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Chapter 2271: Who the F*ck Is Huang Xiaolong!

Back in the Holy Alliance Palace, Jiang Tian and other Holy Alliances Holy Princes were still embroiled in fury towards Huang Xiaolong whenever they recalled him killing Huang Zhouping on the battle stage before their eyes.

Not to mention, Huang Xiaolongs provocative actions were even more infuriating.

“Senior Brother Jiang Tian, although we dont know what secret Huang Xiaolong has, the secret carries enough weight to make all the Eminent Elders to be protective of him.

But with the Eminent Elders protecting him now, even if the Evolving Dragon Holy Grounds Tan Hongyi and other Holy Princes come here, Im afraid it wont be easy for them to find a chance to kill Huang Xiaolong.” Zheng Yongjia spoke first after everyone was seated down.

Jiang Tian nodded in agreement and said sullenly, “Correct, so we need to make a good plan for this.” Then he added, “I will contact the Evolving Dragon Holy Grounds Tan Hongyi and the others now!”

Just as Jiang Tian took out his talisman symbol to get in touch with Tan Hongyi, a Holy Alliance member ran into the hall and reported in a fluster, “Senior Brother Jiang Tian, the Enforcement Hall Master Zhang Yunqi is here!”

The Enforcement Hall Master Zhang Yunqi

Jiang Tian, Zheng Yongjia, Wu Shi, and other Holy Princes were surprised by the sudden arrival.

What is the Enforcement Hall Master Zhang Yunqi doing here at this time

“Other than Enforcement Hall Master Zhang Yunqi, there are also the Enforcement Halls high custodians, custodians, and a large group of disciples!” The reporting disciple hesitated before he supplemented another sentence.


Everyones faces tightened.

Even the Enforcement Halls custodians and disciples came!

“Do you know why Hall Master Zhang Yunqi and the others are here” Jiang Tian asked solemnly.

The disciple shook his head, replying that he didnt know.

“Then let them wait outside!” Zheng Yongjia snorted coldly, “Will Zhang Yunqis group dare to break in here You go out and tell Zhang Yunqi that if he doesnt state his purpose, then he shouldnt think of coming inside!”

According to the Holy Gates rules, even a Hall Master couldnt recklessly break into a Holy Princes cultivation palace.

However, Zheng Yongjia barely finished his words when a group of people barged into the hall, led by the Enforcement Hall Master Zhang Yunqi.

Zhang Yunqi, several Enforcement Halls high custodians, custodians, and a large crowd of Enforcement Hall disciples quickly filled the hall!

Seeing their momentum, Jiang Tian and the Holy Alliances members hearts sank.

“Hall Master Zhang Yunqi, you have disregarded the Holy Gates rules by barging into my Holy Alliance Palace.

What is the meaning of this” Jiang Tian demanded sternly, “Or do you intend to revolt!”

Zhang Yunqi responded with an indifferent attitude, “Your Highness Holy Prince Jiang Tian, do not blame us.

I came with an order from the Eminent Elder to capture several murderers.

I hope Your Highness can be considerate of our task!” As he said that, he took out a token belonging to a Holy Gates Eminent Elder.

Jiang Tian, Zheng Yongjia, Wu Shi, and the others expression turned solemn as the sight of the token.

“Murderers What murderers” Jiang Tian questioned coldly with a frosty gaze.

“A few days ago, Holy Alliance members destroyed His Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolongs Myriad Dragon Peak, killing His Highnesss guardian beasts and subordinates!”

Zhang Yunqi went on with a deadpan expression, “Holy Alliances members actually dared to attack a Holy Princes cultivation palace and brazenly slaughtered a Holy Princes guardian beasts and subordinates.

According to the Holy Gates rules, this is a capital crime!”

“Eminent Elder Li Yuhui ordered us to capture the murderers!”

“Eminent Elder Li Yuhui has ordered us to capture whoever hinders the Enforcement Hall from capturing the murderers, and harbours these murderers! Your Highness Holy Prince Jiang Tian, please hand over the murderers!” With that said, Zhang Yunqi looked at Jiang Tian with a straight and solemn expression, obviously telling Jiang Tian that he was here on official business.

Then, he waved his hand, signalling the Enforcement Halls disciples and ordered, “Search!”

“Impetuous! How dare you” Wu Shi yelled as a powerful momentum rose from his body.

As Holy Princes of the Holy Gate, since when did they receive such a bad treatment!

