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Under everyones attentive gazes, Sun Shihai and Zheng Ming walked towards the center of the great hall.

Due to the apprenticeship ceremonys ritual, a wide empty space was left open at the center of the great hall, enough for these participating disciples to display their strengths.

Standing at the center of the great hall, Sun Shihai took out his low-grade grandmist spiritual weapon Dragon Devourer Spear, and channeled his godforce into it.

Instantly, the inscribed heaven devouring beast on the spears body emitted a soul-shaking roar.

This sudden and startling roar shook everyone.

“Its the Dragon Devourer Spear!” Azure Dragon Emperor Chen Jianwei blurted out.

His words sent another wave of shock through the great hall.

It was no secret that the Dragon Devourer Spear was a weapon that had followed Zhou Chen for as long as everyone could remember, hence it was no surprise that the Azure Dragon Emperor and other Emperors recognized it at a glance.

Azure Dragon Emperor Chen Jianwei looked at Zhou Chen and chuckled, “I hadnt expected Old Brother Zhou Chen to have gifted the low-grade grandmist spiritual weapon Dragon Devourer Spear to Sun Shihai ah.”

Zhou Chen chuckled with pleasure.

“Although this Dragon Devourer Spear is quite powerful, it is not of much use to me now.

So I gave it to Shihai to protect himself.”

The Emperors Disciples and supreme godhead geniuses in the hall, including Zheng Ming, looked enviously at the Dragon Devourer Spear in Sun Shihais hand—thats a low-grade grandmist spiritual weapon ah!

“Tsk, tsk, low-grade grandmist spiritual weapon ah, this Ancestor Zhou Chen is really willing to support his personal disciple.” Even Chen Hao sighed in envy.

Huang Xiaolong nodded in agreement with a plain expression.

Inwardly, he was thinking,Merely a low-grade grandmist spiritual weapon.

If he managed to find the lower part of the Blood Eye Devil Stele, and refined it, the complete Blood Eye Devil Stele would be a top-grade grandmist spiritual artifact!

Though his Yellow Springs Magic Robe was damaged, before it had suffered the damage, it was also a higher grade grandmist spiritual artifact.

In short, Huang Xiaolong really didnt put the so-called Dragon Devourer Spear in his eyes.

Low-grade grandmist spiritual artifacts may be rare but there were definitely more than a handful of it in the Divine World.

In fact, one could occasionally find low-grade grandmist spiritual artifacts in auctions on Heavens Avenue, even though their prices were sky-high.

Then again, Huang Xiaolong did not lack spirit stones.

Right at this time, a burst of cheers sounded in the hall.

Huang Xiaolong looked towards the center of the Hall and realized that Sun Shihai and Zheng Ming had begun to battle.

In a collision, Zheng Ming was sent staggering backward, and there was a big hole in his weapon!

The big blade in Zheng Mings hand was a top-grade chaos spiritual weapon, but compared to the low-grade grandmist spiritual weapon Dragon Devourer Spear, its quality was more than one level lower.

On top of that, Sun Shihais cultivation was already at the early of Second Order God King Realm, infinitely close to advancing to peak early Second Order God King Realm.

This was one order higher than Zheng Ming.

The difference in strength was immediately obvious in that collision.

As Zheng Ming staggered backwards, Sun Shihai leaped forward, closing in the distance between them in the blink of an eye, raising and thrusting the Dragon Devourer Spear forward.

The spear struck Zheng Mings body and he immediately felt a pain in his chest, and others saw Zheng Mings body make an arch across the air.

“Yield.” Sun Shihai stood with his chest puffed out as he cupped his fists at Zheng Ming while still holding his spear.

Zheng Ming stood up slowly from the floor as he forced a smile, “Many thanks to Brother Sun for showing mercy.”

Sun Shihai had used the spears body to strike Zheng Ming, but had he used the tip of the spear instead, Zheng Mings chest would have been pierced through, resulting in heavy injury.

The Azure Dragon Emperors face looked a little ugly at Zheng Mings defeat.

Sun Shihais battle strength was higher than he had estimated, and Sun Shihai hadnt even resorted to the Celestial Blood Ape Physique.

Not to mention, a disciple of his sect was defeated in two moves!

Two moves!

Initially, he had assumed that Sun Shihai and Zheng Ming would at least exchange several hundred moves, and even if Zheng Ming would have lost at that point, the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace wouldnt have looked so bad, as it did now.

After all, Sun Shihais cultivation realm was slightly higher than Zheng Ming, it was a given.

But losing within two moves was too ugly a defeat.

Contrary to Chen Jianweis current mood, Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, and others belonging to the Fortune Emperor Palace were smiling from ear to ear as they nodded in satisfaction.

