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Chapter 2915: Silver Shadow Dao Venerable

Looking at Yin Yue whose apologetic expression was clear for all to see, Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “I didnt think it though…”

“Young Master Huangs arrival brings light to my Silver Shadow Creed!” a sweet-sounding voice rang through the skies, and a group of experts from the Silver Shadow Creed arrived before them.

The person leading them all was a lady whose beauty was only rivaled by her temperament.

Even if Huang Xiaolong had to compare her to Yin Yue, she wouldnt be inferior in any way!

The person who had arrived was Yin Yues master, Zeng Lin, and there were more than thirty Dao Venerables who had come along with her!

Huang Xiaolong might have stopped the attacks of Hou Tingwei and Chen Hongyuan, but the shockwaves produced during the exchange had long since startled the members of the Silver Shadow Creed.

“Master!” Yin Yue rushed over to greet Zeng Lin.

A doting look appeared on Zeng Lins face when she looked at Yin Yue.

“Silver Shadow Dao Venerable.” Huang Xiaolong cupped his fists and greeted her.

When the other experts of the Silver Shadow Creed noticed that Huang Xiaolong didnt get to his knees, they frowned.

However, they were smart enough to remain silent.

Zeng Lins reaction was the complete opposite.

A brilliant smile formed on her face, and she chuckled softly, “Young Master Huangs reputation precedes him.

You definitely live up to the rumors… Yin Yue has been waiting for you all this time!”

A tinge of red slowly crept up Yin Yues face when she heard what Zeng Lin said.

“Its nothing…” Huang Xiaolong laughed in response.

After a short exchange of pleasantries, Zeng Lin invited Huang Xiaolong into the main palace of the Silver Shadow Creed.

Not refusing her kind gesture, Huang Xiaolong followed her over, and he was accompanied by Yin Yue.

When Hou Tingwei saw their leaving figures, he opened his mouth in protest.

He wanted to report Huang Xiaolongs behavior to Zeng Lin, but Chen Hongyuan shook his head slowly.

Swallowing his words, Hou Tingwei could only watch as Huang Xiaolong, and Yin Yue disappeared from his sight.

Anger boiled in his heart.

By the time Huang Xiaolong arrived, a massive banquet was waiting for him.

The wine was brewed from grand dao herbs, and the fruits served to him were grand dao spiritual fruits.

There was even meat from rare beasts born during the creation of the world!

The welcome he received was something only patriarchs of top-grade powers in the Divine Tuo Holy World would receive!

After three rounds of wine, Zeng Lin chuckled in amusement, “Young Master Huangs combat prowess has no equal, and your talent is one of a kind.

Even super creeds like mine cannot help but admire you.”

“The battle in Monarch Yu Sacred Land showed off Young Master Huangs talent to the world, but you were only at the peak of the late-Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm then.

It has only been several years, but it seems like you have managed to enter the Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm…”

Zeng Lin stared at Huang Xiaolong as complicated emotions filled her heart.

The experts of the Silver Shadow Creed stared at him in disbelief as waves battered against their hearts.

In the battle previously, a Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm Huang Xiaolong had managed to defeat Bi Ye! However, he had increased his cultivation realm since then and had already stepped into the Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm!

Even Yin Yue didnt know how to feel about that!

Not a single person watching the battle failed to catch the fact that Huang Xiaolong was a Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestor.

It was clear that he had only taken a few short years to enter the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm, and it was a feat no one had heard of before!

They could no longer use the wordtalented to describe a monster like him!

Huang Xiaolong chortled lightly when he looked at the suspicious and shocked gazes of those around him.

“I have three dao souls, and eleven high-order Saint Fates.

I can devour a lot more energy than the others, and it aids in my cultivation.

Moreover, I managed to obtain several high-grade dao pills several years ago.”

As they stared at each other, everyone didnt know if he was telling the truth.

If Huang Xiaolong was indeed able to advance quicker because of the grand dao energy he refined, they could only say that his speed was monstrously frightening!

They were afraid that even Seventh Esteem Dao Venerables wouldnt be able to cultivate as quickly as that brat in front of them!

Not to mention that the other party was just a Primal Ancestor!

Zeng Lin wore a strange expression on her face, but seeing as Huang Xiaolong was not willing to disclose anything else, she could only leave it at that.

The topic slowly shifted to something more casual, and she even expressed her apologies for Chen Tianyangs behavior.

When the banquet finally ended and the curtains of night fell, Yin Yue invited Huang Xiaolong to the Silver Moon Cultivation Cave.

After a short moment of hesitation, Huang Xiaolong nodded and agreed to follow her.

A look of joy flashed in Yin Yues eyes when he agreed, and she personally made the arrangements for his residence in the cultivation cave.

Standing in the courtyard she had arranged for him, Huang Xiaolong looked at the silvery light that filled the skies, and he thought about the matter of the Huang Long Armor.

“Young Master Huang…” A pleasant voice rang in his ears as a figure approached him.

“Young Lady Yin Yue.” Huang Xiaolong turned around and smiled at the newcomer.

When Yin Yue arrived before him, an intoxicating scent assaulted his nostrils.

“Is Young Master Huang feeling troubled” Yin Yue asked when she saw the look in his eyes.

“Its the matter of entering the Dragon Fish Creed.” In the Monarch Yu Sacred Land, he had spoken to both Yin Yue and Feng Yue about his desire to head over there.

As such, he felt no need to hide anything from her.

After all, he wasnt revealing the existence of the Huang Long Armor.

After a short pause, Yin Yue continued, “Why dont we pay a visit to my master tomorrow and ask for her help”

“This…” Huang Xiaolong thought about it for a moment and agreed.

“If your master manages to get me into the Dragon Fish Creed, I am willing to fork out a billion Tuoshen dao Coins.”

“A billion Tuoshen dao Coins!” Yin Yue was stunned.

Even Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables couldnt bring out an amount like that if they wanted to.” A billion Tuoshen dao coins was an astronomical amount to someone like her!

“Thats right.”

“Young Master Huang, you came all the way here to cure my mother.

You didnt request for us to give you anything in return, and I wont be willing to accept your money!”

“Youre not willing to accept, but Im planning to give it to your master.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

“Please relay my intentions to her.”

“Alright.” Yin Yue eventually nodded her head.

The topic of conversation soon shifted to Yin Yues mother.

After gaining more information about the poison plaguing her, Huang Xiaolong decided to deal with the matter the very next day.

When the two of them were enjoying a nice chat under the silvery moonlight, Hou Tingweis expression was ugly when he looked at Li Haitaos condition in his cultivation cave.

The dao veins in his body had already been shattered beyond repair, and his dao heart was in shambles.

Even his soul was affected.

At his level, Hou Tingwei couldnt do a thing to ease his disciples suffering!

Li Haitao was considered a complete cripple!

“Master, you have to take revenge for me!” Li Haitaos feeble voice sounded through the air.

“I am unwilling to accept my fate! That dog b*stard Huang Xiaolong isnt fit to cripple my cultivation base!” Tears streamed down his face.

Looking at the sorry state his disciple was in, Hou Tingwei felt his heart shattering into pieces.

He had used a ton of effort to nurture his disciple, hoping he could enter the Dao Venerable Realm in the future.

Alas, Huang Xiaolongs appearance had shattered his dreams!

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