Normally, these Enforcement Halls disciples were no different than the ants crawling on the ground.

How dare these people search their cultivation palaces

Zhang Yunqis cold gaze fell on Wu Shi, and there was a hint of mirth in his voice, “What Holy Prince Wu Shi wants to protect these murderers”

Wu Shi chortled, “I dont believe you would dare to lay a hand on me!”

Jiang Tian raised his hand at this time, stopping Wu Shis antics.

Then, he calmly said to Zhang Yunqi, “Since Hall Master Zhang Yunqi came under the order of the Eminent Elder to capture murderers, we will naturally cooperate with you.”

Zhang Yunqi accepted Jiang Tians decision calmly, “Many thanks for Holy Princes consideration.”

With a wave of his hand, the Enforcement Halls disciples rushed into the inner hall like a tempest, and before long, sounds of fighting could be heard from the inner hall.

As the battle noises stopped, the Enforcement Halls disciples emerged from the inner halls with six Holy Alliances members tied up.

“Your Highness Holy Prince Wu Shi, help me!”

“Your Highness Holy Prince Jiang Tian, save me!”

The six disciples panicked and pleaded for the Holy Princes to save them.

All six of them were the Holy Gates inner disciples, who had chosen to follow Jiang Tian and Wu Shi.

Behind the six disciples were a dozen of Holy Alliance members, who were also taken away.

These were also Jiang Tian, Wu Shi, and Zheng Yongjias slaves.

They had played a big part in destroying Huang Xiaolongs Myriad Dragon Peak.

Wu Shi was agitated and furious as he helplessly watched their subordinates\' fearful and pleading faces, while the Enforcement Halls disciples took them away.

He tilted his head back and roared.

It was a roar surging with violent killing intent, “Huang Xiaolong, you cheap b*stard.

I swear Im going to kill you—!!”

Even if they didnt use their brains, they knew for certain that it had to be Huang Xiaolong who had complained to Eminent Elder Li Yuhui.

Due to this Eminent Elder Li Yuhuo had demanded for their subordinates arrest!

These subordinates had been serving them for several hundred thousand years and more.

They could already imagine these subordinates ending once they entered the Enforcement Hall.

In the end, those six inner disciples and a dozen of Jiang Tian and the others subordinates were dragged away.

Before leaving, Zhang Yunqi remembered he had one more task, so he turned around again and said to Jiang Tian, “Eminent Elder Li Yuhui has a message he wants me to pass to Your Highness Holy Prince Jiang Tian.

He hopes that Your Highness can rein in your subordinates and Holy Alliances members, in case they break any more of the Holy Gates rules!”

“It is a small matter breaking the Holy Gates rules, but if you offend His Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong, no one can save you!” Zhang Yunqis voice rumbled like thunder, jarring Jiang Tian and the Holy Alliances Holy Princes ears.

Wu Shi laughed out loud in rage, “Zhang Yunqi, who the f*ck are you And who the f*ck is Huang Xiaolong! Rubbish like him, so what if hes offended!”

Zhang Yunqis face sank, hearing Wu Shi mock Huang Xiaolong.

Although according to the Holy Gates rules, a Holy Princes status was higher than him, he was still a hall master of the Enforcement Hall Master.

Jiang Tian once again quieted Wu Shi down.

Then, he faced Zhang Yunqi.

“Hall Master Zhang, Junior Brother Wu Shi is agitated.

So his words might be a little harsh.

Please dont take it to heart.”

Zhang Yunqi chose to remain silent, and left with the people from the Enforcement Hall.

But not long after Zhang Yunqi left the Holy Alliance Palace, the Construction Hall Master Feng Jing arrived with a large group of disciples.

Before Jiang Tian, and the others murderous glares, every piece of Huang Zhoupings cultivation palaces were dismantled, and not a plant or tree was spared.

Feng Jings explanation was that Huang Zhouping had taken away the things that were allocated for His Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong.

Therefore, they were dismantling Huang Zhoupings palace as they needed materials to rebuild His Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolongs cultivation palace.

This was considered as a form ofcompensation.

While Jiang Tians group did their best, enduring their fury, all the buildings on Huang Zhoupings cultivation peak were dismantled, and every blade of grass leaf was taken away.

All that was left of Huang Zhoupings cultivation peak was a bald mountain peak.

Jiang Tians looked gloomier than ever.

Huang Zhouping was dead, but they couldnt even protect Huang Zhoupings cultivation palace.

This was a great blow to the Holy Alliances prestige.

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