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Huang Xiaolong didnt ride in the Dragon Shark Flying Ship when he made his way to Mongolia City.

Instead, he chose five mounts and brought the four of them along with him as he rode towards the city.

Of course, the bandits in the Keshen Mountain Range didnt have good mounts.

The mounts Huang Xiaolong chose were the best ones they had but they were barely better than ordinary mounts.

The Hell Beast they were riding on was called the Purple Qilin and it was a hybrid offspring of a Dark Qilin and a Purple Winged Horse.

The Dark Qilin was a top-grade ancient divine beast while the Purple Winged Horse was a regular beast.

As for the five beasts they were riding on, the Dark Qilin bloodline in them was nearly non-existent.

Lucky for them, the Purple Qilin they were riding on werent too slow and they had cultivation equivalent to a First Order Ancestor God.

In six days, they were able to arrive at Mongolia City.

After arriving at the city, Huang Xiaoloong ordered two of them to purchase a residence in the city.

After all, there were still several days before the recruitment and they needed a place to stay.

Whatever it was, Huang Xiaolong didnt lack spirit stones.

Of course, he didnt plan to use the spirit stones in his possession.

With the wealth of the bandits in the Keshen Mountain Range, the amount of spirit stones in their possession was more than enough to buy a residence in the city.

After giving them the order to buy a residence, Huang Xiaolong headed over to the Netherworld Kings Organization branch with the two other bandits in tow.

The branch was located in the middle of the city and it couldnt be easier for him to locate it.

In under two hours, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the entrance of the branch office of the Netherworld Kings Organization.

When he arrived, Huang Xiaolong felt slightly shocked as the atmosphere there wasnt as lively as he had imagined.

It might be because the requirements to join the organization was too harsh and that the passing rate was too little that not many people were there to register.

There were two guards in black battle armor standing at the entrance and they possessed strength at the early-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm.

Looking at the wordNether embroidered on their chest, Huang Xiaolong knew that they were the Netherguards.

The Netherworld Kings Organization was broken up into two sections.

The inner division, and the outer division.

The inner division consisted of the Netherguards.

The authority the Netherguards held in the Netherworld Kings Organization was similar to the Heavenly Soldiers in the Heavenly Court in the Divine World.

However, the Heavenly Soldiers were there to uphold law and order in the Divine World.

The Netherguards were only responsible for the order in the Netherworld Kings Organization.

As for the Netherguards, they were located in every part of Hell, just like the Netherworld Kings Organization branches.

They were rampant in the Hell Asura World, the World of Departed Spirits, and the Ghost World.

As for the total number of Netherguards, no one knew…

However, according to the king of grandmist and the little cow, the Netherguards stationed in the three worlds would be able to exterminate any one of the worlds with ease.

The Netherguards army was possibly three times stronger than the Heavenly Soldiers in the Divine World!

Huang Xiaolong had felt his heart shake when he had heard their evaluation.

The little cow had even guessed that the Netherworld Kings Organization was under the king of hell.

In the past, the king of hell had disappeared for a long period of time and the Netherworld Kings Organization had happened to coincidentally form themselves during his absence.

According to the little cow, anyone who could obtain the king of hells inheritance would be able to gain control over the entire organization! With the power the inheritor held, he would be able to dominate all three worlds in Hell!

After talking about the inner division, one had to take note of the outer division as well.

Those who formed the outer division were the experts who passed the test.

They were known as the Netherkings.

As for their ranks, they started out from one star and rose to the highest rank of ten stars.

As long as one had broken through into the Ancestor God Realm, they would be eligible to sign up for the recruitment to be a Netherking.

According to the cultivation, the early, middle, and late stages of a cultivator in the Ancestor God Realm would correspond to one, two, and three stars respectively.

As for the four, five, and six stars Netherkings, they were ranks given to early, middle, and late stage God King Realm cultivators.

From the seventh to ninth star, they were only given to Heavenly Monarchs.

Anyone in the Emperor Realm and above were judged to be ten star Netherkings.