“Any other Brothers would like to enlighten me and vice versa” Sun Shihai cupped his fists towards the various Emperor Palaces Emperors Disciples in the hall.

Proper and decent, Sun Shihai was akin to a crane standing in a flock of chickens, attracting the gazes of more than half the young women in the great hall.

“I am the Eternal Emperor Palaces Wangu Xiaoyao.

I would like to exchange some pointers with Brother Sun Shihai.” At this time, a dashing young man stood up and greeted Sun Shihai with cupped fists.

The Eternal Emperor Palace!

Huang Xiaolong was surprised as his gaze fell on the young man.

He was surprised to find that the young mans cultivation realm was at the peak late-First Order God King Realm.

Judging from his appearance, he seemed a little stronger than the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces Zheng Ming.

In front of everyones undivided attention, Wangu Xiaoyao disappeared in a blur, and reappeared at the center of the hall, standing opposite to Sun Shihai.

Both of them stood straight and saluted each other.

It started with a loud bellow from Wangu Xiaoyao as he seized the initiative to attack.

Wangu Xiaoyaos fist whistled across the air like an endless rumbling thunder, and sparks of lightning flew out from his body, whirling around him—Wangu Xiaoyao had the rare lightning element godforce.

All the spectators nodded inwardly with appreciation.

It was clear from this punch that Wangu Xiaoyao was stronger than Zheng Ming.

No wonder he dared to challenge Sun Shihai.

Sun Shihai advanced instead of dodging Wangu Xiaoyaos punch as he too punched out.

An eerie blood-red glow enshrouded Sun Shihais fist.

This clearly showed that he had activated the bloodline power of his Celestial Blood Ape Physique.

Bang! A thunderous boom shook the hall.

Next, everyone saw Wangu Xiaoyao being repelled back.

Sun Shihai swung out his fist again.

Wangu Xiaoyao was not using any kind of weapon, thus Sun Shihai had also chosen not to use his Dragon Devourer Spear.

As Sun Shihai and Wangu Xiaoyao exchanged fists for fists in the melee, booming sounds echoed continuously throughout the hall.

Their movements were extremely fast, thus most of the disciples could merely see blurry images.

Suddenly, the two meleeing figures separated and everyone saw a blood-colored palm print on Wangu Xiaoyaos chest.

There was bloodstain at the corner of his mouth, and he was looking a little sorry, whereas Sun Shihai was calm and composed as he stood there with a faint smile on his face.

“Yield.” Sun Shihai smiled and cupped his fists at Wangu Xiaoyao.

“Many thanks for Brother Suns mercy.” Wangu Xiaoyao cupped his fists at Sun Shihai in thanks, and then retreated back to his seat.

Watching this, the guests murmured softly in shock.

Truth be told, the majority of them had thought that Wangu Xiaoyao would last for a longer time, but unexpectedly, Wangu Xiaoyao had not even lasted for half of the time they had estimated.

From the time Wangu Xiaoyao had taken the initiative to attack until the fight was over, each person had barely made more than nine moves…

The smiles on Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, and the others faces widened at this result.

Sun Shihai truly did not disappoint them.

“I am the Solitude Emperor Palaces Chen Zheng, Brother Sun, please enlighten me!” A young man clad in green robe stood from his seat and walked towards the center of the hall.


Geniuses from various Emperor Palaces went up to challenge Sun Shihai one after another but none of them were able to last for more than ten moves, and all of them were defeated in less than ten moves by Sun Shihai.

Another challenger stood up to challenge Sun Shihai.

He was an early Second Order God King Realm disciple named You Leng from the Dark Spirit Emperor Palace.

But he too was defeated in nine moves.

Seemingly, the stronger the challenger, the stronger Sun Shihai was.

From the beginning until now, thirteen supreme godhead geniuses from other Emperor Palaces forces had lost to Sun Shihai, and the lively atmosphere had turned tepid.

No other supreme godhead geniuses from other forces wanted to challenge Sun Shihai anymore.

Standing at the center of the hall, Sun Shihai stood tall as a mountain, like an undefeated god of war.

His gaze swept over the guests; he saluted as he asked, “Which Brother is interested to come up to challenge me”

However, Sun Shihai received silence as the answer to his question and the hall was quiet as none of the Emperor Palaces forces disciples stood up.

Just as Fang Gan was about to announce the end of the sparring competition challenge, clapping sounds came from outside of the great hall and a voice rang in the quiet hall, “Marvelous, absolutely fascinating.”

Everyone was alarmed by the sudden interruption.

Turning around, they saw a young man clad in black brocade robe walking into the hall.

On the chest of this young mans black robe was the emblem of a skull, an ember-colored skull.

Everyones faces tightened when they saw the ember skull emblem.

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