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When Patriarch Xiang Tai was relieved as he heard that Huang Xiaolong merely wanted him to put the Holy Elephant Square on lockdown.

He replied promptly, “Yes, Master.

Please rest assured, this subordinate will do it immediately!”

Given the Ten Thousand Elephant Clans power and influence in the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City, putting the square on lockdown, and containing the news about divine elephants resurrection was very easy.

Soon, everyone in the city was banned from talking about the incident.

On the other hand, Huang Xiaolongs group headed to the Ten Thousand Elephant Clans headquarters, courteously led by Ancestor Xiang Hui. 

The disciples who had tried to block Huang Xiaolong with Xiang Li earlier, fainted into oblivion when they heard that Huang Xiaolong had become the Ten Thousand Elephant Clans Master after resurrecting the divine elephant.

Luckily for them, Huang Xiaolong did not pursue their faults.

Ancestor Xiang Hui obtained Huang Xiaolongs permission to celebrate divine elephant Xiang Xuns resurrection on the same day.

Upon receiving approval from Huang Xiaolong, he ordered a banquet in the headquarters great hall for a grand celebration.

In truth, Huang Xiaolong also felt that it was worth celebrating since he had successfully resurrected the divine elephant Xiang Xun and had become the Ten Thousand Elephant Clans Master.

But the banquet was not overly grand.

It was attended by very limited people including Huang Xiaolongs group, the Ten Thousand Elephant Clans Ancestor, Patriarch, Grand Elders and Elders.

Halfway through the banquet, Ancestor Xiang Hui took out a blood-red jade bottle, and respectfully said to Huang Xiaolong, “Master, this is our Ten Thousand Elephant Clans elephant elixir which has been accumulating for a long time.

This will be very beneficial for Masters cultivation.

So please accept it.”

“Elephant elixir” Huang Xiaolong was confused.

Although it had been a long time since he had ascended the Divine World, Huang Xiaolong had never heard about the elephant elixir.

Divine elephant Xiang Xun was about to explain Huang Xiaolong when the little cow spoke, “This is good stuff ah.

Elephant elixir has been condensed by the Ten Thousand Elephant Clans clansmen from their origin essence.

It has similar benefits to the primordial divine dragons dragon ambergris.

One drop of the primordial divine dragons dragon ambergris greatly improves a persons physical body, and increases a persons lifespan from a few hundred years to several thousand years.

Similarly, swallowing one drop of the elephant elixir improves your physical body, raises your bodys power, and even raises your cultivation!”

Her eyes sparkled as the little cow looked at the blood-red bottle.

She then asked, “Was this elephant elixir condensed inside a God King Realms body”

Although the elephant elixir condensed inside the Ten Thousand Elephant Clans Ancestor God Realm cultivator was precious, it was still many times worse compared to the elephant elixir from a God King Realm.

A God King Realms elephant liquid would be an absolutely superb supplement for Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, and other Ancestor God Realm masters.

“Yes, Senior Xiaoniu!” Ancestor Xiang Hui answered respectfully.

He added, “Inside this blood-red bottle is God King Realms elephant liquid accumulated through all these years.

There are over a thousand drops inside this bottle.”

A single drop of elephant elixir was in itself very hard to condense.

Some of the clansmen had only managed to condense a few drops of elephant elixir through several million years of their lifespan. 

Over a thousand drops!

This was considered as a very shocking number!

The little cows eyes lit up.

She chuckled happily and said, “I say, kiddo Xiang Hui, what other good stuff you want to offer to Xiaolong Anything for this elderly cow” 

Ancestor Xiang Hui was dumbfounded and an awkward embarrassment followed the little cows question.

Huang Xiaolong laughed softly and said to Ancestor Xiang Hui, “Since shes looking for a snack, bring her a few sheeps buttocks.

She likes eating sheeps buttocks the most.”

Sheeps buttocks

The little cow choked on her saliva as she looked at Huang Xiaolong bitterly.

Divine elephant Xiang Xun let out a hearty laughter, while Feng Er and the others also laughed out aloud.

On the other hand, the Void devil beast didnt dare to laugh, making it very hard for him to hold in his laughter.

Huang Xiaolong accepted the blood-red bottle from Ancestor Xiang Huis hands, and took out one bottle from his own spatial ring.

He then said, “This is some of the Blue Spectre Springwater that is quite beneficial for cultivation.” He then handed the bottle to Ancestor Xiang Hui.

