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Chapter 2738: Hou Tings Confusion

“Chen Birui” Those in the hall were stunned by what they heard, and the grand elders couldnt understand why the patriarch thought of Chen Birui.

“No, its not Chen Birui! Its… Its the Cangqiong Old Mans direct disciple, Huang Xiaolong!” someone replied immediately.

“What Huang… Huang Xiaolong!” Hou Ting and the other Primal Ancestors in the hall were startled.

“What about Chen Birui Is he not with Huang Xiaolong!” Hou Ting questioned the grand elders.

Initially, he had thought that Chen Birui was among the guards Huang Xiaolong had brought with him, but from what the grand elders said, it looked like he had thought wrong.

“No!” The grand elders shook their heads profusely.

One of them followed up, “Patriarch, Huang Xiaolong brought along all the disciples of the Cangqiong Sacred Land.

Liu Man and Chen Feng tried their best to stop him, but they were killed by a single punch.

The disciples of the Cangqiong Sacred Land seemed to obey his commands!”

“What!” Hou Ting and the others were appalled.

Both Liu Man and Chen Feng were direct disciples of the Primal Ancestors present in the hall.

They were peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saints, but they were killed by Huang Xiaolong with a single punch!

“Huang Xiaolong killed Chen Feng!” The face of Primal Ancestor Zeng Changwang sank as fire spewed from his eyes.

He was Chen Fengs master, and that explained his reaction.

“Huang Xiaolong is courting death! Does he think that we wont kill him because hes the direct disciple of the Cangqiong Old Man!” Primal Ancestor Yang Suda growled.

Liu Man was his direct disciple.

Hou Ting frowned.

According to the reports of those on the Thunder Fire Sacred Peak, Huang Xiaolong was an early-Ninth Heaven True Saint.

He had also tried to inquire about He Bas whereabouts and the seven other Primal Ancestors.

Zeng Changwang and Yang Suda looked at each other.

They were also wondering where their comrades were.

“Get a few men to investigate the whereabouts of He Ba and the seven Primal Ancestors.

What exactly happened at the Thunder Fire Sacred Peak! Hurry up!” Hou Ting ordered the grand elders.

They complied respectfully.

“What about Huang Xiaolong” someone asked all of a sudden.

Hou Ting snapped at them, and since Chen Feng had failed to stop Huang Xiaolong, there was no point in sending anyone else.

He ordered the disciples of the Ice Blue Sacred Land to make way for Huang Xiaolong.

There was no point in sacrificing their lives for nothing.

“Should we go now”He turned towards Zeng Changwang and Yang Suda.

“Yes! I wish to know who in the world he is backed by.

How dare he invade our Ice Blue Sacred Land alone!” Zeng Changwang roared in anger.

Without gathering the other grand elders, elders, and hall masters of the Ice Blue Sacred Land, Hou Ting shot into the skies and charged straight towards Huang Xiaolong.

Due to Hou Tings order, no one intercepted Huang Xiaolong on his way.

It didnt take long for the two parties to meet.

“Thats the patriarch of the Ice Blue Sacred Land,” Duan Feng warned.

He could sense the strength of a high-level Primal Ancestor, and he was ready to fight!

Hou Ting was a mid-Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor!

Duan Feng was in a similar cultivation realm.

Feeling the fighting spirit burning in Duan Fengs heart, Huang Xiaolong proposed calmly, “Ill leave Hou Ting to you.”

“Thank you, Young Lord!” Duan Feng smiled.

In the Cangqiong Holy World, he couldnt take a single punch from Huang Xiaolong.

If he chose to duel with Mo Zhi and Long Jianfei, they werent his match even if they joined hands.

He had been searching for a suitable opponent all this time.

Now, he finally found a sparring partner.

Even though the Ice Blue Patriarch was a mid-Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor, Duan Feng was confident he could suppress his opponent.

Hou Ting and the seven others he had brought with him were ferocious, and they possessed strong killing intent.

They spotted Huang Xiaolong and the others as soon as they approached.

Hou Ting and the others were shocked to discover the presence of Duan Feng and the other Primal Ancestors.

“Primal Ancestors Six of them!” Zeng Changwang and Yang Suda were shocked.

Yang Suda made a wild guess that the Cangqiong Sacred Land had hired all of them.

“With such a strong backing, its no wonder the Cangqiong Old Man dares to break the rules.

He Ba and the others were definitely taken down by these hired experts!” Hou Ting scorned.

He could tell how strong everyone there was, and other than Duan Feng, Mo Zhi, and Long Jianfei, he knew that no one there could pose a threat to him.

Since he had brought two other Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestors with him, he wasnt afraid of anything at all!

The eight of them could completely suppress Duan Feng and the others!

However, his gaze turned to Qiao Bai and the others who were following behind Huang Xiaolong.

His expression sank as he knew that he had been betrayed.

He was shocked by the fact that every single disciple who had gone over to participate in the Convent of the Wind and Clouds had chosen to submit to Huang Xiaolong!

Still stuck in a state of confusion, Hou Ting and the Primal Ancestors of the Ice Blue Sacred Land slowly made their way over.

Ignoring Huang Xiaolong, Hou Ting roared at Qiao Bai and the others, “How dare you betray us! Get over here and beg for forgiveness right now! Otherwise, Ill cripple you myself before throwing you into the prison of our sacred land!”

Qiao Bai ignored the Ice Blue Patriarch, and he stood respectfully behind Huang Xiaolong like a loyal slave.

Hou Ting became even more angry.

“You traitor! Ill kill you!” Hou Ting roared as he tried to end Qiao Bais life.

Since Huang Xiaolong was standing in front of Qiao Bai, the palm strike ended up flying straight for him too.

Before his attack could arrive, it was stopped.

A loud rumble rang through the air as everyone started to retreat.

“You!” Hou Ting glared angrily at Duan Feng.

Duan Feng met his gaze and taunted, “Young Lord handed you over to me.”

Hou Ting, Zeng Changwang, and Yang Suda were stumped for words.

‘Young Lord They had no idea who Duan Feng referred to, but they quickly looked at Huang Xiaolong.

Young Lord

“Arent you guys hired by the Cangqiong Sacred Land!” Hou Ting asked in confusion.

If they were hired by the Cangqiong Sacred Land, their position would be extremely high! They would never be restricted by the rules of the Cangqiong Sacred Land.

There was no way an expert at their level would address Huang Xiaolong as their young lord!

Judging from how Duan Feng reacted, he seemed to be extremely respectful towards Huang Xiaolong.

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