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The four of them looked at each other, and saw the unbridled excitement and joy in each others eyes.

“Netherworld Kings Jade, he has the Netherworld Kings Jade! He really has our old masters Netherworld Kings Jade!” Jin Yuan repeated himself incoherently.

“It is… it definitely is the Netherworld Kings Jade! Moreover, he should have already refined the fourth set of restrictions in the Netherworld Kings Jade! Otherwise, he wouldnt be able to use the power of darkness in it!” Tai Yue laughed.

He laughed with unconcealed joy.

How many billions of years have they waited for this day

It was more than ten billion years!

The day was finally here.

The person they were waiting for was right in front of their eyes!

“Old master, your inheritor has finally arrived!” Wan Yutian said in excitement as his eyes reddened.

They had waited for this day for a long, long time.

“Hahaha, I knew that we wouldnt be disappointed this time around! Bone age of a thousand year, a Ninth Order God King, and he has a supreme godhead! Only a peerless genius like him has qualifications to be our new master!”

Even though Huang Xiaolong had yet to obtain the true inheritance of the king of hell, the four of them were already certain that Huang Xiaolong would be their new master! The moment he had refined the fourth set of restrictions in the Netherworld Kings Jade, it was only a matter of time before he obtained the true inheritance.

“Jin Yuan, let me slap you and see if we are all in a dream!” Tai Yue said suddenly.

Even though the four of them had experienced countless hardships, carnage, and had an extremely firm will, they were all prancing around like little kids in the space above the divine plane.

Tai Yue raised his hand and prepared to slap Jin Yuan as soon as he spoke.

“Are you crazy! Wait! Are you actually going to slap me!” Jin Yuan retaliated immediately.


Debris was swept around and the entire flying ship trembled.

“Stop messing about! Why are you acting like kids!” Wan Yutian looked at the two of them helplessly before turning his attention back to Huang Xiaolong.

Excitement bubbled in his heart.

“Look, shouldnt we be going to greet our new master”

Fan Hui sucked in a deep breath and he suppressed his excitement before muttering under his breath, “Lets wait for our new master to finish his test.”

Jin Yuan added, “Thats right, we have already waited for billions of years, several days more wont hurt.”

“Should we tell this good news to Cang Mingtian and the others” Tai Yue asked.

Other than the four of them here, the other six chiefs of the Netherworld Kings Organization were Lu Kun, Jiang Fenghuang, He Lianfeng, Cang Mingtian, Yi Fei, and Pang De.

The four of them were in charge of the Hell Asura World.

Lu Kun, Jiang Fenghuang, and He Lianfeng were in charge of the Spirits World.

The last four were in charge of the Ghost World.

“I think it will be for the best that we restrict the news for now.

We should let the other chiefs know about his existence after master obtains the inheritance.” Jin Yuan contemplated for a moment before making his suggestion.

“Then lets wait for our new master to finish his test and make a decision after hearing his opinion.” Fan Hui said.

At this time, on the Divine Plane where the test was held, Huang Xiaolongs darkness supreme godforce continuously poured out of his body and it encompassed the area of a million miles around him.

It didnt stop there.

Instead, it continued to expand at an alarming speed.

The darkness supreme godforce that came from Huang Xiaolongs darkness king of supreme godhead seemed to form a world.

In the world of darkness, Huang Xiaolong was the god.

No matter the strength of the hell beasts, the moment they entered his world, they would decay and turn into a part of the world of darkness.

As he continued to devour the hell beasts, Huang Xiaolongs world of darkness became even more resplendent.

Anyone who looked at his world of darkness would feel their heartbeat accelerate.

Even Jin Yuan and the three of them who were looking from afar were shocked.

Only after Huang Xiaolongs world of darkness covered a radius of ten million miles around him did it start to slow down.

Huang Xiaolongs figure flashed and he flew forward.

Wherever he went, the world of darkness followed.

Countless hell beasts were devoured as he moved forward.

Their godforce and blood essence became nourishment for Huang Xiaolongs world of darkness.

“What domineering darkness supreme godforce!” Fan Hui was amazed.

“It really is overbearing.

Ive never seen such terrifying darkness godforce in my life.

This should be the ability of our new masters supreme godhead!” Tai Yue exclaimed in admiration.

“Im afraid that our new masters darkness supreme godhead doesnt just possess devouring and corrosive powers...” Wan Yutian thought about it for a second before adding.

“Are you saying that our new masters supreme godhead also has the ability to purify” Jin Yuan was shocked.

“It should be impossible for a darkness supreme godhead to possess the ability of purification.” Fan Hui shook his head and denied.

“I didnt say that our new masters darkness supreme godhead has the purification ability!” Wan Yutian looked at everyone with a complicated gaze in his eyes.

“What youre saying is…!” Jin Yuan, Fan Hui, and Tai Yue looked at each other in shock.

Wan Yutian sucked in a long breath before making his guess.

“Its entirely possible that our new master has two supreme godheads!”

Two supreme godheads!

Moreover, it might even be two king of supreme godheads!

Jia Yuan and the others felt their heart tremble in excitement.

They were very clear about what it meant for someone to possess two supreme godheads.

When the four of them were still marvelling over Huang Xiaolongs possession of two supreme godheads, he was flying through the divine plane at astonishing speed.

The numbers of his test token were rising at a breakneck pace.

Two hundred thousand! Two hundred and ten thousand, two hundred twenty thousand!

The number of beasts he killed soon reached three hundred thousand.

At the end of the third day, the number of hell beasts Huang Xiaolong had killed reached a frightening amount of three hundred and twenty thousand.

Among them, there were more than twenty five thousand hell beasts above the Ninth Order God King Realm!

Three days! That was his record in three days!

However, Huang Xiaolong looked at the number and shook his head, “Its still too slow!”

The expression on the faces of the four chiefs changed a little when they heard Huang Xiaolong complaining about being slow.

The four of them were speechless.



While Huang Xiaolong was undergoing his test, the grand elders from the Gu Family were gathered in the main hall of the Gu Family headquarters.

The person sitting before them in the main seat had three eyes and he was the current patriarch of the Gu Family, Gu Chen!

Gu Chens face was a little gloomy and the third eye between his forehead flashed with a faint golden light.

He then swept his gaze around the hall and said, “What do you think about the matter regarding Gu Cheng”

“Jiao Qingshan went too far! How dare he kill one of our Grand Elders!” A short old man sitting below Gu Chen said coldly, “They must think that our Gu Family is a pushover!”

If this had happened before they had obtained the backing of the Divine Slaughter Sect, they would have swallowed their anger.

However, things were different now.

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