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The impact when Huang Xiaolongs palm smashed into Dun Hao caused the battle stage arena to shake.

The mountain-like palm swatted the fleeing Dun Hao into the ground!

A massive palm print appeared on the ground.

Before long, several miserable cries filled the air as the experts protecting Dun Hao were sent flying by Huang Xiaolongs Heavenly Hall and City of Eternity.

They smashed into random structures in the distance and left ruins in their place.

The experts who were sent to protect Dun Hao were no weaklings.

All of them were high-level Emperors, and there were even Tenth Order Emperors! It was too bad none of them was a match for the combined might of the Heavenly Hall and City of Eternity.

Huang Xiaolong didnt bother dealing with those experts himself.

He reached out and dragged Dun Hao out of the hole he made in the ground.

By the time Huang Xiaolong saw Dun Hao again, he was nothing more than a pile of mangled flesh.

Even the Four Spirits Divine Armor couldnt stop Huang Xiaolongs attack.

Even though the Four Spirits Divine Armor was an exceptional high-grade grandmist artifact with astonishing defensive abilities, Dun Hao couldnt fully utilize it with his current strength.

“Huang… Huang Xiaolong…” Dun Hao gasped for air as he cried out.

Fear filled his eyes, and his voice was extremely frail.

“I am the Radiance Prince, the Son of Light! If you kill me, my Radiance Divine City and the Radiance Knight Corp will stop at nothing to kill you!”

“Radiance Prince! Did anyone give you the title of the Radiance Prince” Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “Do you really think that your father is the king of the Radiance World”

“As for the matter of the Radiance Divine City and the Radiance Knight Corps endless hunt… I dont need you to tell me that.”

“Do you have anything else to say”

Huang Xiaolongs cold laughter echoed in the air.

The experts in the arena stared at Huang Xiaolong with a multitude of gazes.

Some people stared at him in fear, and others were shocked.

There were even some who stared at him with a look of hatred and anger.

“Huang Xiaolong, hurry up and release His Highness Dun Hao!”

“This is the Reverence Moon Divine City, not Hell! You had better release Prince Dun Hao! Otherwise, you can forget about leaving Reverence Moon Divine City!” Several pontiffs raged.

“Leaving Reverence Moon Divine City” Huang Xiaolong turned around and revealed a sneer.

“Who said that I was going to run away” Huang Xiaolong stimulated the devouring power of the Archdevil Supreme Godhead.

In an instant, Dun Haos blood qi, essence qi, godforce, and bloodline were mercilessly sucked out from his body.

They entered Huang Xiaolongs body without signs of slowing down.

“No! No, no...

no!” Dun Hao screamed, and he trashed about.

He howled and yelled at the pontiffs surrounding the two of them, “Hurry up and save me! Save me!”

Despite his cries for help, the experts who were standing around didnt dare to make a move.

They were all weaker than high-level Emperors and had already witnessed Dun Haos protectors miserable fate.

Even Tenth Order Emperors were sent flying by Huang Xiaolongs treasures! There was no need to mention small fries like themselves.

“Kill!” “Save His Highness!”

No one knew who started it, but as soon as the words left his mouth, a massive hammer appeared in the space above Huang Xiaolong and smashed towards him.

Several figures reacted quickly and pounced on Huang Xiaolong almost simultaneously.

A chuckle left Huang Xiaolongs lips, and he didnt stop his absorption.

Instead, a hundred Undead Netherguards, the ice dragons, and the fourteen angels appeared to stop them.

Before they could even touch Huang Xiaolong, they were destroyed by the army of Emperors Huang Xiaolong summoned.

They turned into countless ice shards that scattered on the ground.

Looking at the massive force that appeared out of nowhere, several pontiffs who wanted to move against Huang Xiaolong but were a second too slow changed their mind and retreated.

As for people like the Son of Fire Lin Tianrui, they ran away even before the battle had started.

Under the terrified gazes of Qin Huangzhong, He Jingyi, and the other members of various superpowers, Dun Haos body withered away.

He turned into a bag of bones, but that was before Huang Xiaolong absorbed the energy in his bones and skin.

In the end, nothing remained other than white bone.

When Qin Huangzhong stared at the familiar scene before him, he couldnt help but turn pale.

He had seen this before.

The young master of the Massacring Gods Gate, Song Litao, was also sucked dry by Huang Xiaolong.

It was something he would never forget as long as he lived.

