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Chapter 2452: Explode Under A Strike


“Maybe Huang Xiaolong has his own plans.” Tan Juan only managed to muster up such a sentence.

In today’s stage battles so far, the astounding talent and strength Huang Xiaolong had shown had jarred her to the core, and even now, she has not fully calmed down.

There was a fleeting complicated emotion in her eyes as she looked at Huang Xiaolong on the battle stage.

Up until today, she had been confident that her talent and potential were unparalleled.

Even after Huang Xiaolong had successfully comprehended all twelve sacred steles, her confidence had not wavered.

But now, she had realized that Huang Xiaolong’s talent and potential had gone beyond everyone’s wildest imagination. 

How long has it been since Huang Xiaolong joined the Holy Heavens, ah, but his complete dao saint godheads have already risen into the top thirty ranks

“I really don’t know how this Huang Xiaolong was born, and how come there is such a freak in the universe!”

Ji Xinyi too had a complicated expression on her face as she spoke, “Give him another ten or twenty thousand years.

Won’t he enter high-level True Saint Maybe even Ninth Heaven True Saint!” 

Ninth Heaven True Saint!

Based on Huang Xiaolong’s battle prowess, once he advanced to Ninth Heaven True Saint, wouldn’t he be invincible for anyone under the Primal Ancestors!

At that time, only Primal Ancestor experts would be able to suppress that freak, right Ji Xinyi kept the thought to herself. 

After hearing her Senior Sister Tan Juan say that Huang Xiaolong might have a plan, Lin Xiaoying blanked for a second.

She looked at Huang Xiaolong’s figure on the battle stage.

Can he really come out on top after battling against ten Third Tribulation half-True Saint disciples joining hands together

Needless to say, the ten disciples sent out for the second round challenge by the Ancient Emperor Holy Ground, Beast Tamer Holy Gate, and other forces were also outstanding talents with amazing battle prowess.

Did Huang Xiaolong really have the confidence of defeating each group of challengers every time

It would be thirty-nine matches in one round, and even if Huang Xiaolong could win the first few matches, he would probably have more than a few injuries, wouldn’t he 

The latter matches would definitely become more strenuous for Huang Xiaolong.

While Lin Xiaoying watched on worriedly, the results for the second round’s drawing came out.

The Scarlet Flame Holy Gate drew the number-one token.

The Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s Patriarch smiled seeing this result, and said to the Ancient Emperor Holy Ground’s Duan Xuan, “Patriarch Duan Xuan, and everyone, it seems my Scarlet Flame Holy Gate would be taking the prize in the second round.” 

Duan Xuan squeezed a forced smile in response, “When Scarlet Flame Patriarch wins, we would order a banquet to celebrate for Scarlet Flame Patriarch.”

When he said that, his actual meaning behind those words was—the matches were yet to begin, and it’s too early for you to be happy.

You can be happy when your Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s disciples win.

Upon hearing that, the Scarlet Flame’s Patriarch let out a whoop of laughter, as if he did not understand the sarcasm in Duan Xuan’s retort.

“In that case, I’ll say my thanks in advance to Patriarch Duan Xuan.” He then nodded at the ten Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s Third Tribulation half-True Saint disciples.

In an instant, the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s ten disciples leaped onto the battle stage. 

All ten exuded overwhelming momentum, and scarlet flames rose vividly from their bodies, as each held a flaming divine sword in their hands.

“The Scarlet Flame Sword Formation!”

Vigorous sword qi appeared like tidal waves, soaring straight to the skies, and it was cold and ruthless, as it enveloped the entire battle stage’s space.

Although there were restrictions around the battle stage, it did not fully block out the sword qi’s piercing sharpness.

“The Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s Scarlet Flame Sword Formation is famous throughout the Holy World.

It’s powerful attacks are formed by ten disciples, who amplify each person’s strength on top of the other.

They finally release a power that exceeds these ten people, combined, by several times!”

An expert sighed, “It looks like it would be difficult for His Highness Huang Xiaolong to break this sword formation, difficult, ah, difficult!” 

This expert said difficult three times in a sentence.

This was a testament of how powerful the Scarlet Flame Sword Formation’s reputation was.

Duan Xuan, Zhan Zhiyuan, and the others’ forehead wrinkled.

It had never crossed their minds that the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate would send ten Third Tribulation half-True Saint disciples, who were versed in the Scarlet Flame Sword Formation.

