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Chapter 3105: Senior Myriad Formation Devil

Two trees appeared above Huang Xiaolong and they emitted a terrifying aura.

“Parasol Tree!”

“Tree of Beginning!”

Wangu Xu and the others screamed.

Everyone felt excitement bubbling in their hearts when they heard the names of the trees.

Two beams of light shot out from San Songs eyes and pierced through the veil of fire around his shadow.

He thought that Huang Xiaolong was lying, but from the looks of it, Huang Xiaolong really possessed two quasi-creation artifacts.

He even had the Parasol Tree and the Tree of Beginning!

As a monster ranked sixth on the Extermination List, he was more than knowledgeable to recognize the trees with a single glance.

Moreover, he reached the perfection level in the power of the absolute blaze.

He would benefit a lot if he managed to cultivate under the Parasol Tree.

Even though his powers were at perfection level, there was a difference in the strength he could use.

There wasnt a limit in strength, and one could only grow stronger the more one cultivated!

Of course, he was also shocked that Huang Xiaolong would possess such treasures.

He didnt move as he stared at the youngster standing before him.

He couldnt think of any reason Huang Xiaolong would show off his treasures to all of them.

Even though he only wanted the Pure Soil, his heart swayed when he stared at the four treasures before him.

Wasnt Huang Xiaolong afraid that he would snatch it from him

“Seems like youre very confident in those around you,” San Song muttered.

He looked at Lei Yu and the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable before looking at the others.

His gaze eventually landed on the Myriad Formation Devil.

The only person he didnt recognize out of all those present was He Zhen, and that was the only uncertain factor in his plan!

Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

“Of course.

In fact, Im extremely confident in myself.”

San Song stared at him in stunned silence for a moment.

However, Wangu Xu broke the silence with a guffaw.

“Huang Xiaolong, do you really think that with your power of radiance and darkness at the minor completion stage, you will be able to rank in the Extermination List”

Huang Xiaolong stared at Wangu Xu from the corner of his eye, and he sighed.

“You never intended to trade with me in the first place.

But why do you think I came anyway Do you think Im stupid”

Everyone stared at him in shock.

“Lets hear your reason.” San Song snorted as weird light flashed in his eyes.

“Im here to retrieve your treasury!” Huang Xiaolong laughed, but his expression returned to normal the next moment.

“I want all the genesis lightning water and Phoenix Fire Crystals you have.”

Everyones face turned colorful when the words left his lips.

Wangu Xu and Pang Rui doubled over in laughter as they didnt understand where Huang Xiaolong found his confidence from.

The only person who didnt laugh was San Song.

The look in his eyes deepened when he looked at the old devil.

The person called He Zhen gave him an extremely odd vibe.

“Lord San Song, theres no need to waste your time with this little dumb*ss! Just suppress him and grab all his treasures!” Wangu Xu teared up from laughing too much.

By locking his aura onto the Myriad Formation Devil, Lei Yu, and the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable, he snapped, “Let me deal with the three of them! Take the rest down as soon as possible!”

Wangu Xu and the others nodded and turned serious when they heard the battle order.

In the blink of an eye, those from the Mystical Pavilion lunged at Huang Xiaolongs party.

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As he remained still, the Blood Dragon Stele in Huang Xiaolongs hand emitted a chilly crimson glow as a terrifying pressure descended on those in the hall.

Tossing the stele out, it turned into a massive blood dragon that shot out like an arrow of blood.

At the same time, the Purple Lightning Peak turned into the size of a massive mountain range as it came crashing down on all of them.

Miserable cries filled the skies instantly.

The blood dragon alone, without the help of the Purple Lightning Peak, sent Wangu Xu and the others flying.

It didnt stop there, and it continued to slam into the patriarchs of the various factions.

Everyone who was struck was sent flying, and those who werent hit by the dragon felt the horrifyingly heavy mountain crashing down on them.

Before they knew it, they were crushed into the ground.

The entire banquet hall turned into a crater.

The Parasol Tree emitted waves of fire that swallowed the space surrounding it and the smell of barbequed flesh filled the area.

“What!” San Song, who had locked onto the three most dangerous threats, widened his eyes in shock.

The power of a quasi-creation artifact was terrifying, but one needed to see how strong the user actually was.

Even if the Son of Mystic moved personally, he wouldnt be able to do what Huang Xiaolong did!

One had to know that Wangu Xu was ranked eleventh on the Extermination List!

Wangu Xus strength was enough to cause the Origin Heavenly Cave to tremble, and he was no weakling!

However, he was sent flying with a single attack from Huang Xiaolong!

Turning to look at Huang Xiaolong, San Song felt his throat going dry.

“Perfection… Perfection level, power of nirvana!” His voice trembled a little.

Indeed, Huang Xiaolong had used the power of nirvana to activate the Blood Dragon Stele.

It was also the reason the blood dragon possessed such a terrifying level of strength.

Even Wangu Xu couldnt stop it!

However, Wangu Xu refused to believe that Huang Xiaolong had reached perfection level in the power of nirvana!

In the Origin Heavenly Cave, the only person who had managed to comprehend the power of nirvana to the grand completion stage was the Nine Flames Immortal!

“Power of nirvana at perfection level with the power of darkness and radiance at the minor completion stage.

Its no wonder you got the confidence to raid our Mystical Pavilion.” San Song glared at Huang Xiaolong and his voice was frosty.

Killing intent leaked out from his body.

“However, youre too weak if you wish to rob us.

With your paltry strength, youre not qualified!” San Song narrowed his eyes as a burst of light shot at Huang Xiaolong.

It shattered the space in its path, and it was nothing like his previous laid-back probes.

Huang Xiaolong might have reached perfection level in the power of nirvana, but the other powers he wielded weren\'t anywhere close to the major completion stage.

He was confident he could suppress Huang Xiaolong.

As flames surrounded him, they swallowed the entire space contained in the thirty-six formations.

Even those in the city could feel the heat coming from the Mystical Pavilions branch.

They felt as though they were about to be cooked by the heat produced inside!

Even Lei Yu felt his entire body burning up.

It was as though all the water in him was about to vaporize.

In the blink of an eye, San Song made his move.

The Wind Cloud Dao Venerable and Lei Yu were shocked to realize that he had disappeared.

When San Song moved, the Myriad Formation Devil standing behind Huang Xiaolong did his thing.

Boom! A terrifying blast resounded through the skies and rays of black and white shattered the sea of flames.

Wangu Xu and the others saw San Song falling from the skies, and he retreated several hundred steps before stopping himself.

The flame around him had dissipated, and he looked utterly defeated.

Wangu Xus expression changed, and he looked over only to see someone standing before Huang Xiaolong.

It was He Zhen, the mysterious old man he couldnt see through previously!

San Song stared at He Zhen while clutching his chest and his expression turned completely serious.

“Senior Myriad Formation Devil, its you!”

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