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Chapter 263: Chen Xiaotian’s Too Presumptuous

“Jiang Tuanhua sent Cui Ming over to our side, wanting to discuss an alliance against the Nine Fiend Sect” Huang Xiaolong looked over at Chen Xiaotian beside him.

“Yes, Young Lord!” Chen Xiaotian confirmed.

“Where is that Cui Ming now” Huang Xiaolong asked another question.

“He’s right outside in the great hall.” Chen Xiaotian answered.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Since two months ago, Huang Xiaolong had predicted that Blood Swallow Sect would try to make an alliance with the Sky Magi Sect.

The conflict between Blood Swallow School and Nine Fiend Sect placed Blood Swallow School at a disadvantage, going against the stronger Nine Fiend Sect.

At last, their remaining option was to ally themselves with the Sky Magi Sect.

“Young Lord, how shall we proceed” Chen Xiaotian ventured cautiously.

“Tell him to go back.” Huang Xiaolong’s tone was solemn, “Tell him that if Blood Swallow School wants to ally with the Sky Magi Sect, Jiang Tianhua must come himself, bearing gifts.”

Chen Xiaotian was stunned, he had assumed Huang Xiaolong would agree.

Tell Jiang Tianhua to come in person  Jiang Tianhua’s status and identity in Black Demon City was a tad more influential than Chen Xiaotian, yet Jiang Tianhua was to come bearing gifts

“Yes, Young Lord.” Although feeling doubtful, Chen Xiaotian dare not disobey Huang Xiaolong’s instructions.

He saluted and left, making his way to the great hall.

When Chen Xiaotian arrived at the great hall, he saw Cui Ming sitting leisurely, sipping on a cup of fragrant tea.

Cui Ming did not stand up even after he noticed Chen Xiaotian walking in, he continued to enjoy his tea and said, “Sovereign Chen, have you thought about it” In Cui Ming’s opinion, the Sky Magi Sect would definitely agree to their request.

Otherwise, once Nine Fiend Sect uprooted the Blood Swallow School, it would be hard for the Sky Magi Sect to survive in Black Demon City.

In the end, Sky Magi Sect would suffer the same fate as Blood Swallow School.

Watching Cui Ming continuing to drink tea comfortably, Chen Xiaotian secretly sneered, “If the Blood Swallow School wants to ally with us, let Jiang Tianhua come bearing gifts.”

Cui Ming had just taken a sip, the hand holding the cup halted midway as he stared dumbly at Chen Xiaotian for a moment, as if he did not expect Chen Xiaotian to actually decline.

Let Jiang Tianhua come bearing gifts Cui Ming’s expression became gloomy when he understood Chen Xiaotian’s underlying meaning.

“Sovereign Chen, you’re sure you want our Doyen to come over himself bearing gifts” Cui Ming’s face turned ugly.

Chen Xiaotian retorted simply, “I believe you are not deaf.”

“You!” Angered, Cui Ming jumped to his feet.

“What, you want to start a fight” Chen Xiaotian taunted the other side.

Cui Ming suppressed his anger with much difficulty.

To Chen Xiaotian he said, “Good, good.

I will return and report your exact words to our Doyen.

Sovereign Chen, I hope you will not regret your decision today!”  

“Regret” Chen Xiaotian: “You can scram now.”

Scram! Cui Ming’s face turned red, but he did not utter a single word more.

He exited the great hall and headed straight towards Blood Swallow Sect’s headquarters.

Blood Swallow School headquarters’ great hall.

“Chen Xiaotian really said so, he wants me to go over in person bearing gifts” When Jiang Tianhua heard Cui Ming’s report, he was surprised.

Subsequently, his expression darkened.

“Doyen, this Chen Xiaotian is too presumptuous!” A Blood Swallow School Elder lost his temper, “A measly Sky Magi Sect Sovereign dares to utter such brazen words, telling our Doyen to come in person, bearing gifts! We’ll go now and first annihilate this damn Sky Magi Sect!”

“That’s right, we’ll destroy them first!” Other Blood Swallow School Elders voiced their anger.

Cui Ming stepped forward at this moment, “Doyen, it would be simple if we exterminate Chen Xiaotian and take over the Sky Magi Sect.

