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Chapter 3121: Son of Creation!

The power of radiance and absolute wood might not be comparable to the power of nirvana, but they were extremely useful when it came to regenerating the body.

Huang Xiaolong recovered almost instantly.

Of course, ordinary dao physiques wouldnt be able to accept the regenerative power so quickly.

One could only mirror what Huang Xiaolong did if they had the Dao Body ofHeaven and Earth at perfection level.

Huang Xiaolongs Dao Body of Heaven and Earth could devour any power in the world!

When the nine beast kings snapped back to reality, one of them screamed in haste, “Kill him now! We cannot allow him to regenerate!”

Eighteen palms surrounded Huang Xiaolong in an instant.

They poured everything they had into the hit, and it was several times stronger than whatever they threw at Huang Xiaolong previously.

A horrifying power shattered the space around him.

However, Huang Xiaolong released a heaven-shaking dragon roar as he sent two punches out towards the nine beast kings.

The energy from three small words and eight elements of absolute power swept out like a tide.


Huang Xiaolongs fists crashed into the eighteen palms flying towards him.

As the sea of stars started to tremble, sacred land after another shattered into pieces.

Countless experts, along with the members of the Death Beast Army were vaporized into nothingness.

The battle between the ten of them was too chaotic.

If they were to compare the battle between Xiao Tianqi and Huang Xiaolong to the battle happening now, that would be nothing more than a small skirmish.


Huang Xiaolong smashed through yet another sacred land.

Even though Huang Xiaolong was strong, he was a little lacking when it came to fighting all nine beast kings at once.

One had to know that four of the nine had reached perfection level in four elements.

The others had mastered three different types, at the very least.

With all nine of them working together, Huang Xiaolong was hard-pressed to stop them.

After all, he had only reached perfection level in four different types of elements.

The nine of them reappeared above Huang Xiaolong, and one of them screamed, “Huang Xiaolong, you have to die today!”

Since they had already sown the seeds of hatred, they could only kill Huang Xiaolong off.

Otherwise, he would turn into a nightmare to deal with as soon as he matured.

“Death Beast Era!”

The nine of them screamed, and the soundwave caused the world to shake.

Everyone stopped whatever they were doing, and they stared at the battle.

As eighteen rivers of light filled the skies, death beasts swarmed out from them.

It was like an endless tide that couldnt stop!

The eighteen rivers of light summoned death beast one after another, and the age of death beast arrived.

“This… is this an illusion!” a patriarch muttered.

One had to know that one would only be able to create a world when one reached the God of Creation Realm.

Only a God of Creation could create a new world!

“No, it isn\'t,” Xiao Tianqi sighed.

That isnt an illusion!

Many experts started to tremble.

Can this really be happening

As the eighteen rivers started to gather, the light started to grow brighter and brighter.

The rays of light eventually shone onto Huang Xiaolong.

The power of four elements at perfection level failed to shatter the light produced by the Death Beast Era, and Huang Xiaolong started to swell up like a balloon.

Everyone was shocked by the fact that the light itself could affect Huang Xiaolongs body.

The nine beast kings might not be able to do a thing to him, but the Death Beast Era would cause Huang Xiaolong to explode in the blink of an eye!

“How can it be so terrifying!” Xiao Yuncheng gasped.

“The Death Beast Era contained the power of an entire era.

No matter who it was, they wouldnt be able to resist the power of an entire era coming at them! Huang Xiaolong wouldnt be able to either!” Xiao TIanqi yelled.

“Even with three small words and eight elements energies, he wouldnt be able to resist the power of the Death Beast Era! Unless…”

“Unless what!” Xiao Yuncheng asked.

“Unless he has the power to control all thirteen elements!” Xiao Tianqi whispered.

“If one manages to control all thirteen elements, they would receive an unimaginable power!”

However, it was virtually impossible for Huang Xiaolong to control all thirteen elements!

Xiao Tianqi shook his head slowly.

He knew that in the entire Origin Holy World, no one could control all thirteen elements.

Seeing as Huang Xiaolongs body had already reached the size of a small mountain, everyone felt their hearts leaping into their throats.

They couldnt help but feel amazed at the strength of Huang Xiaolongs fleshy body.

How strong would he need to be in order to prevent himself from exploding

The nine beast kings chuckled sinisterly.

They knew that Huang Xiaolong was at the brink of destruction.

In ten breaths of time, his existence would be wiped off the face of the world!

Seeing as Huang Xiaolongs body was about to be blown apart, a majestic dragon roar rang through the air.

Gold light descended from the heavens, and boundless pressure fell on the lands.

The power of the Huang Long World arrived, and it wasnt just the power of the Origin Holy World!

Under the shocking power of the Huang Long World, every single person felt their souls trembling, and breathing became difficult.

Even Xiao Tianqi felt the space around him constricting as the weight of the world pressing down on his heart.

When everyone opened their eyes again, a massive golden dragon appeared above Huang Xiaolongs head, and the dragon was indescribably large.

No one could describe the aura or prestige it held.

“God of Creation, Huang Long!” the nine beast kings screamed in horror.

God of Creation, Huang Long!

Everyone felt their hearts trembling.

“Is… Is… Is he the Son of Creation!” Xiao Yuncheng muttered under his breath.

Son of Creation!

Huang Xiaolong was the Son of Creation!

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