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Chapter 2155: Are You Really Going to the Mighty God Heavenly Country

Gray ashes fell into a pile right next to the pile of Chen Tianhaos ashes.

The Heavenly Terror Countrys General Sun Po froze on the spot, and his jaw dropped to his chest in shock.

The Mighty God Prince and his group were dumbfounded on the spot.

Astonishment was written all over the Xumi Old Mans face.

Even though he had already broken through to high-level Sovereign, he would have found it difficult to suppress the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys General Hu Jin.

Yet Huang Xiaolong had merely moved a finger!

Did Huang Xiaolong really need his protection in the first place

A long time later, the Mighty God Prince came to his senses.

Shock and fear were obvious on his face as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, “...YOU!”

Zhu Xinyi cut off his words, “Mighty God Prince, are you going to say Young Master Huang sneak-attacked again”

The rest of Mighty God Princes words choked in his throat like an annoying bone.

Huang Xiaolong raised his foot and walked forward in a straight line to the Mighty God Prince.

The Mighty God Prince immediately turned vigilant, seeing Huang Xiaolong approach.

“Punk, I dont believe you alone can win against so many of our Mighty God Heavenly Countrys experts!”

“Mighty God Heavenly Countrys experts, hear my order.

Attack together by forming the Falling Star Formation and kill this punk for me!”

Following the Mighty God Princes order, the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys experts made their moves.

Shadows blurred as they moved into various positions.

In the blink of an eye, the Falling Star Formation was formed.

All the experts held a long starry sword in their hands, and as they channeled their Sovereign godforce into the swords, intense starlight burst out from the core of the formation, straight to the ninth heaven.

Even the experts within the Heaven Valley City were startled when they sensed the sudden overwhelming pressure and saw the dazzling starlight that shot to the sky.

“The Falling Star Formation is one of two Mighty God Heavenly Countrys most powerful formations.

Even in the Heavens Path, the Falling Star Formation is known as one of the more powerful formations.

With so many Mighty God Heavenly Countrys experts forming the formation, its lethal enough to kill a mid-Seventh Order, even a late-Seventh Order Sovereign!” A Celestial Roc Heavenly Country general, spectating from a distance, sighed in admiration.

Light flickered across Sun Pos eyes several times, and he snorted, “Even the Giant Kun Prince, the harbinger among the top ten young masters, cant withstand this level of attack from the Falling Star Formation.

This punk is nothing compared to him! I dont believe hes stronger than the Giant Kun Prince!”

Giant Kun Prince was one of the Heavens Paths top ten young masters.

He was hailed as one of the most talented geniuses of the younger generation.

Not only was he a mid-Seventh Order Sovereign expert, but he had also successfully practiced the number one strongest divine art in the Heavens Path.

It was called the Giant Kun Art.

However, in Sun Pos opinion, even Prince Giant Kun wouldnt be able to withstand the Mighty God Heavenly Gods Falling Star Formation that was supported by so many experts.

Although Huang Xiaolong had easily killed Chen Tianhao and Hu Jin earlier, there were still four Sixth Order Sovereigns among the twenty-plus remaining Mighty God Heavenly Countrys experts.

And all the remaining experts were mid-level Sovereign overlords.

A Falling Star Formation supported by so many experts naturally contained shocking strength.


The Mighty God Prince roared at the top of his lungs.

The Mighty God Heavenly Countrys experts simultaneously waved their swords.

The swords turned into a shower of falling meteors, heading straight towards Huang Xiaolong.

Before these falling meteors reached Huang Xiaolong, startling sword qi surged forth, slashing through heaven and earth.

The space around Huang Xiaolong was slashed by vigorous sword qi.

Despite being early Seventh Order Sovereigns, Xumi Old Man and Zhu Xinyi, as well as Zhu Hong, did not dare to face the startling sword qi directly.

They dodged swiftly out of the way.

In contrast, Huang Xiaolong seemed petrified, too scared to move, letting the frightening curtain of sword qi cut him.

Ecstasy climbed up on Sun Pos and the Mighty God Princes faces.

But the next scene stupefied everyone.

When the curtain of sword qi that could shred a Seven Order Sovereign into ribbons landed on Huang Xiaolong, sparks flew as if the sword qi had fallen on a giant chaos wall.

There was not a scratch on Huang Xiaolongs body!

Then, the long swords that had transformed into falling meteors also hit Huang Xiaolongs body.

Zheng! zheng! zheng! Harsh noises of colliding metal cut the air.

The long starry swords broke into pieces and fell to the ground.

“This, impossible!” Sun Po shrieked, seeing the outcome.

