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Chapter 2348: Two Things

A new day soon arrived.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong stepped out from the secret room particularly early.

He could not wait to jump right into the Fire and Ice Lake to cultivate, as he could not wait to see his soul completely transformed into a holy soul.

Huang Xiaolong spoke with Feng Tianyu and Di Huai for a while before making his way out of the Holy Heavens Palace to enter the Primal Ancestors space.

But Huang Xiaolong had just stepped out from the Holy Heavens Palace, when Li Chen, Xie Yao, Lin Yijia, and several other core disciples were coming in the direction of his Holy Heavens Palace.

“Junior Brother Huang!” Spotting Huang Xiaolong in the distance, Li Chen called out a greeting with a brilliant smile.

Xie Yao, Lin Yijia, and the others greeted Huang Xiaolong as well.

Only Xie Yao seemed a little awkward in his greeting.

“Senior Brother Li Chen.” Huang Xiaolong nodded at the group as he responded.

“Junior Brother Huang is planning to go out” Li Chen asked smilingly and said, “I came with other junior brothers, thinking of visiting Junior Brother Huang.”

“I am just heading to the four Masters place.” Huang Xiaolong replied.

“Is something the matter that Senior Brother Li is looking for me”

Li Chen shook his head and replied amiably, Nothing important.

Me and other junior brothers came looking for Junior Brother Huang just for a casual chat, and another matter that we would like to discuss with Junior Brother Huang.

Huang Xiaolong put on an attentive expression.

“Ive heard that there is a conflict between Junior Brother Huang and Junior Brother Fu Yunjie, who just entered the Holy Heavens.”

Li Chen went on, “Ill be direct with Junior Brother Huang.

When I was traveling through the Holy Worlds perilous lands in the past, Junior Brother Fu Yunjies Master, True Saint Fan Xia, had saved my life once.

Yesterday, True Saint Fan Xia and Junior Brother Fu Yunjie came to me.

They hope to make peace with Junior Brother Huang.

They are willing to dedicate the entire True Reason Holy Gates treasury to Junior Brother Huang.”

After hearing that Li Chen had actually come on behalf of Fu Yunjie and True Saint Fan Xia, Huang Xiaolongs face darkened in an instant.

“I see! So Senior Brother Li Chen came for this matter.” Huang Xiaolong stated with a deadpan face, “Ill be frank with Senior Brother Li Chen as well.

Even if that Fan Xia and Fu Yunjie dedicate the entire True Reason Holy Gates treasury to me, the both of them still have to die!”

The smile on Li Chens face vanished.

“Junior Brother Huang, honestly speaking, its better not to make a foe if you can help it.”

Li Chen went on, “Moreover, Fan Xia and Fu Yunjie actually have no deep grudges with Junior Brother Huang.

Can Junior Brother Huang give Senior Brother some face.

Whatever conditions Junior Brother Huang has, please speak.

I will definitely relay them accurately to Fan Xia and Fu Yunjie.”

Huang Xiaolong didnt even ponder and directly replied, “Fan Xia and I indeed do not have any grudges.

But he and my elder have a blood feud of family annihilation.

Therefore, I hope Senior Brother Li Chen can bring a word to them that I will help my elder to exact his revenge.”

With that said, Huang Xiaolong sent them off without waiting for Li Chen to say another word.

“Senior Brother Li Chen, please return.”

Huang Xiaolong whistled away into the horizon without another word.

“Huang…!” Li Chen called out, but Huang Xiaolong had already disappeared from view.

“This Huang Xiaolong is too arrogant.

He doesnt give Senior Brother Li Chen any face!”

Xie Yao clamored indignantly at Huang Xiaolongs attitude, and then snorted, “At the end of the day, he is merely a new disciple, who entered the Holy Heavens recently.

So what if he is the Primal Ancestors personal disciple Senior Brother Li Chen is also the Primal Ancestors personal disciple.

Moreover, Senior Brother Li Chen is our chief disciple!”

“Thats right!” Core disciple Chen Kaiping touted, “Senior Brother Li Chen, and we came here personally.

But he threw our faces to the ground, and couldnt even be bothered to invite us in.

Whats the big deal if he has the Holy Mandate Imprint, and two complete dao saint godheads Does he really think hes above everyone else!”

