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“I didnt expect Ao Li to be one of the imperial courtyards new recruits! One with a king of supreme godhead.”

Lin Tianrui snorted, “No wonder he was so fearless, and arrogant to boot!”

Imperial courtyard student Caley smiled, “Too bad.

He didnt sort out the situation, assuming that he can step on everyone without repercussions relying on his king of supreme godhead!”

“Are you confident of defeating that kid within ten moves I want you to defeat Ao Li within ten moves!” Dun Hao stated domineeringly.

Since Ao Li had the guts to make a bet that he could defeat Dun Hao within ten moves, he wanted Caley to defeat Ao Li in ten moves.

Dun Hao wanted Ao Li to eat his own words and lose his reputation.

Caley was taken aback, then spoke solemnly, “Ao Li defeated Lu Zhaoming with one move, proving his battle strength is higher than an average Second Order Emperor Realm cultivator.

However, if I resort to some ancient divine arts, I still have the confidence to defeat him within ten moves!”

A smile bloomed over Dun Haos face.

“Good, as long as you keep it within ten moves, my Radiance Divine Spear is yours.”

Caley was delighted hearing that, “Really, truly, rest assured, Senior Brother Dun Hao, I will do my absolute best to defeat that kid within ten moves!”

Dun Haos Radiance Divine Spear was a mid-grade grandmist spiritual weapon, and it was something Caley had been dreaming of for a long time.

“Then, Ill head back to the imperial courtyard immediately!” Caley stood up in a hurry.

Dun Hao waved his hand, laughing at Caleys urgency.

“Whats the hurry Its getting dark.

Moreover, today is the first day the new students report to the academy.

Its the first day, and youre going to make him miserable Wouldnt that be too rude Let him simmer in pride for a day.

You can meet him tomorrow.”

“For sure! Ill listen to Senior Brother Dun Hao!”


Huang Xiaolong took a tour around the palace mountain peak arranged for him by the Reverence Moon Academy.

His palace residence was wide and spacious, consisting of ten to twelve buildings.

It took over most of the land surface of the mountain peak.

There were more than a dozen cultivation, alchemy, and study rooms.

There was even a training hall.

Though the palaces were spacious, they were basically empty on the inside.

They lacked many furniture and other items.

For instance, the cold jade bed for meditation, and plants and flowers needed to be planted.

Purchasing these things would eat up some of his time.

Huang Xiaolong decided not to buy them but rather spend his time strengthening the entire palaces defensive array formations.

Since some years back, Huang Xiaolong had been studying formation arrays, his grasp of formation arrays had improved significantly.

Although he had only casually strengthened the existing array formations, the palaces defensive arrays power was twice as strong.

Compared to day time, everything was much quieter in the darkness of the night.

Standing on the mountain peak, Huang Xiaolong was looking in the southeast direction.

The items left behind by the Radiance Ancestor were supposedly inside a mountain on the southeast side called Boundary Ancestral Mountain.

The Boundary Ancestral Mountain was the place the Radiance Ancestor had cultivated and resided in the Reverence Moon Academy.

However, the Boundary Ancestral Mountain was also a forbidden land, guarded by experts.

Even students of the imperial courtyard couldnt enter.

How was Huang Xiaolong going to enter the Boundary Ancestral Mountain and get the items left behind by the Radiance Ancestor

Huang Xiaolong frowned.

But he understood that he couldnt rush this matter.

He had just entered the imperial courtyard.

It would ruin the big picture if he acted recklessly.

Huang Xiaolong only knew a little about the items the Radiance Ancestor had left behind.

It included numerous radiance divine armors and radiance divine spears.

The number of divine armors and divine spears could fill an entire world surface.

Huang Xiaolong had no idea how many divine armors and divine spears there were precisely, but they were more than enough to re-equip the entire Radiance Knight Corp from head to toe.

Apart from the divine armors and divine spears, there were countless top-grade grandmist grade divine pills, and there was a possibility that these top-grade grandmist pills were better than the Brilliant Sun Divine Pills.

And there were also probably some low-grade, mid-grade, and even high-grade chaos spiritual vein.

Then again, these pills and spiritual veins were not what Huang Xiaolong desired the most.

Huang Xiaolong deduced that the Radiance Ancestor had left behind more precious things among the trove of treasures, such as the origin treasure; maybe level two origin treasures like the purple grandmist aura and the Three Lives Flower.

Then again, this was merely Huang Xiaolongs deduction.

Whether there was really any origin level treasure among them, it remained to be verified after Huang Xiaolon found the Radiance Ancestors treasure.


The night receded peacefully, and the first ray of dawn soon peeked over the horizon.

Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged on a protruded boulder on the mountain peak at an arms length away from a cliff that was thousands of meters high.

Gentle sunlight over the mountain peak added a unique layer of glow to Huang Xiaolongs body.

Huang Xiaolong, who was still meditating, suddenly opened his eyes.

The corner of his mouth curved up in a cold sneer.

Here finally!

Four figures were flying towards his mountain peak at high speed, without converging the surging momentums from their bodies.

Their strong momentums immediately alerted the students on nearby mountain peaks.

“Its Caley! And also, Brennus! George! Beers!”

“The four of them are followers of the Son of Light Dun Hao.

It looks like theyre looking for Ao Lis trouble! A good shows coming.

Let us make a bet whats going to happen I bet that Ao Lis arms and legs will be crippled, and his face would probably be beaten flat!”

“Arms and legs crippled Son of Light Dun Hao has already released the word that Ao Li would be packed up until he cannot take care of his daily life! At least, he would be bedridden for several years, so having his arms and legs crippled are light injuries!”

Other students hurried out from their residences and stood high in the air to spectate from afar with anticipation.

Though sparrings were the norm in the imperial courtyard, it had been quite a while since something this interesting had happened.

Moments later, Caley, Brennus, and the other two stopped in the air above Huang Xiaolongs allocated mountain peak.

Caley peered condescendingly at Huang Xiaolong.

Upon seeing that Huang Xiaolong had remained seated cross-legged without any intention of acknowledging their arrival, he sneered, “Are you Ao Li, who was bragging about defeating Senior Brother Dun Hao, that too within ten moves”

Huang Xiaolong stood up and said, “If there are no other new students named Ao Li, then, its probably me.”

Caley sneered coldly, “Kid, why dont you go take a look in the mirror See what kind of stuff youre made of.

Are you qualified to utter those words and claim that you can defeat Senior Brother Dun Hao Youre not even qualified to carry Senior Brother Dun Haos spear.

I will defeat you within ten moves, and serve you up as the worlds ugliest pig-head!”

The spectating students in the distance let out whoops of laughter.

“But Senior Brother Dun Hao said, if you offer up that ten-winged pegasus, and also that item you have, then well just break your legs!” Caley added, “Or, Ill break your middle-leg into eighteen sections and turn it into 18-section staff.

Lets see how youre going to use it in the future!”

Another wave of laughter came from old students.

“One move!” Huang Xiaolong suddenly stated.

One move Caley was baffled, unable to figure out what Huang Xiaolong was saying.

Then, Huang Xiaolong suddenly leapt into the air and appeared in front of Caley in a split second.

He punched straight at Caleys head before Caley could realize what was happening.

Caley was shocked.

Ao Lis speed was too fast!

Watching Huang Xiaolongs fist enlarge in in front of his eyes, Caley bellowed.

Glaring light burst out from his body and soared skywards, resembling an ancient god of light, as he swung out his fist to meet Huang Xiaolong.

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