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Chapter 2780: God of Formation

Tumultuous winds shredded space like a piece of cloth, howling like a beast in everyones ears as it expanded outwards, displaying its destructive might.

The uninhabited land below them quaked violently as echoes of the thunderous explosion continued in the air, and abyssal cracks appeared on the ground like a big spider web.

“What!” Yi Xiaotang watched the scene in front of her with an incredulous expression.

Huang Xiaolong had not only deflected Xu Zhengs attack, but he had sent the terrifying ball of light back to the attacker at a faster speed that had twice more destructive power.

It had caused mass destruction amongst Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands experts that ranged from severe injuries to being crippled.

Miserable cries and screams reverberated in the air!

Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands experts were sprawled in various postures on the horrifically fissured ground below.

Each one was severely injured, missing one or two of their limbs, and even eyes.

The rays of light had left gaping holes in some of these experts chests, while a few were screaming and jumping as they clutched at their groins.

Even Eighth Resurrection Primal Ancestors like Chen Sen, Mo Fei, and Xu Zheng emerged in a sorry state after the explosion with their disheveled hair and bloodstains running down the corner of their mouths.

There was also blood flowing from their nostrils, and they were looking like vengeful spirits returning for revenge.

There was not even a shadow of their mighty and dignified appearance from earlier.

Aunt Qing as well as other experts, who had managed to escape the sudden disaster, were beyond shocked.

Earlier, the crowd had guessed that the illusion array Huang Xiaolong had prepared was at the level of a formation prime master, but did an illusion array laid out by a formation prime master possess such frightening power

Thats right, illusion arrays laid out by formation prime masters were said to be unfathomable, with the power to overturn the world, reverse the flow of yin and yang, distort time and space, turn false into real, and enable one to fight against a hundred.

However, no matter how unfathomably powerful this level of illusion arrays were to the point of distorting time and space, turning false to real, it couldnt be this terrifying, right

“Could, could it be, a god of formation!” someones quivering voice sounded.

God of formation!

Upon hearing that, more than a few peoples knees nearly buckled in fear!

God of formation was really a god.

They could throw out a formation out of thin air, creating a formation with a glance, and even a sneeze from them could turn into an array formation.

Everything related to such a master from head to toe was formation, including their pores! They could use and turn all and everything between heaven and earth into the strongest array formation.

As long as the god of formation wanted to, a pebble, a bud of a flower, or a piece of wood, could be turned into a complete world of formation.

Array formations laid out by a god of formation could no longer be called simply as array formations, and formation world was a more accurate term.

Inside a formation world, he was the absolute monarch, and it wasnt an exaggeration to say that a god of formation was literally invincible within the formation world.

Chen Sen, Mo Fei, as well as Xu Zheng looked terrified.

God of formation

At the mention of the god of formation, no one could maintain a calm composure, not even a Dao Venerable expert.

Although a god of formations own strength was not necessarily strong, his formation worlds power was absolutely horrifying.

Not one person present had ever seen a god of formations formation world, but they had heard how powerful the formation world could be, and there were too many legends.

“However, even if this illusion array is laid out by a god of formation, it shouldnt be this scary, right” someone voiced his doubt out loud.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Not so scary

Thats right! None of them had ever seen the formation world of a god of formation, despite the many legends depicting how powerful a formation world was, and they highly doubted it could enable a Ninth Heaven True Saint to go against an Eight Resurrection Primal Ancestor…

Chen Sen, Mo Fei, and Xu Zheng were Eighth Resurrection Primal Ancestors, especially Chen Sen.

He was a peak late-Eighth Resurrection Primal Ancestor.

Even with Chen Sen and Mo Feis combined strengths, they had still suffered injuries from the explosion!

A god of formations formation world couldnt be heaven-defying to this degree, right

Yi Xiaotang, and Aunt Qing too were confused and didnt know what to make of the situation in front of them anymore.