After that, we would be strong enough to contend with the Nine Fiend Sect, isn’t that killing two bird with one stone”

“That’s right, Doyen, after taking control over Sky Magi Sect, we’ll destroy the Nine Fiend Sect, and then, Black Demon City will be our paradise!” Another Blood Swallow School Elders echoed his support of Cui Ming’s suggestion.

Jiang Tianhuan raised his hand, waving for everyone to calm down.

He scanned the crowd, saying, “Swallowing the Sky Magi Sect is inevitable sooner or later, but now is not the time.” His Undead Devil Physique hadn’t reached major completion yet.

“It’s about time for Li Yunhua and Liu Liyang to return, isn’t it” Jiang Tianhua questioned.

“Yes, Doyen, Elder Liu Liyang sent a message the day before yesterday, saying that in another month, they will return with the Bedeviled Spirit Bead from the Death Domain.” Cui Ming reported.

In order to not raise Jiang Tianhua’s suspicion, Huang Xiaolong instructed Liu Liyang to send news back to Blood Swallow School from time to time.

Hearing this, Jiang Tianhua nodded, “Let Chen Xiaotian temporarily enjoy two more months of life.”

“Then, Doyen, what shall we do now” Cui Ming asked.

Jiang Tianhua scanned the great hall, his sight finally stopped on Cui Ming’s body, saying, “Inside the Sky Magi Sect, Chen Xiaotian is not the final decision maker.”

Cui Ming’s eyes lit up, “Doyen is referring to Geng Ken”

Jiang Tianhua smiled faintly, “Correct.”

“Yes, Doyen, I know what to do.” Cui Ming answered.

Bowing respectfully, Cui Ming left the great hall, heading in the direction of Geng Ken’s manor.

Although Doyen Jiang Tianhua did not elaborate on the details, Cui Ming already understood his intentionーally with Geng Ken.

Geng Ken’s status and influence within Sky Magi Sect were on par with Chen Xiaotian, thus joining hands with Geng Ken would achieve the same result.

If Geng Ken was willing to cooperate with Blood Swallow School, judging from a different aspect, it was more favorable than cooperating with Chen Xiaotian, because the relationship between him and Geng Ken had always been good.

Entering Geng Ken’s manor, Cui Ming went straight to the main hall, waiting for Geng Ken while enjoying tea.

A short while later, Cui Ming saw Geng Ken coming into the main hall from outside.

“Brother Geng Ken, I haven’t seen you for several months, your face is glowing.” Seeing Geng Ken walking in, Cui Ming stood up, greeting him with a wide smile.

However, Geng Ken’s reaction was rather lukewarm, taking a seat after giving Cui Ming a glance.

Cui Ming’s smile froze on his face, awkward and embarrassed, he returned to his previous seat.

“What purpose does Deputy Cui Ming has in visiting my manor” Geng Ken cut to the chase, asking Cui Ming in a straightforward manner as soon as he sat down.

Cui Ming looked at Geng Ken and stated the purpose of his visit, adding, “Our Doyen gave his word, when our Doyen takes control over Black Demon City, he definitely won’t mistreat Brother Geng Ken.”

“Take over Black Demon City” Geng Ken’s lips arched up in a taunting smile as he stared at Cui Ming, “Look for me when you’ve taken over Black Demon City, we’ll talk then.”

Cui Ming stiffened, “Brother Geng Ken’s meaning is”

“You don’t understand” Geng Ken sneered coldly, “Our Sovereign’s meaning is my meaning.”

Instantly, Cui Ming’s face tightened; weren’t Geng Ken and Chen Xiaotian arch rivals How was he showing a united front with Chen Xiaotian now

“Please, see yourself out.” At this point, Geng Ken stood up, indicating to Cui Ming his presence wasn’t welcome.

Although Geng Ken didn’t use the word ‘scram’ like Chen Xiaotian, in essence, the meaning was the same.

Cui Ming stood up, fire raging in his heart, but in the end, he kept quiet, leaving Geng Ken’s manor.

Blood Swallow Sect headquarters.

“What did you say!” Jiang Tianhua’s face was extremely gloomy listening to Cui Ming’s report.

“Geng Ken said…” Cui Ming hesitated, “Chen Xiaotian’s meaning is his meaning.”


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