An attack formation like the Scarlet Flame Sword Formation required every person forming the formation to have a tacit understanding, and this could only be achieved through years of training effort with each other.

Judging from these ten Scarlet Flame Holy Gate disciples’ momentums, they had been training for the Scarlet Flame Sword Formation together for a long time. 

The Scarlet Flame’s Patriarch smiled satisfactorily as he nodded his head.

Several hundred years ago, he had personally selected a batch of half-True Saint disciples with excellent potential to practice the Scarlet Flame Sword Formation.

He hadn’t expected that it would come into use on this day.


The ten Scarlet Flame Holy Gate disciples swung their swords simultaneously, and the tips of their swords pointed Huang Xiaolong.

In an instant, potent sword qi surged as if it had found the only outlet in the entire space, and it shot towards Huang Xiaolong.

Upon seeing this, Huang Xiaolong remained unperturbed as he raised a hand and flicked his fingers towards the incoming wave of sword qi.

The numerous sword qi seemed to hit against a grandmist holy spiritual wall, resulting in thunderous booms as the sword qi exploded and scattered into nothingness.

The ten Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s disciples grunted in pain as they staggered back from the impact. 


Everyone watching exclaimed in great shock.

The force from Huang Xiaolong’s finger had achieved this level of terrifying power!

The strongest amongst these ten Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s disciples was peak late-Third Tribulation, and the weakest of them were peak mid-Third Tribulation.

Their combined strengths were further amplified by the Scarlet Flame Sword Formation, and one didn’t need to imagine how powerful their attack was.

Even three Sui Yunfeng might not be a match against them, yet these ten people had broken out of their formation under one finger flick from Huang Xiaolong.

After being forced back by the force of a finger-flick, the ten Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s disciples bellowed as they made an effort to steady themselves.

The scarlet flames burning around them rose higher, and as the ten swords swung out again, streaks of stronger and bigger sword qi transformed into flaming sword dragons.

These flaming sword dragons wound themselves around the ten disciples’ bodies, and before anyone reacted, the ten disciples disappeared from sight, as if they had become one entity with the flaming sword dragons.

“Human and sword as one!” A Holy Heavens’ grand elder exclaimed in surprise.

Human and sword harmoniously merged into one entity, and this was a situation that only appeared when one had a deep understanding of the sword formation.

This proved that these ten Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s disciples had perfect comprehension of the Scarlet Flame Sword Formation.


In the next second, Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s disciples’ sonorous hollers came from the flaming sword dragons, and they shook the air, as their ethereal figures emerged from the flames, like dragons swimming across a river of magma, straight at Huang Xiaolong.

It was such a terrifying sword qi, and such an overwhelming momentum! This attack was twice as powerful as the first attack.

Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent as he struck forward gently with his palm. 

“Four Seas Heavey Palm!”

The palm force turned into a boundless sea, as tidal waves converged from the four seas, and each drop of seawater was devilishly blue, and heavy as a mountain.


Wherever the Four Seas Heavy Palm passed by, the so-called sea of flames and ferocious sword dragons all exploded and scattered away. 

When the last wisp of flames disappeared, and all sword dragons exploded, the ten Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s disciples, who had merged as one with their swords, plummeted from the air, spitting out blood from internal injuries. 

For a moment, the ground quaked violently.

Everyone was shocked.

Xie Bufan, Li Chen, and the others’ faces grew solemn. Is this Huang Xiaolong’s real strength 

He broke the Scarlet Flame Sword Formation formed by ten Third Tribulation half-True Saint disciples!

Even Tan Juan, who had guessed that Huang Xiaolong had a plan for dealing with ten disciples at the same time, looked dumbfounded.

Never had she imagined that it would be so easy for Huang Xiaolong to defeat the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s ten disciples at once.

Lin Xiaoying and Ji Xinyi had a hand over their mouths to keep themselves from screaming out. 

The Holy Heavens Law Enforcement Hall Master Shi Feng wryly said to Wu Ge, “It looks like we’ve been worrying for nothing.”

Wu Ge also showed a wry smile, as his astonishment was obvious on his face.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong collected the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s disciples sword with a wave of his hand, “These swords are not bad.

I can probably exchange them for some holy spiritual jade stones.”

The Scarlet Flame Divine Swords used by these ten disciples were naturally not ordinary swords.

The entire Scarlet Flame Holy Gate had spent a huge amount of valuable resources to forge only one hundred of them.


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