Neither of them had seen a god of formations formation world.

Thus they could not make the proper judgment.

Of the numerous creed powerhouses in the Divine Tuo Holy World, each creed powerhouse would absolutely have at least one Dao Venerable, but not necessarily a god of formation.

Hence, in the Divine Tuo Holy World, a god of formation was rarer than Dao Venerable.

Huang Xiaolong smiled helplessly while listening to the chatters of formation prime master and god of formation and whatnot.

It seemed like when ones talent was beyond imagination, it was hard to make others believe that it was true.

These people would rather believe in a myriad of other reasons and things they couldnt even see, instead of believing in what they were seeing with their own eyes.

Huang Xiaolong ignored these people and walked towards Chen Sen, Mo Fei, and Xu Zheng.

Mo Fei, Xu Zheng, and the others also stepped back.

They were afraid, afraid of the god of formation behind Huang Xiaolong!

Chen Sen actually stepped back in fear when he saw Huang Xiaolong approaching him!

“Chen Sen, you and your cronies get on your knees now and beg for your lives, submit to me, and you might still live,” Huang Xiaolong stated matter-of-factly.

Chen Sen, Mo Fei, Xu Zheng, and the others faces darkened in an instant.

“Huang Xiaolong, dont be complacent.

Youre merely relying on the god of formation to back you up.

Although his formation world is amazing, you will be nothing once you leave the boundary of his formation world.” Chen Sen vented, “If this was happening at any other time, you would not even have qualified to clean my shoes.”

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolongs indifferent response sounded.

Mo Fei chimed in, “Huang Xiaolong, youd better release the dao souls of our young lord, Eminent Elder Cheng Feng, and others.

Or else, well definitely kill you.

Are you going to hide inside the formation world your entire life”

“Correct! Even if we cant kill you, we can kill your master, kill Cangqiong Sacred Lands disciples, kill every single one of them!” Xu Zheng snorted coldly.

But Xu Zheng barely finished his threat when Huang Xiaolong disappeared in a flicker as his right fist punched out.

Dong! Xu Zheng was sent flying back by Huang Xiaolongs fist, and he smashed through several hills and mountains after crashing to the ground.

Blood was oozing from his chest, flowing down his shattered armor.

Everyone was aghast.

“What a strong attack!” Aunt Qing exclaimed, “This level of attack is already comparable to a Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor, isnt it I have always heard that a god of formations formation could borrow heaven and earths energy, but this is too much!”

Yi Xiaotangs gaze followed Huang Xiaolong closely.

She didnt blink or say a word.

“Huang Xiaolong, enough with your mad arrogance!” Chen Sen bellowed, “Even if you can borrow heaven and earths power through array formation, there must be a limit.

All Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands experts, hear my order, attack together and kill Huang Xiaolong!”

“He is borrowing outside power, he wont last long!”

“Thats right, once he cant borrow anymore energy, hes dead!” Following Chen Sens motivating words, Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands experts all leaped towards Huang Xiaolong with ready attacks.

In a split second, fist force, criss-crossing rays of blade and sword lights, and golden brilliance filled the sky.

The ground below once again quaked violently, threatening to crumble completely.

Blood drained from the faces of other sacred lands experts seeing this, four hundred Primal Ancestors attacking together, this kind of scene jarred them to the soul.

Some True Saint experts couldnt move under Chen Sen, Mo Fei, and others coercive momentum.

As he looked at the skies filled with various forms of attacks, a thousand figures appeared behind Huang Xiaolong.

Holy devil spiritual energy soared to the sky, and the grand dao energy of a Primal Ancestor roiled vigorously.

It was a soul-shocking sight to see rivers of grand dao laws coiled like dragons.

“Is this Primal Ancestors grand dao energy He is a True Saint, then how come he has grand dao energy!” Yi Xiaotang was flabbergasted when she sensed the grand dao energy originating from Huang Xiaolongs body.

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