Right at this time, Huang Xiaolong raised his palm and struck out.

A massive palm appeared in the air, shooting straight towards the group of Mighty God Heavenly Countrys experts and stopping above their heads.

The massive palm slapped down before any of them could react.

The bright starlight that soared to the sky dispersed instantly under the massive palm.

The manifested vast galaxy shattered like fragile glass.

All the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys experts were sent flying in various directions with blood spurting from their mouths.

Tragic screams reverberated in the air.

The rest of Sun Pos shriek choked in his throat, and he was quivering from head to toe.

Blood drained from the Mighty God Princes face, and his pupils reflected the miserable state of the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys experts.

In truth, Huang Xiaolong had already held back his strength.

Otherwise, these Mighty God Heavenly Countrys experts would have suffered far worse than mere heavy injuries.

Huang Xiaolongs hands reached out to grab the Mighty God Prince.

Seeing this, the Mighty God Princes pupils needled in fear, inwardly.

He frenziedly circulated his Sovereign godforce.

One after another, defensive grandmist treasure artifacts appeared to fend off Huang Xiaolong.

However, these grandmist treasure artifacts were repeatedly flicked away by Huang Xiaolong to the distant mountains.

The force from Huang Xiaolongs palm forcefully pulled the Mighty God Prince towards him.

A shudder ran down the Mighty God Princes spine as Huang Xiaolongs face enlarged in his eyes.

“Y-you, what do you want to do” The Mighty God Prince stammered, feeling a deep dread.

“Dont worry.

I wont kill you.” Huang Xiaolong reassured tepidly before adding, “At least, I wont kill you now.”

Mighty God Prince was inwardly relieved hearing that, but then raging hatred filled his chest.

Wait until the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys experts arrive to rescue me.

I will return todays humiliation a hundred times to Huang Xiaolong.

“Thinking how to retaliate later” Huang Xiaolong pierced through the Mighty God Princes thoughts, looking at his expression.

The Mighty God Prince nearly jumped out of his skin in fright, having his thoughts seen by Huang Xiaolong.

Just as he wanted to refute, Huang Xiaolong cut him off, “I will give you a chance as Im going to visit the Mighty God Heavenly Country with you, right now.”

Head to the Mighty God Heavenly Country! The Mighty God Prince was not the only person dumbfounded by Huang Xiaolongs words, but so were the surrounding experts.

“Senior Xumi, lets go.” Huang Xiaolong looked over his shoulder and invited Xumi Old Man, who was in a dazed state.

Xumi Old Man looked at Huang Xiaolong and nodded in a fluster.

Huang Xiaolong sealed the Mighty God Princes strength and threw him towards Zhu Xinyi and Zhu Hong.

After that, he sped away into the sky.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong had left, the Heavenly Terror Countrys General Sun Po, who had been tensely holding his breath in dread and apprehension, relaxed.

His palm was wet with cold sweat when he wiped his forehead.

“That young man, is he really going to drag the Mighty God Prince all the way back to the Mighty God Heavenly Country” An expert voiced his doubt out loud.

“I think hes just saying that for faces sake.

I dont think he has the guts to do that.

If he really did, the Mighty God Ruler and the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys marshal would squash him like a fly!”

Some shook their heads at Huang Xiaolongs naivety.

Sun Pos eyes gleamed with his own thoughts, listening to the chatter around him.

He naturally hoped that Huang Xiaolong would go to the Mighty God Heavenly Country.

While Huang Xiaolongs group headed to the Mighty God Heavenly Country with the Mighty God Prince in tow, the death of the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys General Chen Tianhao and General Hu Jin, the destruction of Falling Star Formation formed by many experts, as well as the Mighty God Princes capture spread like wildfire through the Heavens Path.

The news naturally shocked everyone.

Who was the Mighty God Prince

He was one of the Heavens Paths top ten young masters, and his father, the Mighty God Heavenly Countrys ruler, was one of the top ten experts of the Heavens Path.

Not to forget, the Mighty God Heavenly Country had been on a rising trend in recent years.

Someone had actually captured the Mighty God Prince and killed two of their generals, Chen Tianhao and Hu Jin, in public!


In the northern darkness, there is a fish, and his name is K\'un.

The K\'un is so huge I don\'t know how many thousand li he measures.

He changes and becomes a bird whose name is P\'eng.

The back of the P\'eng measures I don\'t know how many thousand li across and, when he rises up and flies off, his wings are like clouds all over the sky.

When the sea begins to move, this bird sets off for the southern darkness, which is the Lake of Heaven.

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