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At this time, Tian Ziyi, Bai Yunxiang, and the other disciples were beaming.

Three years ago, they were embroiled in hate and anger after the little cow had sent them rolling down the Heaven Eye Mountain peak.

At that time they had left the Heaven Eye Mountain Range, but had stayed behind in the Floating Twilight Land.

During this time, they had been inquiring around the Floating Twilight Land and after three years of bitter search, not long ago, they had finally found two low-grade chaos demonic spiritual veins!

However, they hadnt found these two low-grade chaos demonic spiritual veins at the Heaven Eye Mountain Range, but at another mountain range several millions li away from it.

Therefore, their previous accusations that Huang Xiaolongs group had discovered low-grade chaos demonic spiritual veins were debunked.

This was simply because the low-grade chaos demonic spiritual veins were not at all to be found at the Heaven Eye Mountain Range.

“We must celebrate our success in finding two low-grade chaos demonic spiritual veins, drink twice as much!” The Brightness Emperor Palaces Elder Tian Ziyi announced with a big smile.

Elder Bai Yunxiang chuckled happily, “That is of course, not twice as much, but two hundred times as much!”

The Brightness Emperor Palaces disciples behind them laughed in glee.

“It has been quite some time since we have not met with the Devil Tiger Citys Mayor.

Lets go visit him and rest a few days at the Mayors Mansion before returning to the Brightness Emperor Palace!”


Both Elders entered the Devil Tiger City with the Brightness Emperor Palaces disciples.

Tian Ziyi and Bai Yunxiang had not met with the Devil Tiger Citys Mayor for some time.

Though disciples from outside would normally be regarded as fat meat by evil sects forces established in the Floating Twilight Land, courageous as they were, they would not dare to offend the Brightness Emperor Palace.

Not only they didnt dare to offend them, but these people also scurried to the sides and gave a wide berth upon seeing Tian Ziyi and Bai Yunxiang.

Tian Ziyi, Bai Yunxiang, and the group of disciples had yet to reach the Mayors Mansion, when they saw a middle-aged man clad in dark brocade robe leading a group of disciples hurrying towards them.

This middle-aged man was none other than the Devil Tiger Citys Mayor, Wu Chao.

Wu Chao had received a report of Tian Ziyi and Bai Yunxiangs arrival from his subordinate as soon as their group had entered the Devil Tiger City.

He had swiftly led a group of people to welcome them.

Although Wu Chao was also a Heavenly Monarch Realm master, at the end of the day, he was merely a small mayor of a small city in the Floating Twilight Land.

Compared to Tian Ziyi and Bai Yunxiang who were Elders of Brightness Emperor Palace, Wu Chaos status was much lower.

Hence, when Wu Chao learned that Tian Ziyi and Bai Yunxiang had come to the Devil Tiger City, Wu Chao did not dare to slight them at all in any way.

“Brother Ziyi, Brother Yunxiang!” From afar, the Devil Tiger Citys Mayor Wu Chao greeted with sonorous laughter.

“Both of you and the other brothers from Brightness Emperor Palace have come to visit my Devil Tiger City; even the city walls are shining from the brothers visit!”

The discovery of low-grade chaos demonic spiritual vein had put Tian Ziyi in a good mood, so he laughed as he replied, “Such pleasantries! Since were passing by the Devil Tiger City, naturally, we plan to stay here for a few days.

Looks like we would be troubling Brother Wu Chao during this time.”

Wu Chao was inwardly delighted hearing Tian Ziyis words, “Brother Ziyi and Brother Yunxiang can stay however long they want, theres nothing troubling about it.”

Everyone was in a jolly mood.

“Ive already ordered my people to prepare food and wine, Brother Ziyi, Brother Yunxiang, and brothers from Brightness Emperor Palace, this way please!” Wu Chao said as he stopped in front of Tian Ziyi and Bai Yunxiang, and made an inviting gesture with his arm.


Tian Ziyi also did not stand on ceremony as he walked onwards together with Bai Yunxiang.

“Brother Ziyi, Brother Yunxiang, how come you are visiting the Floating Twilight Land” As they made their way to the Mayors Mansion, Wu Chao asked casually.

“It has been over twenty thousand years since the last time you were last here, hasnt it”

Bai Yunxiang chuckled as he said half-jokingly, “Naturally, we come to the Floating Twilight Land to look for treasures.”

