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Chapter 2240: Birth of a New Holy Prince!

Huang Xiaolong has a saint bloodline in addition to his saint physique!

Amongst the Holy Gate disciples, the status of a disciple with both a saint physique and a saint bloodline would far exceed those with only one of those two.

Xiao Fengs face turned pale.

A thunderous explosion resonated from the “Holy” character without warning, and it was so destructive that Xiao Feng was nearly blown away.

When the ear-splitting rumble entered his ears, Xiao Fengs eyes widened as he felt his world spinning.

He had overseen the assessment for billions of years, but he had never experienced such a phenomenon before.

Even though he hadnt encountered it before, he understood perfectly what it meant.

Indeed, after the commotion died, the character beneath Huang Xiaolongs feet started to emit rays of golden light.

The gold jade ray was even more brilliant than before, and even someone like Xiao Feng was blinded.

The golden light rays were like lava that erupted from the ground.

They were uncontrollable and unstoppable as they pierced towards the heavens.

The gold light that appeared merged together with both the red and green rays from before and formed a pillar of light that filled the skies.

An alarming storm swept through the main hall, and the structure rumbled.

Even people outside the inner hall felt the strong tremors, and the capital city started to shake.

As the pillar of light pierced into the sky, the heavens above the Falling Jade Dynasty were dyed a brilliant shade of gold.


As a loud explosion rang through the sky, countless experts were alarmed as they tilted their heads to stare towards the heavens.

Since nothing of the sort had ever happened before, all the experts in the Falling Jade Dynasty were shocked.

“What is this”

“Whats going on The light seemed to originate from the capital!”

Some experts who had participated in the examination before shuddered violently as if they had recalled some unpleasant event, and their faces turned ashen.

During Huang Xiaolongs assessment, the division master of the Falling Jade Dynastys Holy Gate branch division was accompanying a highly esteemed disciple from the Holy Gates main branch in the main hall of the division.

The Holy Gate disciple was called Sun Huage.

He possessed both a complete dao saint godhead and a saint bloodline.

Not only was he one of the most nurtured and trained disciples in the Holy Gate, but he was also the Holy Gates main branchs law and enforcement hall masters direct disciple, He Han.

“I heard that a disciple with a saint bloodline appeared in the Falling Jade Dynasty yesterday.

It seems like hes a young lord of the Beast Emperor Sect” Sun Huage inquired.

Liu Cheng grinned, “Yes, hes called Song Shaokang.

Im surprised that your Excellency has heard about him.”

In fact, the moment Song Shaokang passed the test and revealed a saint bloodline, Xiao Feng had reported to him.

It was natural for Liu Cheng to be excited for a disciple with a saint bloodline to appear under his watch.

Regardless, he didnt feel the need to see Song Shaokang personally.

As the division master, there was no need to pay much attention to a junior with a mere saint bloodline.

After all, upon Sun Huages arrival, Liu Cheng had been busy entertaining him.

“I guess a saint bloodline isnt that bad either.” Sun Huage continued, “Last month, I heard that a disciple with a saint godhead appeared in the Xinghe Dynasty.”

Liu Cheng nodded in agreement.

Someone of his status would have heard of it too.

When he knew that a disciple with saint Godhead had appeared in the Xinghe Dynasty, he was green with envy.

As long as anyone uncovered a disciple worth nurturing, the division master would be rewarded.

The more talented the disciple, the greater the reward.

All of a sudden, the ground started to shake.

Just then, Liu Cheng and Sun Huage felt a large tremor as objects placed in the main hall started shaking.

Both of them were astonished.


A surge of holy might enveloped the entire dynasty, and even though it was faint, Liu Cheng and Sun Huage both felt it.

They exchanged looks and saw the shock in each others eyes.

In the next instant, the two of them soared high into the skies.

In the air, they witnessed the sight of the three fused rays piercing into the sky from the examination hall.

“Complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique! All three merged as one! This… A new Holy Prince! A new Holy Prince is born!” Sun Huages face changed greatly.

“A new Holy Prince is born!” Liu Cheng called out emotionally, with hot tears brimming in his eyes.

“Quick, hurry! Follow me to welcome the new Holy Prince!” Sun Huage yelled and rushed to the inner hall.

Liu Cheng jumped and followed behind him.

During the assessment, if anyone was tested to have a complete dao saint godhead, a saint bloodline, and saint physique, they would immediately become a Holy Prince of the Holy Gate.

Holy Prince of the Holy Gate! They would be regarded as the innermost core disciples! The Holy Gate would pour all their resources into grooming a Holy Prince, and they were allowed to take anyone in the Holy Gate as their master!

Just as Sun Huage and Liu Cheng were making their way to the inner hall, Du Youze and Wang Qi also felt the holy power enveloping the entire dynasty.

They rushed out from their headquarters with a look of horror on their faces.

They stared at the pillar of light rising to the sky and felt their world spinning.

“Complete dao saint godhead, a saint bloodline and a saint physique… a new Holy Prince is born!” Du Youze was exceptionally agitated as he yelled in surprise.

“Hurry! Go find out who the Holy Prince is! Which clan is he from!” Du Youze yelled at the Eminent Elders behind him frantically as he couldnt care less about his status.

“Also, bring the treasure from our Nine Heavens Gate treasury and follow me to greet the Holy Prince at the Holy Gate branch division!” Before the Eminent Elders could even respond, Du Youze had already charged towards the Holy Gate branch division.

The Eminent Elders from the Nine Heavens Gate were surprised as they did not expect their Chief to move so quickly.

Was our Chief hiding his true abilities from us this whole time!

The Eminent Elders from the Nine Heavens Gate regained their senses and hastily retrieved the treasure from the treasury before catching up with Du Youze.

Not only did everyone from the Nine Heavens Gate rush to the Holy Gate branch division, but many other figures from the Big Dipper Sword Sect, Incineration Valley, and imperial palace also soared through the skies.

They were headed towards a single direction, and that was the branch division of the Holy Gate!

Song Shaokang and Song Fu, who were in another hall, could sense the commotion coming from outside.

As both of them walked out from the side hall, they met a scrambling guard who they stopped to ask, “What happened”

The guard hurriedly exclaimed, “A new Holy Prince is born! A new Holy Prince is born!” After speaking, he rushed towards the inner hall without caring about the two of them.

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