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Chapter 3041: Mysterious Stone (I)

“Twenty billion!”

Just as Jin Xiaoxiao revealed a triumphant smile, confident that the origin qi was something in her pocket, a voice sounded.

The venue fell into a pin-drop silence!

A beat later, eyes zoomed towards Huang Xiaolong because the person who had spoken just now was none other than Huang Xiaolong!

The smile on Jin Xiaoxiaos face stiffened while Fan Luo looked at Huang Xiaolong in astonishment.

Stone Ancestor, who had yielded the origin qi to Jin Xiaoxiao, was just as astonished.

“Youre deliberately going against this Princess!” Jin Xiaoxiaos words came through gritted teeth, chilling to the bones as she stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong.

Her gaze sent chills down many experts spines.

This was the Golden Fox Princess, the existence standing above almost everyone in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave.

The creeds that had offended Jin Xiaoxiao in the past had all become history in the long passage of time.

It was clear to everyone that Jin Xiaoxiao was really infuriated.

Nine Vision Young Patriarch Li Dongjuns mouth curved into a sneer as he looked in Huang Xiaolongs direction.

This punk really couldnt die fast enough.

He actually snatched the Lightning Flame Pill the Golden Fox princess wanted earlier, and now, hes once again stepping on the Golden Fox Princess bottom line, competing for the origin qi!

After this fiasco today, its the end for Leiyu Creed!

Li Dongjun was naturally happy to see this result.

Huang Xiaolong didnt give Jin Xiaoxiao a look but his voice rang clear, “You overestimate yourself.

Why would I need to go against a little girl like you deliberately”

Everyone was speechless with shock once again.

Li Dongjun chuckled inwardly.

Bravo, he has the guts to call the Golden Fox Princess a little girl in public

A Primal Ancestor calls the Golden Fox Princess a little girl! Dont forget that the Golden Fox Princess is an expert on the Extermination List.

Who does this brat think he is What gives him the capital to call the princess a little girl

As expected, Huang Xiaolongs rude remarks that ignored her status as he called her little girl, turned Jin Xiaoxiaos face cold.

“You are courting death! Youd better get on your knees and beg me to pardon your crime, or else, not only you will die, but everyone connected to you and the Leiyu Creed would have to die with you!”

Streaks of lightning sizzled in Leiyus eyes at Jin Xiaoxiaos threat, “Little girl, I will crush you to death right in this place, and then summon your old ancestor over to collect your corpse!”

Mouths were agape as Leiyu became the center of attention.

Stone Ancestor shook his head, smiling wryly.

In the Origin Holy World, no one would dare to say that they would crush the Golden Fox Princess to death, then summon her old ancestor to collect her corpse.

Not even him.

Jin Xiaoxiaos anger exploded like a burst dam, and the golden fox robe on her emitted blinding rays as she screamed, “Everyone hear my order, kill them, kill all of them for me!”

Exactly at this juncture, the beautiful auctioneers crisp voice sounded, “Everyone, please dont forget, this is the Mystical Pavilion that were in!”

All movements came to a halt.

Hesitation and unwillingness flashed across Jin Xiaoxiaos face, but she sat down in the end.

She decided that by the time the auction ended, the several commanders at the Golden Fox Mansion would have arrived, and that would be the time to take action!

“This Lord bids twenty billion, is there anyone with a higher bid If theres no one else, this source of origin qi would go to this Lord.” The beautiful auctioneer spoke and indicated toward Huang Xiaolong.

Almost everyone was looking at Jin Xiaoxiao one way or another.

This made Jin Xiaoxiaos expression even more unsightly.

Although she was the Golden Fox Princess, and could easily throw out tens of thousands, they were talking about twenty billion dao coins right now!

This was not a sum she could take out as she pleased.

Moreover, twenty billion dao coins had far exceeded the value of that genesis qi source.

So, Jin Xiaoxiao chose silence.

