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Chapter 275: Unifying Black Demon City

Hu Han paled when he saw the Devil Tribulation Finger descending on him.

He was well aware of how powerful Jiang Tianhua’s Devil Tribulation Finger was; if he was to say what constitutes as a threat for him in Black Demon City, then it would be Jiang Tianhua’s Devil Tribulation Finger.

Relying on his current mid-Xiantian Eighth Order’s strength, taking a hit from the Devil Tribulation Finger was enough to cause him grave injuries.

Watching Jiang Tianhua’s Devil Tribulation getting closer, Hu Han hollered a war cry, dark purple battle qi gushed out from his body, but in the next moment, everything dimmed and his silhouette disappeared.

The Devil Tribulation Finger crashed on the floor, shaking the grand hall, sending pieces of stones and dust in the air.

A large crater formed in the floor and everyone stared with dumbfounded eyes, including Su Meimei.

Her heart shivered at the sight of that huge hole.

Whereas Jiang Tianhua, Chen Xiaotian, Geng Keng, and Cui Ming were frowning tensely at this moment, because neither none of them could detect Hu Han’s presence with their spiritual sense.

Huang Xiaolong sneered, in the middle of his forehead, a red-colored vertical eye suddenly appeared.

Eye of Hell!

The Eye of Hell released a bright light that seemed to cover the entire grand hall, Huang Xiaolong lifted his finger and pointed towards a left upward corner.

Dark gray fog rolled out like tidal waves, shrill shrieks filled the air as a finger imprint pierced out through the dense gray fog.

A screamed sounded, attracting everyone’s attention.

Turning around, they saw Hu Han falling down from high up on the left side of the grand hall, landing heavily, he was swaying unsteadily as blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

Wiping the blood off his mouth, Hu Han stared at Huang Xiaolong, “You could actually see through my Body of Darkness!” He had never revealed this Body of Darkness in front of anyone before.

Chen Xiaotian, Jiang Tianhua, and not even Su Meimei knew about this skill of his, which made Hu Han extremely confident in this hidden body skill.

At first, he thought he could use this Body of Darkness to come and go from Sky Magi Sect’s headquarters smoothly and leave Black Demon City.

He could restore his strength and return for revenge in the future.

This was his trump card! But now, his heart sank deeper down a bottomless lake, despair and death shrouded his heart.

Huang Xiaolong stared at Hu Han without answering, he signaled Jiang Tianhua, Chen Xiaotian, and the others with a look, the four of them understood Huang Xiaolong’s meaning, resuming their attack on Hu Han.

Hu Han no longer had any trump cards after Huang Xiaolong broke his Body of Darkness; with no fight left in him, there was only the thought of fleeing.

However, the four people sieging him already saw through Hu Han’s intention, blocking all of his escape routes.

Due to the injury caused by Huang Xiaolong’s Absolute Soul Finger attack, very soon he suffered continues injuries under Chen Xiaotian, Jiang Tianhua, Geng Ken, and Cui Ming’s flurry of attacks.

In a moment of carelessness, he received a blow from Jiang Tianhua’s Devil Tribulation Finger right on the chest.

Almost consecutively came Chen Xiaotian’s Wind Fist Flowing Fire Palm.

Hit by three powerful attacks from Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Tianhua, and Chen Xiaotian, Hu Han was in an awkward state; disheveled hair, blood blotches staining his brocade robe, a far cry from his usual domineering image of an expert, the majestic Castellan of Black Demon City!

Hu Han wobbled as he stood, looking as if he was about to fall anytime.

Despite that, he smiled as he watched the four people attacking him, then Huang Xiaolong, the Sky Magi Sect and Blood Swallow School’s experts.

An empty, hollow smile.

“Father!” Hu Sheng cried out.

Hu Han smiled sadly at his son, “I’m sorry Sheng’er, this time Father cannot protect you!”

Hu Sheng cried, grief-stricken.

