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Chapter 3044: Impatiently Waiting

Huang Xiaolong looked at Mo Baichengs bright smile, without any urgency to attack.

He had already told Dao Jianchou that he would meet him in one hour, so there was ample time.

When Mou Baicheng stopped laughing, his gaze sharpened with gleams of coldness within, “I know you have an extraordinary identity and background, but today, I dont care who you are, and you will die a miserable death!”

Huang Xiaolong clasped his hands at his back and goaded, “Just relying on an ant-like you”


The sharp beams of light shot out from Mou Baichengs eyes and straight at Huang Xiaolong.

From afar, these two beams of light resembled great rivers in the galaxy.

The beams were sharp as blades, slashing through space.


The two beams of light hit Huang Xiaolong simultaneously.

The immediate space around Huang Xiaolong shattered to pieces, and black holes appeared, flickering in and out.

But Huang Xiaolong was not reduced to pieces like Mou Baicheng had expected, and he stood there like an indomitable towering peak, no matter how the two energy beams attacked!

The two energy beams felt like a soft drizzle of rain when falling on Huang Xiaolongs body.

Who has ever seen a soft drizzle washing people away

Mou Baicheng was astonished that Huang Xiaolong had managed to maintain his footing.

The auctioneers eyes widened in shock, as she knew very well that the attack just now was the branch masters most powerful grand dao art, the energy of light.

Many experts at the same level as the branch master would suffer heavy injuries when hit by the energy beams, but this young man was unscathed!

Mou Baichengs eyes narrowed, and he began taking Huang Xiaolong a bit seriously.

Then again, just a bit because so far, he had only used fifty percent of his strength.

“It looks like Ive underestimated you,” Mou Baicheng said icily.

“But dont be complacent because I merely used half of my strength right now.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled indifferently.

“In that case, Ill give you another chance to attack.

This is your last chance, and I hope you will go all out to use your most powerful attack.”

Mou Baichengs face darkened as he saw Huang Xiaolong standing with his hands behind his back, scrutinizing him, and the momentum of a late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable was fully released.

Cosmos energy came howling out under his urging, like a tsunami hitting this independent space, causing cracks all over.

“Cold Beams!”

“Sky Freeze!”

Mou Baicheng spat out slowly as he raised his palms.

Not knowing what he did, his body floated forward, arriving in front of Huang Xiaolong almost instantaneously, and his palms slapped against Huang Xiaolongs chest.

His palms exerted force as terrifying frost turned into cold beams and went through Huang Xiaolongs chest.

When Mou Baicheng attacked, it gave others an illusion that the world was frozen still.

Pulses of cold beams resembled maggots.

After hitting Huang Xiaolongs chest, the coldness clung to Huang Xiaolongs robe and body, wrapping around him layer after layer, covering Huang Xiaolong entirely in frigid ice.

Mou Baicheng stopped and sneered, seeing that Huang Xiaolong was trapped in his world of frigid ice.

“Congratulations, Branch Master!” The auctioneer stepped forward and showed a sweet smile to Mou Baicheng.

Mou Baicheng nodded, and commented, “This brat was careless, otherwise, it would have taken a bit more effort to deal with him.”

Right at this time, a loud crack came from the world of frigid ice trapping Huang Xiaolong.

The crack multiplied rapidly, spreading everywhere, and more than half of the ice surface had cracked in a split second.

Mou Baichengs face tightened as he pushed forward with his palms again.

Cold beams of light rushed into the world of frigid ice, but no matter how much energy he sent in, he was unable to stop the cracks.


The world of frigid ice fragmented to smithereens.

Huang Xiaolong was once again in front of Mou Baicheng and the female auctioneer.

Given no time to think, Mou Baicheng attacked again, the cold light circulating around his palms were glaring bright, but Huang Xiaolong merely flicked his fingers at Mou Baicheng.

Mou Baicheng ashened.

In others eyes, Huang Xiaolong had merely flicked his fingers.

It was ordinary, and there was no momentum at all, but in Mou Baichengs eyes, the surrounding heaven and earth energy had condensed between Huang Xiaolongs fingers.

He didnt have time to dodge and was hit squarely by Huang Xiaolongs finger force.

The moment it hit Mou Baicheng, the invisible energy ball exploded.

Dong! Mou Baicheng crashed into the distance and rolled to the deepest corner of the space.

Blood was flowing from his mouth and chest.

The auctioneer was rooted to the spot with a dumbfounded expression on her face.

Her face was drained of blood as she looked fearfully at Huang Xiaolong.

“I gather your status in the Mystical Pavilion is not low,” Huang Xiaolong asked, wearing a casual smile on his face, “Whats your name”

She answered as if someone was clutching at her neck, “I am the Mystical Golden Fox Branch Pavilions alchemist.” She stopped there.

“Oh,” Huang Xiaolong had not expected that.

A pill refiner

Every Mystical Pavilions branch was equipped with an alchemist, and those capable of holding that position were highly skilled in pill refining.

Then again, this female was no simple alchemist, and she had to have another identity in the Mystical Pavilion.

During this brief conversation, Mou Baicheng had climbed from the ground.

With his face warped with fury and astonishment, he glared at Huang Xiaolong and demanded, “Who are you”

Huang Xiaolong did not answer, but he circulated his Huang Long Bloodline, and a golden dragon appeared behind him.

The independent space immediately seemed small with the giant golden dragon in it.

“The dragon of creation!” Mou Baicheng shrieked as he looked at Huang Xiaolong fearfully and could no longer keep his composure.

“You are the Son of Creation!”

The auctioneer was agape, and her eyes stared dazedly at the dragon of creation.

The Creation Dragons might filled the entire space.

Suddenly, two beams of light shot out from its eyes, entering Mou Baicheng and the auctioneers body.

Both fell under Huang Xiaolongs control.

As Huang Xiaolongs strength improved, it became increasingly easier for him to brand others with the creation mark.Having controlled over the two, Huang Xiaolong asked the auctioneers identity.

To his surprise, the auctioneers master was actually the main Mystical Pavilions alchemist!

Unfortunately, though this woman was the main Mystical Pavilions alchemists disciple, she had no idea where the main pavilion was.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently helped Mou Baicheng recover with the power of nirvana, and had him order all Golden Fox Branch Pavilions Dao Venerable to enter this space.

All this happened in less than an hour, Huang Xiaolong had every Dao Venerable of the branch pavilion under his control.

Huang Xiaolong then asked Mou Baicheng about the mysterious stone, as well as Lei Yus missing eldest disciple.

It was close to what Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu had deduced.

At that time, Mou Baicheng and the Nine Vision Creed Patriarch had swallowed the treasury between them.

The Nine Vision Creed Patriarch had attacked Lei Yus eldest disciple, and Lei Yus eldest disciple had ended up trapped inside a restriction on the depths of the treasury.

“In other words, Yang Chang that kid might still be alive.” Lei Yu was overjoyed hearing this news.

Yang Chang was his eldest disciple.

Huang Xiaolong nodded smilingly.

“Wait till weve annihilated the Nine Vision Creed, and Devil Curse Creed, well make a trip to the Heavens Burial Lands!”

Naturally, he wouldnt leave out the Panhu Creed and Devil Blade Creed.

“Lets go out as Dao Jianchou must be impatiently waiting for us.” Huang Xiaolong grinned, and left the independent space on Lei Yus back.

As expected, when they came out, Dao Jianchou was pacing back and forth around the great blade, looking extremely impatient.

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