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When Ao Ping realized the defensive capabilities of Huang Xiaolongs divine physique, he finally relaxed.

However, he couldnt help but worry when Dun Hao brought out his high-grade grandmist artifact!

The might of a high-grade grandmist artifact was incomparable to a mid-grade grandmist artifact.

It wasnt just twice as strong.

To put it in context, it was more than twenty times stronger than a mid-grade grandmist artifact!

It could be said that even the divine physique of an expert at the Tenth Order Emperor Realm wouldnt be able to stop a high-grade grandmist artifact!

After retrieving the long sword, a sneer formed on Dun Haos face.

The light around his body started to flash as a Radiance Divine Armor appeared and covered his body.

The instant the armor materialized, the glow around his body seemed to increase by multiple times.

Four divine spirits seemed to form around Dun Haos Radiance Divine Armor.

The divine spirits looked like humans, but they were not humans.

If one said that they looked like divine beasts, they wouldnt be wrong, but the divine spirits werent exactly divine beasts either.

They gave off a bone-chilling sensation, and there was a massive Eye of Radiance in the space between their eyebrows.

“This… Are they the four World Beasts from the Desolate Era!”

“Thats right! They were the four World Beasts who shook the world with their strength.

However, they disappeared one fine day, and they were killed unexpectedly! Their killer even forced their soul into Dun Haos Radiance Divine Armor!”

The experts from the various churches exclaimed in shock.

The four World Beasts shook the Radiance Divine World with their might during the Desolate Era.

All of them were peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm experts.

Moreover, they were born at the same time! Even a First Order Sovereign wouldnt be able to do anything to them if they worked together! Who would have thought that someone could have managed to kill them before forcing their souls into becoming the artifact spirit of the Radiance Divine Armor

“This Radiance Divine Armor is a high-grade grandmist artifact! No… It has already surpassed many high-grade grandmist artifacts! With the Radiance Divine Armor, Dun Hao would be unkillable!” One of the old ancestors cried out in surprise.

Chaos broke out in the crowd as everyone started to discuss the origin of the divine armor.

When Ao Ping heard the discussion and saw the Radiance Divine Armors artifact spirits appear, he felt his heart pounding.

Dun Hao rose into the air as he held the Radiance Divine Sword in one hand while parading the power of the Radiance Divine Armor on his body.

He stared at Huang Xiaolong, and he taunted, “Ao Li, right now, Ill give you one last chance.

If you obediently bring me the Radiance Ancestors treasures, Ill grant you a quick death!”

Because of the four deputy deans order, Ao Lis fate had already been sealed!

A chuckle escaped Huang Xiaolongs lips, “You know what Ill give you one last chance as well.

Take off your spatial ring and kneel on the ground.

Ill rip your head out and use it as my chamber pot.”

As soon as the words left his lips, the audience roared with laughter.

They shook their heads at him and felt as though he had no idea about his situation.

“DIE!” Dun Hao roared when he heard Huang Xiaolongs mockery.

Killing intent burst out from his eyes, and he charged towards Huang Xiaolong.

“Since that is the case, there is no need to waste more time.

Go to hell!” The sword in his hand cleaved downwards towards Huang Xiaolong.

“Radiance Cyclone!”

As streams of radiance energy swirled around Dun Hao, the arena was shrouded in light.

The streams of energy turned violent, and they became strong enough to tear open a city made from chaos stone! There was no need to mention low-level Emperors, even high-level Emperors stared at the scene before them in shock.

While the storm of radiance energy was going on, Dun Haos sword pierced towards Huang Xiaolongs heart.

A cold snort left Huang Xiaolongs lips as resplendent rays of light emerged from his body.

Endless radiance descended through the void and formed a boundless sea.

In an instant, the cyclone formed by Dun Haos radiance energy was shattered.

Everyone stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

They looked at the inexhaustible radiance coming from the void above Huang Xiaolong.


Despite the sudden change, Dun Hao didnt falter.