Since ten star was the highest rank one could get, no matter if one was in the early, middle, or late stages of the Emperor Realm, they would be given the ten star rank.

It didnt matter if they were an expert surpassing the Emperor Realm, there were no exceptions.

Once they passed the recruitment test to enter the Netherworld Kings Organization, they would be given a rank according to their cultivation level.

For example, Huang Xiaoloing was a Ninth Order God King.

The moment he passed the test, he would be a six star Netherking.

He didnt need to climb up the ranks after entering the organization.

The stronger they were, the more privileges they would be able to receive after entering the organization.

The Netherworld Kings Organization had their own chamber of commerce and it was known as the Netherworld Kings Chamber of Commerce.

They were located in all three worlds and no other chamber of commerce would be able to shake their position at all.

The higher ones rank, the more discount they would be able to get when purchasing items from the Netherworld Kings Chamber of Commerce.

One to three star Netherkings would be able to receive a ten percent discount.

Four to six star Netherkings would be able to receive a twenty percent discount.

Seven to nine star Netherkings would be able to receive a thirty percent discount.

As for a ten star Netherking, they would be able to enjoy a forty percent discount when purchasing items in the Netherworld Kings Chamber of Commerce.

Netherkings would also be able to issue missions to the Netherworld Kings Organization.

With the strength and influence of the Netherworld Kings Organization, the chances of success the moment a mission was issued was practically guaranteed.

Huang Xiaolong wanted to use the chance to look for Fang Mingyu and Ren Wokuang using this method.

It went without saying that the mission rewards were bountiful.

Huang Xiaolong stood before the entrance of the Netherworld Kings Organization and complicated thoughts ran through his mind.

After some considerations, he finally stepped into the entrance with his two new subordinates.

The moment he stepped into the entrance, the Gu Family received news about him.

“This brat has finally shown himself!” Gu Zheng laughed coldly to himself.

“Its too bad for you that Ive been paying attention all this while.”

“Senior Gu Zheng, according to the reports from Mongolia City, this little brat has entered the Netherworld Kings Organizations main entrance.

From the looks of it, he plans to take the recruitment test to become a Netherking.” Gu Fei explained.

“How many days before the recruitment begins”

“There are still five days before the test will commence.” Gu Fei replied respectfully.

Gu Zheng nodded his head and said, “Its enough time for me to get there.

If we take the transmission array, well be able to arrive in Mongolia City in four days.

We have to make our move before he takes the test.

Right now, we shall head over to Mongolia City to intercept him!”

“Senior Gu Zheng…” Gu Fei chuckled and continued, “This brat is pretty unlucky.

You were going to leave in a few days but he had to court trouble by showing himself.

I even thought that he would be lying low for the next few years.”

Among their hearty laughter, they left the Gu Family and headed towards the transmission array located in the inner city.

As for Huang Xiaolong, he went straight towards the side hall after he entered the entrance to register for the recruitment test.

The person in charge of the registration was from the Demon Race, and he was an early-First Order God King Realm cultivator.

The members of the Demon Race differed in their appearances based on their bloodline.

Their wings shone a different color, and members of their royal family had silver wings.

Looking at the person in charge of the registration, his wings shone a brilliant silver.

After Huang Xiaolong stated his purpose, he handed over the registration fee of ten thousand grade seven spirit stones.

When everything was done, he led Huang Xiaolong into the inner palace.

When they arrived at the inner palace, an extremely huge formation array formed with mysterious symbols was present in the middle of the hall.

“Stand in the middle and I will activate the formation to test for your bone age and strength.” The Demon Race member pointed towards the formation and instructed Huang Xiaolong.

After nodding his head, Huang Xiaolong casually stepped into the middle of the formation.

Even though anyone above the Ancestor God Realm could apply to be a Netherking, not all experts would pass the test.

For example, a God King like Huang Xiaolong had to possess a bone age of less than two hundred thousand years.

Regardless of their cultivation level, they had to also possess an emperor rank godhead or higher.

If they passed the initial test, the Netherworld Kings Organization would provide them with a mission and they would only be accepted if they completed the mission successfully.

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