Since Huang Xiaolong had taken over the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan, and could righteously take all of the Ten Thousand Elephant Clans treasures, he was still a little shy to take the elephant elixir in exchange for nothing.

After all, the clan had put in great efforts to accumulate the elephant elixir.

Ancestor Xiang Hui received the bottle from Huang Xiaolong with both hands, and thanked him with gratitude.

However, he had never heard of this so-called Blue Spectre Spring, thus, he didnt take the gift to his heart.

As if he saw through Ancestor Xiang Huis ignorance, divine elephant Xiang Xun strongly advised him, “The Blue Spectre Spring is a rare spring between heaven and earth, extremely precious.

Adding one drop when refining a pill could raise a pills purity to the highest, and soaking inside the Blue Spectre Springwater has the possibility of awakening the godly spectre eyes that could see through all illusions and phantoms.

Most important of all, a damaged divine artifact could repair itself when soaked inside it!”

Everyone from the Ten Thousand clan was astounded at Xiang Xuns words.

Damaged divine artifacts could repair themselves!

“Old Ancestor, are you saying that this Blue Spectre Spring could even repair top grade chaos spiritual artifacts” Ancestor Xiang Hui couldnt help asking as his voice shook slightly.

Well, there were several top grade chaos spiritual artifacts in their clans secret grounds.

However, all of them had some degree of damages, greatly reducing their power.

If these top grade chaos spiritual artifacts could be repaired, then their power would definitely rise several times, ah!

Divine elephant Xiang Xun answered, “Not just the top grade chaos spiritual artifacts, but even the top grade grandmist spiritual artifacts can be repaired in the Blue Specter Springwater!”

Even top grade grandmist spiritual artifacts can be repaired!

Ancestor Xiang Hui and the rest were astounded.

“Thank you, Master! Master, this Blue Spectre Springwater is too precious, this….!” Ancestor Xiang Hui had finally understood the true value of the Blue Spectre Springwater.

He couldnt help kneeling on his knees to show his gratitude.

Huang Xiaolong waved his hands nonchalantly and said, “Stand up, I still have a lot of this Blue Spectre Springwater.

If you need more later, you can tell me.”

The Blue Spectre Spring river that Huang Xiaolong had collected was more than a dozen li long, several hundred meters wide, and several hundred meters deep.

What he had given Ancestor Xiang Hui was only a small portion of it.

Ancestor Xiang Hui said another thank you before rising.

Patriarch Xiang Hui, the Grand Elders and Elders also knelt and thanked Huang Xiaolong.

The banquet lasted for two hours.

When it ended, Ancestor Xiang Hui arranged for Huang Xiaolong and his group to stay at a courtyard with the richest spiritual energy.

“Sigh, how are Li Lu and Yao Chi doing right now” Huang Xiaolong longed to meet them as he stood under the night sky.

Huang Xiaolongs group merely stayed one night at the Ten Thousand Elephant Clans headquarters, as Huang Xiaolong desired to meet Li Lu and Yao Chi.

They departed for the Fortune Gate early in the next morning.


Meanwhile, inside the Fortune Divine Kingdoms Brimming Snow Palace, Golden Brow Ancestor, Blood Knife Ancestor, Myriad Flames Ancestor, Black Ice Ancestor, Sky Sword Ancestor, Lightning Hammer Ancestor and the rest were frowning deeply while looking at Li Lu, who was lying unconscious on the cold jade bed.

Li Lus eyes closed as if she was only sleeping, however, ripples of green lights were emitting from her body, while occasional angry shrieks could be heard coming from these ripples of green lights.

Golden Brow Ancestor sighed heavily, “I didnt expect the evil spirit inside Li Lus body to be this strong!”

In these few years, the Ancestors had used every method they could think of, but they had been unable to exorcise the evil spirit and evil qi from Li Lus body.

“This cannot be delayed any longer.

If we still fail to force the evil spirit out of Li Lus body in another couple of years, Li Lu is very likely to stay comatized forever!” Sky Sword Ancestor said.

Black Ice Ancestor was filled with guilt.

“Blame me! If I would have exercised caution instead of being overconfident in my strength, and avoided exploring that ancient tomb, Luer wouldnt have ended up being entangled by the evil spirits!”

“What do we do now” Myriad Flames Ancestor solemnly asked the most essential question.

The room fell into a heavy silence...


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