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Chapter 2803: Ill Get My Revenge!

After gathering another bout of strength, Fu Daosheng summoned the Talisman Flame Phoenix once again.

However, the result was the same.

After the phoenix was swallowed by the immemorial grand dao energy, it disappeared from existence.

“No… This cant be happening!”

“This is impossible!”

Fu Daosheng roared with rage as he started throwing attacks maniacally.

Only after sending several dozen blasts at the formation did he stop.

By the time he realized that nothing would work, he was out of breath, and his face was deathly pale.

No one knew if he was exhausted or agitated, but he was no longer the lofty half-step Dao Venerable he once was.

Zhou Hong and the others noticed that he had slowed down, and they quickly looked at each other.

“Brothers, why dont we work together and shatter the formation with the strongest attack we have” Zhou Hong explained, “Even if the Immemorial Grand Formation was two times its original strength, we would be able to shatter it without much difficulty with our combined strength!”

The two other-half step Dao Venerables quickly agreed.


Upon soaring into the air, Zhou Hong and the other two released their auras as a horrifying wave of grand dao energy filled the space around them.

Three half-step Dao Venerables joined in the battle before anyone could react.

Even though they could not challenge Fu Daosheng in terms of individual strength, the combined might of the three of them came pretty close.

The Primal Ancestors felt a mountain weighing down on them the moment the three of them acted, and they felt as though their dao souls were about to be ripped apart.

There were some who couldnt withstand the crushing pressure and had no choice but to retreat from the battlefield.

As they revealed their grand dao artifacts, an axe appeared in Zhou Hongs hand.

A golden bow and a sharp blade appeared in the hands of the other two.

Even though they werent cosmos artifacts, they were Primal Ancestors dao artifacts that were at the peak of their respective levels.

They possessed a faint aura of a cosmos artifact, and it was clear that they had tried using the cosmos energy of a Dao Venerable to temper their weapons.

In the Divine Tuo Holy World, one could easily invite a Dao Venerable of some super larger organizations to assist them in refining weapons as long as they had enough money.

A ferocious gaze flashed through Fu Daoshengs eyes when he realized that it was his last chance to break out of the formation, and he quickly summoned a radiant golden grand dao pill.

By tossing it into his mouth, he quickly recovered the grand dao energy he had wasted previously.

As the silver flames appeared around his body once again, fiery blades formed in his hands.

At the same time, a mysterious energy emerged from his body.

Previously, he had hidden a part of his strength when assaulting the formation.

However, he had no choice but to call it out now.

“This… This seems to be the Golden Flame Tiger Bloodline!” Someone in the crowd recognized the power and gasped in shock.

Everyone felt their minds shaking when they realized what the bloodline represented.

Like the Saint Devil Bloodline, the Golden Flame Tiger Bloodline was one of the strongest bloodlines in the Divine Tuo Holy World! Like how every other bloodline worked, the stronger the cultivator was, the stronger the bloodline would become.

As such, Fu Daoshengs Golden Flame Tiger Bloodline was several times stronger than the Saint Devil Princes Saint Devil Bloodline!

Seeing as Fu Daosheng was going all out, the other three no longer held back.

They summoned everything they had in order to attack the formation.

Four half-step Dao Venerables made their move!

Under the combined might of the four almighty beings in the Immemorial Immortal Cave, the color of the skies in the secret space changed.

“Fu Daosheng, Zhou Hong, and two other half-step Dao Venerables are going all out! Even if a First Esteem Dao Venerable appears, he would have to run away!” Yang Jia cheered at the side.

Under the expectant gazes of everyone present, the four of them attacked.


“Talisman Flame River!”

“Separating the Heavens and Earth!”

“Heaven Piercer!”

“Shatter the Nine Heavens!”

Blinding rays of light filled the space around them as a terrifying river of grand dao energy shot towards the formation.

Primal Ancestors standing around them took a step back subconsciously as they were afraid they would be caught up in the shockwaves of the clash.


With an unstoppable might, the river of grand dao energy formed by the four half-step Dao Venerables crashed against the formation.

Like a dragon formed from the grand dao energy of the four half-step Dao Venerables, the river of immemorial grand dao energy was finally torn apart.

The runes that protected the formation were revealed before the eyes of those present, and Yang Jia and the others rejoiced.

However, a massive wave of immemorial grand dao energy crashed against the combined attacks of the four and swallowed it whole.

Like the first time Fu Daosheng had attacked the formation, their attacks disappeared into the river of energy.

Half an hour passed quickly, and everyone looked at the Immemorial Grand Formation in despair.

No matter how the four half-step Dao Venerables tried, they failed to cause the slightest bit of damage to it.

Even when everyone worked together near the end, they couldnt do a thing!

“Not to worry! Even if we fail to shatter the formation, Huang Xiaolong is the one controlling it! We can kill Huang Xiaolong before taking the Immemorial Sword away to gain control of the Immemorial Grand Formation!” Zhou Hongs voice boomed through the air.

In an instant, everyone turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong.

A smirk formed on his face as though he had already expected such an outcome.

Huang Xiaolong tightened his grip on the Immemorial Sword as a cold light flashed through his eyes.

He hadnt interrupted them when they were trying to destroy the formation as he wanted them to waste their energy.

Now that they were basically a spent force, it was time for him to make his move.

Without waiting for Fu Daosheng and the others to gather themselves, Huang Xiaolongs figure flashed through the crowd as sword light filled the area.

Once again, golden blood rained down on the lands.

The Immemorial Qilins didnt remain idle either.

Beams of energy emerged from their mouths as they killed one expert after another.

By the time Huang Xiaolong started another round of massacre, Yi Xiaotang and the others had already escaped.

“He wouldnt be crazy enough to chase us all the way out here, right!” Yi Xiaotang gasped for breath with a pale face.

Aunt Qing shook her head slowly and sighed, “Probably not…” Even though she was reassuring Yi Xiaotang, she quickly looked around her in order to look for traces of Huang Xiaolong.

When she discovered that he wasnt hot on their trails, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Thinking about how Huang Xiaolongs slash had nearly injured herself, Yi Xiaotang roared in anger, “Huang Xiaolong, I wont let you off!”

“Hes no ordinary being… He has eight high-order Saint Fates, and he managed to convince the Immemorial Qilins to submit to him… We have to be careful when dealing with him! Xiaotang, its best not to cross paths with him,” Aunt Qingis expression fell, and she quickly reasoned with Yi Xiaotang.

She couldnt shake off the feeling that Huang Xiaolong was hiding a terrifying secret.

“So what if he has eight high-order Saint Fates!” Yi Xiaotang pouted.

“Im going to take revenge one day! Ill make him regret trying to slash me!”

“Right now, we have to notify the Saint Devil Patriarch and send him back…” Qing Yi shook her head.

“After that, we should rush back to the Blue Heaven Creed to tell your father everything that has happened.

Now that things have gotten out of hand, he has to make a trip down personally!”

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