten late-ninth level!” Ellis was stupefied when he heard the results.

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