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Chapter 3056: Devil Essence Holy Emperor Ancestor Is Here!

Watching Feng Wujis action of collecting the pure soil, Su Hong hurriedly took out a light-attributed furnace in order to collect his part of pure soil as if afraid if he was too slow, Feng Wuji would go back on his word.

Huang Xiaolong watched Feng Wuji and Su Hong anxiously scooping the pure soil into their own containers, not bothered at all to ask him who was the first person who arrived on The Other Shore, and he let out a wry chuckle.

“I say, you two havent even asked my opinion”

Feng Wuji spared a glance from the corner of his eye while retorting, “What, you have an opinion”

That glance was disdainful and full of mockery.

As the Absolute Dao Lord and an expert on the Extermination Lists top fifty, he had always looked at people in this manner, and he wasnt specifically targeting Huang Xiaolong.

There were not many people that could make him look at that person as a peer.

“Youre right.

I do have an opinion.” Huang Xiaolong smiled as he looked at Feng Wuji playfully.

Feng Wuji froze for a second, not expecting that answer from Huang Xiaolong.

He smiled faintly.

“I rarely meet people who have opinions against me.

Tell me then, Im curious to hear your opinion.

However, you only have ten seconds.”

Su Hong also stopped his actions, looking at Huang Xiaolong with a contemptuous sneer on his face.

“This pure soil, I want all of it,” Huang Xiaolong stated naturally.

Both Feng Wuji and Su Hong blanked for a moment, then Feng Wuji erupted into sonorous laughter.

Su Hong too was shaking his head, smiling silently.

While the twoelders were either laughing or smiling, Huang Xiaolongs voice sounded again, “Also, all the things on your bodies, I want them.”

Feng Wuji and Su Hong laughed even harder at Huang Xiaolongs words.

“On top of that, you two still have some use to me, so, kneel and submit, and be my minions.” Huang Xiaolong stated, clasping his hands behind him.

As the Absolute Dao Lord, if Feng Wuji could be of use to Huang Xiaolong, Huang Xiaolong would have an easier time to build his own force in the Origin Holy World.

Su Hong, as the Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerces branch director, barely passed Huang Xiaolongs requirements.

Feng Wuji who was laughing like a blooming water stopped laughing completely upon hearing Huang Xiaolong tell him to kneel and submit as his slave.

The sounds of laughter echoing on the shore was now replaced by a heavy silence.

Feng Wuji stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong.

Su Hong, too, stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong.

Strangely, Feng Wuji didnt seem to be angry.

Instead, he was watching Huang Xiaolong, full of curiosity.

“Young man, perhaps you have some background, but do you know, even the Prince of Origin doesnt dare to speak to me like that.”

“Forget about the Prince of Origin, even our Origin Holy World Master would have to be polite and courteous if he wants to recruit me, offering treasures and conditions that could move me.” Feng Wuji asked half-jokingly, “Do you think your identity is higher than the Origin Holy World Master Or, do you think that your fist is bigger than the World Master

Huang Xiaolong naturally detected the ridicule in Feng Wujis tone, but he did not bother with an explanation, and he directly stated, “If you can take one hit from me, Ill let you go!”

Both Feng Wuji and Su Hong were caught off guard by Huang Xiaolongs condition, especially Su Hong who was looking strangely at Huang Xiaolong.

Previously, he had assumed that Huang Xiaolong was an arrogant punk, but now, he highly doubted if Huang Xiaolong was a fool.

Or perhaps, this young man has no idea that Feng Wuji is an expert on the Extermination List

The entire time, Feng Wuji stared at Huang Xiaolong without blinking.

This young man doesnt look like a fool, but an early Ninth Dao Venerable Realm young man who is not a fool is saying hes going to defeat me in one move It was simply bizarre to Feng Wuji.

Defeat me in one move

This young man really thinks hes the Origin Holy World Master…

Suddenly, Su Hong sneered at Huang Xiaolong, “Brat, you can challenge the Absolute Dao Lord if you survive one move from me.” With that said, his right hand reached out to grab Huang Xiaolong.

For an instant, it was as if nothing in the entire Ocean of Suffering, on the stretch of The Other Shore, even the entiresafe space under the golden Buddha statue could escape Su Hongs hand.