The sword in his hand pierced towards Huang Xiaolong.

The Radiance Divine Sword appeared right in front of Huang Xiaolongs chest before he could react.

“Ao Li, how many moves have I made! Youre going to be defeated within two moves from me!” Dun Hao roared with laughter when he saw that his sword was about to skewer Huang Xiaolongs heart.

It was too bad the smile on his face froze when he realized that the sword wasnt able to pierce through Huang Xiaolongs skin.

He stared at the tip of his sword and fell into shock.


Many experts saw how Huang Xiaolong stopped the attack, and they jumped in shock.

That was a high-grade grandmist artifact he was holding in his hand!

Under Dun Haos astonished gaze, mysterious energy surged out from Huang Xiaolongs heart.

A horrifying wave of energy blasted against Dun Hao, and he felt as though he was facing the eruption of a volcano head-on.

The Radiance Divine Sword was sent flying.

The rebound hit Dun Hao so hard that he couldnt keep a hold onto his Radiance Divine Sword!

Even though Huang Xiaolong had sent Dun Haos sword flying, Dun Hao couldnt control it.

The energy was strong enough to send the sword flying, and it also pushed Dun Hao back.

He couldnt help but retreat continuously.

When Dun Hao was forced to retreat, Huang Xiaolong didnt remain idle.

His figure blurred as he rushed forward to deliver a punch straight to Dun Haos heart.

An eye for an eye!


Huang Xiaolongs fist slammed into Dun Haos chest, and a massive explosion resounded through the air.

Dun Hao was sent flying, and he landed on the edge of the arena.

The light around his armor started to dim, and the divine spirits became illusory.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath.

They felt their hearts constricting when they stared at Ao Li.

Is this something a human can do! How can his skin stop a high-grade grandmist artifact from piercing his heart!

One had to know that the heart was the weakest spot in the human body!

Not to mention the fact that he sent Dun Hao flying.

The astonishing feat was that he had sent the heavily armored Dun Hao flying! The Four Spirit Divine Armor was a high-grade grandmist divine armor! Looking at how Dun Hao was powerless to stop Huang Xiaolongs attack even with the amazing armor, one could only imagine the strength behind Huang Xiaolongs punch.

Silence filled the area.

“How is that possible! How is Ao Li so strong!” One of the ancestors standing behind Qin Huangzhong stared at the individual standing in the arena with a dumbfounded look.

A look of disbelief was also etched on Qin Huangzhongs face.

He had never expected Ao Li to be able to stop Dun Haos attack in the first place, let alone send Dun Hao flying! When Dun Hao had brought out the two high-grade grandmist artifacts, Qin Huangzhong had felt that it would be a walkover.

However, the scene before him proved otherwise! He was wrong! He was very wrong!

Everyone felt a tremor run through their hearts.

Two moves!

Huang Xiaolong clasped his hands behind his back as he walked towards Dun Hao.

When he started to move, several experts from the Radiance Divine City locked on to Huang Xiaolong.

It was too bad Huang Xiaolong could care less about every one of them.

As a cold smile formed on his face, Huang Xiaolong approached Dun Hao.

As a groan left his lips, Dun Hao crawled to his feet.

He looked at his chest before looking at the monster before him.

He raised his hand to wipe his mouth, only to discover two streams of blood flowing down the corner of his lips.

How is this possible!

No! I cannot lose!

“Ao Li, the crimes you have committed exceeded my expectations!” A malevolent expression appeared on Dun Haos face as he roared with anger, “Do you really think that you have won The battle has just begun!”

An eye-catching burst of light came from his palm as a godhead emerged in the skies.

It emitted dense radiance energy, and it seemed to illuminate the entire Reverence Moon Divine City.

“King of supreme godhead!”

Someone yelled in shock.

Before they could react, another godhead emerged from Dun Haos body.

The brilliance it had didnt pale in comparison to the first, and it was clear that it was another king of supreme godhead! Two king of supreme godheads!

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