“I sent people to investigate the matter.

Huang Xiaolong did not enter the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate for long, and he doesnt have that deep of a relation with Di Huai.

For such a Di Huai, he actually rejected Senior Brother Li Chen!” Lin Yijia grumbled with discontent.

“Enough.” Li Chen broke off their clamorings, “I merely gave Junior Brother Huang some advice out of kindness.

Since hes not willing to accept, lets go back.” He leaped into the air and flew away.

Despite what he said, Li Chen was clearly displeased.

He was willing to come as a peacemaker for Fan Xia and Fu Yunjie not only because Fan Xia had once saved him in the past, but also because the benefits Fan Xia had offered the day before were too tempting to refuse.

Before coming to see Huang Xiaolong, Li Chen had originally thought that Huang Xiaolong would somehow give him some face and agree to forget the matter.

After all, he too was a personal disciple to the Primal Ancestors, and the chief disciple of the Holy Heavens.

Never had he imagined that Huang Xiaolong would not give him any face at all.

“Senior Brother Li Chen, I have good news for you.

A disciple under me has just sent a message that they found holy medicine White Phoenix Shrub.” Xie Yao said suddenly.

Ecstasy rose to Li Chens face as he asked, “Is it true!”

“Its true!” Xie Yao laughed, and added, “Ill order the disciple to send the White Phoenix Shrub here immediately.

When Senior Brother Li Chen wins the beautys smile, dont forget us brothers, ah.” He knew why Li Chen had everyone looking for the White Phoenix Shrub.

It was but for one of the Clear Snow Palaces three beauties, Tan Juan!

Tan Juan possessed the Physique of the Nine Phoenixes, and the White Phoenix Shrub was something she needed the most.

“My thoughts exactly.

Senior Brother Li Chen, dont forget to invite us brothers on your wedding day!”

Lin Yijia, Chen Kaiping, and other disciples jested.

Li Chen laughed heartily, as he was clearly in a good mood as he answered, “Naturally!”

“I wont be returning with you all.

Ill be making my way to the Clear Snow Palaces residence.”


After leaving, the conversation with Li Chen replayed in Huang Xiaolongs mind again.

Upon thinking that Li Chen had come on behalf of Yu Fujie and Fan Xiao, his already sullen face became gloomier.

“Fan Xia, Fu Yunjie, True Reason Holy Gate.” Huang Xiaolong whispered the name like a death gods caress.

Wait until I finish cultivating inside the Fire and Ice Lake.

It is about time for the True Reason Holy Gates momentum to be suppressed.

It could be considered as venting out the foul breath inside his chest.

Of course, there was also the Qianyuan Holy Gate!

Disgust flashed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes recalling Feng Yuanyuans behavior and expression.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the entrance to the Primal Ancestors space, and through the secret method taught by the Primal Ancestor, he opened the entrance and entered it.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong had arrived, the Heavenly Master smiled and jested, “What, youre here so early to pay your morning greetings to us four old men”

Huang Xiaolong scratched his head in embarrassment as he responded sheepishly, “Other than paying my morning greetings to four Masters, I also want to cultivate inside the Fire and Ice Lake.

I want to improve my strength as soon as possible.”

Tyrant Chu laughed, “Coming to pay your respects is false.

The only truth is that you want to cultivate inside the Fire and Ice Lake.”

Huang Xiaolong grinned innocently.

“Weve already mentioned the matter to Wu Ge.

You can go, look for him, and hell open it for you.” Lord Long smiled and said.

“Many thanks to four Masters.” Huang Xiaolong was elated.

“No need to thank us since this is our prior agreement.”

Elder Crow, who usually wore a stern expression on his face, revealed a faint smile as he spoke, “During the apprenticeship ceremony, you won over the Clear Snow Palace and Holy Lands Alliances disciples, bringing light to our faces.

We should be giving you a reward instead.”

“Oh right, Xiaolong ah.

Since youre here, we have two matters to talk with you about.”

The Heavenly Master went on, “The first matter is related to the Cangqiong Holy Manor, and the other matter is the upcoming appearance of Saint Fate.”

“Cangqiong Holy Manor The Holy Worlds number one holy manor!” Huang Xiaolong was surprised.

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