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Chapter 3140: Explanation Who Do You Think You Are

The experts of the Lightning Phoenix Race and Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race were shocked.

In the Ancient Era City, the Black Shadow Devil used the power of space to kill Man Long of the Silver Horn Barbarian Locust Race.

However, they didnt realize that he had reached the major completion stage in the power of space!

They felt that no matter how accomplished the Black Shadow Devil was, he would only be at the minor completion stage.

The difference in power between someone who reached the major completion stage and someone at the minorl completion stage wasnt small.

When everyone was still stuck in a state of shock, the eminent elders of the Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race charged towards the Black Shadow Devil.

There were four eminent elders who moved in unison, and they used the power of darkness in unison! They were at different stages in their comprehension, but their power was amplified when they worked together.

The strength contained in the strike almost rivaled someone who reached the grand competition stage in the power of darkness!

A snort left the Black Shadow Devils lips he slapped out with his left hand.

The combined strike of the four eminent elders started to spread out like an endless tide.

At the same time, the four of them felt a pressure they had never felt before expanding in their bodies.

They were like balloons that started to expand, and in their shock, they retreated several steps back.

A snort rang through the air as a ray of black light shot towards the Black Shadow Devil.

Reaching out hastily to block the sudden strike, the Black Shadow Devil was forced to retreat.

Everyone turned around to look at the person who made the sudden attack, and it was a skinny old elder from the Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race.

Black runes covered his eyes, and his hand emitted several rays of bright light.

In an instant, Hao Zhen was brought to his side.

Huang Xiaolong was stunned.

He could see that the skinny old expert reached perfection level in the power of darkness, and he reached the peak of the major completion stage in the power of lightning.

It was no wonder the man could force the Black Shadow Devil to take a step back.

However, the Black Shadow Devil was merely careless.

With the power of space at the major completion stage, he was more than capable of dodging the strike.

As soon as Hao Zhen returned to the skinny elders side, he felt like he made a hundred and eighty degree turn from the gates of hell.

“Many thanks to Eminent Elder Hao Duo.” Suppressing the fear in his heart, Hao Zhen thanked the skinny old elder who saved him.

“Young Master, theres no need to act so formally.” He turned to Huang Xiaolong and sneered, “Hand over the Flower of Time and we can ensure your safe retreat.”

The Black Shadow Devil was strong, but he wasnt strong enough to take them all on.

The two races had more than a hundred experts present, and all of them were powerhouses.

Moreover, he didnt know how strong the other subordinates of the young man standing before them were!

Lei Qianqian kept silent and she agreed with Hao Duo.

After all, there was someone who had reached the major completion stage in the power of space among Huang Xiaolongs subordinates.

Hao Zhen screamed when he heard Hao Duos suggestion, “No! Eminent Elder Hao Duo, we cannot allow the kid to escape!”

Li Tianyao, who had remained silent all this while, spoke.

“My Destiny Race will be taking the Flower of Time.”

Turning to Li Tianyao, Lei Qianqian muttered, “My name is Lei Qianqian, may I know how I should address you” She might be the number one genius in the Origin Lands, but she hadnt seen Li Tianyao previously.

When Li Tianyao heard who it was, he was shocked.

He had long since heard of her, and she was comparable to the Son of Mystic! That would mean that she was both stronger and more talented than him!

“As it turns out, youre Princess Lei Qianqian… I am Li Tianyao.”

Even though they had already guessed as much, the members of the Lightning Phoenix Race were stunned when they heard him admit it.

Even Hao Zhen turned to stare at him.

“Son of Mystic, welcome to the Origin Lands.” Lei Qianqians voice rang through the skies.

“There are two Flowers of Time, and this belongs to our Origin Lands.

Even if Young Master Li obtains it, you wont be able to bring it back to your Destiny Race.

What do you say about that”

A frown formed on the faces of those from the Destiny Race.

Returning to the Destiny Race when being pursued by the various Origin Races in the Origin Lands wouldnt be an easy feat.

Li Tianyao harrumphed in response, “I only wish to acquire a single stalk.

Thats as far as we will go.” Ater he spoke, he turned to point at one of the eminent elders of the Destiny Race.

“This is Eminent Elder Li Shuo from my Destiny Race!”

Li Shuo!

The faces of everyone present changed.

He was the second strongest expert in the Destiny Race, and he ranked eighth on the Extermination List!

Moreover, there were rumors that said that he was trying to remain low key.

With his strength, it was possible for him to enter the top five ranks on the Extermination List!

Even the Black Shadow Devil and Hao Duo took a double take when they looked at Li Shuo.

Lei Qianqian looked at the experts around her and they communicated among themselves.

Eventually, Lei Qianqian nodded, “Alright.

We shall part with a single stalk.”

As Di Shuang and the others received orders to specifically keep silent, they watched the spectacle from the sidelines.

Hearing how they were splitting up the treasure, Di Shuang felt as though he was looking at a bunch of clowns.

Li Shuo Ranked eighth on the Extermination List To Di Shuang, all of them were nothing more than a punch away from death.

The only way he would be able to enjoy the battle would be if the Destiny Patriarch appeared personally.

“Are you guys done” Huang Xiaolong finally spoke up.

When the words left his lips, everyone paused to stare at him.

Huang Xiaolong kept the Flower of Time into the Sun Moon Furnace and he swept his gaze across those present.

With an impassive voice, he spoke, “None of you will be able to escape today.”

When they heard what he said, everyone stared at him in shock.

They thought that they had misheard him.

Hao Zhen roared with laughter the next instant.

“Eminent Elder Hao Duo, you heard him.

Even if you wish to let him leave, he isnt planning to let us leave!” A sarcastic smile formed on his face.

His face had already returned to its original appearance, and the only thing left was a faint mark of the Black Shadow Devils palm.

Since it was imbued with the power of space, he wouldnt be able to get rid of the mark so easily.

Hao Duos expression sank and he glared at Huang Xiaolong, “Brat, are you really planning to keep the Flower of Time! Also, you better start explaining yourself.

Some things cant be taken back once spoken!”

No longer able to contain himself, Lei Yu lashed out.

“Who the f*ck do you think you are, old fart Why does His Highness need to explain anything to you! Not even the ten overlords of your Origin Lands will be qualified to force His Highness to explain himself!”

The experts of the Lightning Phoenix Race and the Nine Eyed Black Tiger Race raged.

When they heard the insult to their overlords, the members of the Origin Lands could no longer control themselves.

Hao Dao slapped towards Lei Yu with an attack stronger than the one that stopped the Black Shadow Devil previously.

“Youre just a mere mount! How dare you disrespect the ten overlords! You deserve to die!” He released his power of darkness perfection level and the power of lightning at the major completion stage as soon as he spoke.

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