Hu Han turned to look at Huang Xiaolong, saying, “I hope you can spare my son.”

“Do you think that’s possible” Huang Xiaolong questioned in return.

Hu Han looked to the sky and sighed, the logic of cutting troubles at their roots, how could he not understand, he was carrying a slim glimmer of hope, in case…

At last, Hu Han stood staring at Su Meimei for a full minute in silence.

As if no one was around, Hu Han roared with rage, unwillingness as he stood there, blood-line cracks started to appear on his chest, spreading out like a spider web, and in the next moment, his chest exploded! Then his limbs and other parts of Hu Han’s body.

Hu Han’s blood splattered over the grand hall’s stone pillars.

Hu Han actually chose to blow up his Qi Sea, death by exploding all his meridians! Everyone present was surprised at Hu Han’s choice, even Huang Xiaolong.

“Father!” Hu Sheng wailed, his face lost all colors in them.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Hu Han’s body, “Bring it away, handle the funeral properly for the Black Demon City’s Castellan.” Huang Xiaolong’s meaning was clear, Hu Han’s body to be accorded the respect at par with Black Demon City’s Castellan.

Jiang Tianhua, Chen Xiaotian, and the Elders answered in unison.

As for Hu Sheng, Huang Xiaolong gestured a killing signal to Jiang Tianhua, seeing Huang Xiaolong’s motion, Jiang Tianhua raised a sword in his hand and went to Hu Sheng, ending his life with a single sword.

Hu Han and Hu Sheng, father and son, death!

When things on the other side were settled, Huang Xiaolong shifted his attention onto Su Meimei.

Su Meimei lowered her head as she approached Huang Xiaolong, kneeling in front of him, Su Meimei saluted: “Su Meimei greets Young Lord!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, Su Meimei willing to submit was best favorable outcome, otherwise, he could only kill her.

According to what Chen Xiaotian reported, Hu Han harbored feelings for this Su Meimei, but that was no longer important.

After he branded Su Meimei’s soul sea with a soul mark, he need not worry about her hiding ill-intentions.

Huang Xiaolong ordered Su Meimei and the remaining three Nine Fiend Sect Elders to release their soul sea.

After half an hour, Huang Xiaolong finally breathed easy after all four people were marked.

Now, all three major forces in Black Demon City―Sky Magi Sect, Blood Swallow School, and Nine Fiend Sect―were all under Huang Xiaolong’s control.

Black Demon City was now his territory, his foothold in the Bedlam Lands!

Of course, having a foothold didn’t mean that Huang Xiaolong could be a lord.

In the Bedlams, a city could change owner anytime in the day, sieged and taken over.

However, taking control of Black Demon City, Huang Xiaolong could use it his base, slowly encroaching to neighboring cities until he was a force to be reckoned with in the Bedlam Lands!

Despite having all three forces in his grasp, Huang Xiaolong did not plan to have his identity made known, he appointed Jiang Tianhua to be the new Black Demon City Castellan while he directed things from the shadows.

The next morning, Hu Han’s death spread to every corner of Black Demon City, setting off an uproar at the abruptness of their Castellan’s death.

Riding on the wave, the news quickly reached nearby cities.

Blood River City, several thousand miles from Black Demon City.

At this time, sitting in Blood River Castellan’s main hall were five middle-aged men, each one of them had palms two times larger than normal people.

Moreover, all five people’s palms and nails were black.

These five people were the five temple chiefs of the Five Poison Cult that controlled Blood River City.

Sitting in the middle was the Big bros, Liu Minghai.

The grand hall was heavy with silence.

“Hu Han’s death, what are your opinions” Liu Minghai looked at the other four people and asked, his voice sounded slightly hoarse.

“Big bro, now that Hu Han is dead, the Black Demon City is definitely unstable internally.

This is a good opportunity for us to take over Black Demon City!” The Fourth bro, Liu Guang said.




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