Wu Chao was stunned for a split second, but he picked up the conversation without missing a beat, “It seems from your shining faces, youve found the treasure you were looking for”

Tian Ziyi nodded his head and frankly admitted, “Although we met with a small trouble in the middle, we managed to find it in the end.”

Thesmall trouble in Tian Ziyis mouth was the fight with Huang Xiaolong and the little cows group from three years ago.

Recalling the time they had rolled down the Heaven Eye Mountain, intense killing intent flickered in the depths of Tian Ziyis eyes.

Even though three years had passed since then, the humiliation he had felt at that time had stayed intact, and it seemed like every moment was carved into his bones instead.

Bai Yunxiang seemed to recall the same thing and his eyes darkened with roiling hatred.

Noticing the subtle changes on Tian Ziyi and Bai Yunxiangs faces, Wu Chao decided to ask, “Did brothers run into any troubles If I could be of help, brothers can tell me directly, Ill be happy to help with whatever I can.”

Tian Ziyis gloomy expression reduced slightly at Wu Chaos words, and pretended to be indifferent as he said, “Its really nothing much.

We just happened to run into some bullheaded characters that didnt know what was good for them some days back, but they were quick to escape!”

At that time, they had been actually forced to roll down the Heaven Eye Mountain peak, but Tian Ziyi was making it seem like Huang Xiaolongs group had made a quick run for it.

Wu Chao snorted, “So, its like that.

If you see them again, Ill have them detained for brothers to vent their anger on them.”

Bai Yunxiang smiled and accepted, “Ill be troubling Brother Wu Chao then.”

The three chattered as they continued walking.

Just as they were passing by a section of the street, Tian Ziyi at the front of the group halted abruptly.

There was surprise on his face as he stared in one direction.

Bai Yunxiang found Tian Ziyis reaction strange, so he followed Tian Ziyis line of sight, and he too looked equally surprised.

In the next second, murderous intent boiled in their hearts.

That group, not far away...

It was none other than Huang Xiaolongs group

“Brothers, what is it” Wu Chao asked in confusion.

Tian Ziyis cold gaze followed Huang Xiaolongs group as he said to Wu Chao, “The ones I mentioned just now—its them!”

Its them!

Wu Chao immediately understood that Tian Ziyisits them referred to the people whom Tian Ziyi had mentioned to have escaped from his group.

“Is that so What a coincidence.” Wu Chao chuckled lowly, and said, “Theyve got some guts to remain in the Floating Twilight Land and stepping into my Devil Tiger City! This is what they call sending oneself to deaths door!” With that said, Wu Chao signaled his subordinates to capture Huang Xiaolongs group.

Bai Yunxiang frowned and extended his arm to stop Wu Chao and said, “Brother Wu Chao, few of those people are no weaklings.

Why dont you inform your Master, and have your Master inform the Martial Demon Emperor Palaces Hall Master as well, just in case they run again”

Wu Chao was actually the Martial Demon Emperor Palaces Grand Elder Chen Qinghais disciple-in-name.

Wu Chao blanked for a second then brushed off Bai Yunxiangs worry, “Brothers are worrying too much.

My Devil Tiger City is not some place they can come and go as they please.

Rest assured that this time, they wont be able to escape at any cost.”

However, Tian Ziyi shook his head and insisted, “They are stronger than you think.

In my opinion, its better to have your Master and the Martial Demon Emperor Palaces Hall Master to deal with them.”

Wu Chao was genuinely astonished this time.

He looked seriously at Tian Ziyi and Bai Yunxiang.

When Wu Chao was certain neither of them were joking, he solemnly agreed, “Alright then, I will inform my Master right now, and tell my Master that those people are causing havoc in the Devil Tiger City and I am no match against them.

So hopefully, Master and Martial Demon Emperor Palaces Hall Master can help.”

Tian Ziyi and Bai Yunxiang nodded their heads at Wu Chaos version.

Thus, Wu Chao took out his communication talisman and reported the matter to his Master.

Needless to say, Wu Chao exaggerated the situation in his report to his Master, claiming that Huang Xiaolongs group had high-level Heavenly Monarch Realm experts, maybe even a Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

These unruly troublemakers were extremely arrogant and were being extremely disrespectful towards the Martial Demon Emperor Palace.

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