Feng Wuji had a feeling that the environments grand daos were extracted, making him sigh inwardly in praise that the Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerces Heaven Seizing Hand deserved its reputation.

Watching Su Hongs hand coming at him, Huang Xiaolong merely raised his eyelids and casually flicked his fingers.

In the next second, Su Hongs scream rang as he tumbled across the sky over the shore and plummeted into the Ocean of Suffering.


Su Hong sank into the Ocean of Suffering, and everything went quiet for a while.

Everything happened too fast for Feng Wuji to react, and his mind went blank when he realized it was Su Hong who sank into the Ocean of Suffering.

Even though he had mentally prepared himself that something unexpected might have happened, he was genuinely frightened when Su Hong was sent flying by a mere finger flick.


On the other side of the shore, Lei Yu, Old Monster Flame, and the others were patiently waiting for Huang Xiaolong.

Although several months had passed since Huang Xiaolong had entered the Ocean of Suffering, none of them were anxious at all.

At Huang Xiaolongs current strength,, as long as the Mystical Pavilion Master did not take action, no one was capable of injuring Huang Xiaolong in the entire Origin Holy World.

Hence, despite knowing Feng Wuji had also entered the Ocean of Suffering, Lei Yu, Old Monster Flame, and the others werent worried about Huang Xiaolongs safety.

Some distance away, Su Shaoqiang sneered inwardly as he observed Lei Yus, and the others calm and unhurried demeanors.

“Young Master, should we enter the Ocean of Suffering, and see how things are going” a Heaven Seizing Chamber of Commerces expert inquired Su Shaoqing\'s opinion seeing that Su Hong hadnt returned for a long time.

Su Shaoqiang shook his head.

“There is no need.

If there are really treasures to be found, the Absolute Dao Lord wont dare to do anything to father, and as for that young man…” he let out a harsh snicker before continuing, “Hes merely an early Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable, and even if he has the power of absolute light, hes no match against my father.

Maybe my father has already resolved him at this point.”

“Then, that three-headed beast and those thirteen subordinates, should we deal with them once and for all now” the expert asked as his gaze swept over Lei Yu, Old Monster Flame, and the rest.

“Well decide when fathers back,” Su Shaoqiang said after some thought.

Suddenly, someone shouted, “Theyre out!”

The shout drew everyones attention, and all eyes looked towards the vast Ocean of Suffering.

The three people who had entered the Ocean of Suffering earlier—Huang Xiaolong, Feng Wuji, and Su Hong-had returned.

But everyone was more than surprised when they noticed that Feng Wuji and Su Hong were actually following behind Huang Xiaolong.

The young womans eyes behind the veil widened in surprise.

Su Shaoqiang flew out from the flying ship to greet his father despite feeling baffled, and from afar, he asked loudly, “Father, this brat…”

He pointed at Huang Xiaolong, but he had barely spoken a few words when he was sent flying by Su Hongs palm.

Su Shaoqiang and many experts were rendered stupefied by Su Hongs abrupt action.

“Dont be rude to His Highness!” Su Hong angrily chided Su Shaoqiang.

His Highness! Su Shaoqings head was reeling with disbelief.

Many experts exchanged baffled looks with their companions, failing to figure out what was going on with Su Hong.

Huang Xiaolong ignored Su Shaoqiang and descended onto Lei Yus back, and exited the world within the golden Buddha statue.

Originally, other creeds experts had wanted to detain Huang Xiaolong and question him about the other side of the Ocean of Suffering.

But Feng Wuji and Su Hongs respectful attitude towards Huang Xiaolong deterred them.

After coming out from the golden Buddha statues body, Lei Yu said to Huang Xiaolong, “Your Highness, that Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor is also here in the Heavens Burial Lands.”

“Oh, that old man Devil Essence Holy Dragons here as well!” Huang Xiaolong was delighted when he heard that, and asked, “What about Huang Shuai!”

“Not sure about Huang Shuai, but the main Mystical Pavilion sent four great experts this time.

Other than the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor, theres also Three Blades Yang, Purple Giant, and Special Envoy Hailan.

The three of them are at par with the Devil Essence Holy Ancestor in terms of strength,” said Lei Yu.

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