After Huang Xiaolong devoured the Son of Light Dun Hao, he realized that the concentration of the three Archdevil bloodlines in his body had increased once again.

The phantoms behind him shone with resplendent light.

The strands of the chaos law that revolved around the three supreme godheads became thicker and sturdier.

All 499999 chaos laws glowed with a brilliant light.

After inspecting the changes in his body, Huang Xiaolongs gaze turned to Dun Haos spatial ring.

After grabbing the ring, he casually retrieved the Four Spirit Divine Armor and threw it into his Radiance Divine Ring.

He didnt bother about anyone else as he made his way to Ao Ping.

With a laugh, he said, “You lost the bet!”

From what they had said before, as long as Huang Xiaolong withstood ten moves from Dun Hao, Ao Ping would obediently submit and pledge allegiance to Huang Xiaolong.

A complicated expression appeared on Ao Pings face as he stared at Huang Xiaolong.

After forcing a bitter smile onto his face, he said, “If I knew you were that damn freak of a talent, I wouldnt have wagered a bet with you, even if you would have beaten me to death!”

Huang Xiaolong laughed and continued, “Dont worry, I wont say anything even if you want to retract the bet.”

Ao Ping shook his head hastily and resigned to his fate.

“Forget it.

I dont wish to be sucked dry.

I would rather live for a little while longer.”

The two of them roared with laughter.

“Lets go,” Huang Xiaolong said between laughs.

He turned around and made his way back to the Reverence Moon Academy.

The Reverence Moon Old Man had already told him that he could bring the fourteen angels into the Radiance Flame Volcano.

Since he had dealt with Dun Hao, he planned to head over to the Radiance Flame Volcano in order for the fourteen Radiance Angels to cultivate.

After sending them to the Radiance Flame Volcano, he planned to head back to the Dragon Bear Valley in the Devil World.

Since he had already obtained the Radiance Ancestors complete inheritance, he was confident of exterminating the evil creatures residing in Cang Mutians body!

After freeing Cang Mutian from the copper ghosts, he planned to launch an offensive on Radiance Divine City! He was sure that as long as he asked Cang Mutian to take part in the battle, the old man would definitely show up to assist him.

With experts at the level of Cang Mutian and the reverence Moon Old Man, Huang Xiaolong was sure that Dun Ei wouldnt be able to defend Radiance Divine City.

Even if they had Shi Ming from the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe to guard the city, it was impossible for Dun Ei to avoid death.

Looking at Huang Xiaolongs back as he sauntered away with Ao Ping, the arena erupted.

The Son of Light, Dun Hao, is dead!

He died at Huang Xiaolongs hands! It was clear that the myriad of words wouldnt remain silent.

In fact, Dun Eis rage would probably scorch the heavens!

“Young lady, what are we going to do now! Are we returning to the Hell Asura World” The maidservant behind He Jingyi felt lingering fear in her heart as she looked at the disappearing Huang Xiaolong.

Previously, she was still hoping for He Jingyi to accept Dun Haos advances.

She had even thought about how Dun Hao would unify the Radiance World before assisting them in conquering the Hell Asura World.

However, Dun Hao was transformed into a pile of white dust by Huang Xiaolong in the next instant.

“Lets return to the Hell Asura World.” He Jingyi said with a pale face.

Like He Jingyi, Qin Huangzhong, and the other experts from other worlds were scrambling to leave the Radiance World.

They planned to return to their respective factions before deciding on anything else.

They were there because of the arena set up by Dun Hao, but now that Dun Hao was dead.

Hence, there was no point in staying in Reverence Moon Divine City.

“Right, Ive heard that Pu Ti of the Buddha World is here as well.” Huang Xiaolong seemed to have thought of something and he asked Ao Ping, “Do you know where he is”

Ao Ping felt a tremor run through his heart.

A complicated expression appeared on his face as he asked, “Are you planning to…”

Huang Xiaolong hastily explained himself.

“All I need is some Saint Buddha Water.

If he has it with him, I am willing to bring out some items to make a trade.”

Ao Ping felt a boulder falling off his chest.

After heaving a sigh of relief, he laughed, “Then you found the right person! I can be considered good friends with that brat.

As a matter of fact, I know where he is! Lets go.

Ill take you to him right now.”

As the two of them made their way to the Reverence Moon Academy, a group of disciples from the Reverence Moon Divine Citys disciplinary hall charged towards Huang Xiaolong in a fit of rage.

It was as though they were ready to break out into battle at any time as they surrounded Huang Xiaolong.

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