The more clammed up she was on the surface, the stronger her anger burned in her chest with a vigorous burning fire.

With her status and identity as the Golden Fox Princess, she was repeatedly taunted, blasphemed, and tainted by an unknown small character.

“The origin qi goes to this Lord,” the auctioneer knocked on the final price and announced the result.

Many experts exchanged glances as they had never imagined this result.

Then again, many more were gloating inwardly.

“This brat is so rich! First, he spent nine billion, and now, its twenty billion.

Thats twenty-nine billion dao coins.

Heavens, even the Cangming Creed wouldnt be able to take out this sum of dao coins!”

“Whats so great about having money because hes playing with fire to oppose the Golden Fox Princess!”

“Not necessarily.

Since he dares to oppose the Golden Fox Princess, he should have a big backing!”

“What backing An expert on the Extermination List In that case, it must be someone that ranks higher than the Golden Fox Princess Hehe!”

The names on the Extermination List were no secret, and everyone knew that Huang Xiaolong and Leiyu were definitely not on the list.

Under these peoples evil snickers, Huang Xiaolong flicked his fingers, sending twenty billion dao coins to the stage.

The rich sea of spiritual energy coming from the twenty billion dao coins jolted everyone spiritually.

Even the snickers stopped in the presence of the twenty billion dao coins.

No one could remain unaffected before a pile of twenty billion dao coins, including the Obscuring Heaven Creeds young patriarch Fan Luo, the most outstanding person amongst the younger generation in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave.

Even an expert on the Extermination List like Stone Ancestor couldnt stop his heart from racing.

From every corner of the auction hall, there was a feverish light of greed.

An auction hall expert respectfully brought the source of origin qi to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong accepted it and threw it into the Sun Moon Furnace without a second look.

He would refine it after the auction.

“The finale item of our action this time is a very important treasure!” the auctioneer began with a brilliant smile as two experts carried a blood-red stone on to the auction stage.

This blood-red stone was as tall as an adult man, resembling a blood-red small hill.

But the guests could see that it took a lot of effort for the two experts to carry it up to the stage.

They had even used their cosmos energy, yet it was still taxing for them to take each step.

This discovery shocked many.

What exactly is this blood-red stone, and why is it weighing so heavy

Thus, many Dao Venerable experts tried to check the blood-red stone with their dao eyes, and various secret techniques, but no one could tell what this stone was exactly.

Even Dragon Venerable Jian Huang, Dao Jianchou, Fan Luo, and Stone Ancestor were frowning in thought.

Clearly, none of them could tell what could the blood-red stone be.

Only for Huang Xiaolong, when he saw the blood-red stone, his Huang Long Bloodline became rushed.

Huang Xiaolong was bewildered.

This is! Huang Xiaolongs curiosity piqued, and he checked the blood-red stone with an aura from his Huang Long Bloodline.

“Our branch master found this mysterious stone in the Heavens Burial Lands!”

The auctioneer went on, “Although we cant determine what it is exactly, according to our Mystical Pavilions assessors thousands of years of research, it is definitely a piece of a genesis stone!” The Pavilion Master she mentioned was naturally the pavilions branch master in Golden Fox Heavenly Cave.

“Genesis Stone!” The whole auction hall was in an uproar.

Items of creation era, no matter what they were, as long as they were slightly connected, they would be a supreme treasure.

“On top of that, there is a high chance that this genesis stone contains an unparalleled treasure within.” With the same smile, the auctioneer went on, “Maybe, theres a genesis spirit inside, maybe genesis poisonous water, genesis lightning water, genesis magma, so on and so forth…”

She went on to give a long list of possibilities.

“What is the starting price for this piece of genesis stone” the Stone Ancestor interjected impatiently.

The auctioneers smile widened, “Lord Stone Ancestor, our branch master is not planning to sell it.

He said that those who want this genesis stone they can exchange it with other genesis items.

Everyone can mention what they have, and our branch master will decide who to exchange it with.”

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