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Why haven\'t you admitted defeat yet!


Zhuo Xu\'s question made everyone\'s attention turn to Huang Xiaolong.

Zhou Xu who had a Third Order Ancient God Realm strength, together with his unique physique and emperor rank Violent Dragon Godhead, was already a terror.

Now, on top of everything, he had actually merged with an ancient azure dragon, no one knew how to describe Zhou Xu\'s strength anymore.

Was Huang Xiaolong qualified to be Zhou Xu\'s opponent 

Huang Xiaolong, quickly admit defeat to Senior Brother Zhou Xu! At this time, a Dragon Origin Sect disciple below the stage shouted.

Quickly kowtow to Senior Brother Zhou Xu! Another Dragon Origin Sect disciple clamored.

Kowtow and admit defeat He wasted Senior Brother Hu Qi\'s Divine Qilin Arms, he cannot be spared so easily! Senior Brother Zhou Xu, cripple Huang Xiaolong!

That\'s right, Senior Brother Zhou Xu, waste this Huang Xiaolong, make him beg for death, make his life more miserable than dying!

The present Dragon Origin Sect disciples shouted louder and louder, their faces filled with excitement and hatred.

Below the stage, Luo Yunjie was looking at the stage with a wry smile

Initially, he had thought the gap between him and Zhou Xu was miniscule but reality showed him how big it really was.

In the void above, the five Fortune Gate Ancestors too were filled with praise when Zhou Xu summoned the ancient azure divine dragon.

As expected of a genius favoured by the heavens, to actually merge with an ancient azure divine dragon, not to mention this Zhou Xu already has the Violent Dragon Godhead as well as the Thousand Dragon Physique.

Adding the wind element ancient azure dragon, Zhou Xu is absolutely a monstrous genius! Sky Sword Ancestor\'s eyes were shining bright as he stared fixedly at Zhou Xu.

Although Huang Xiaolong can also  be considered a monstrous genius, at this moment his cultivation realm is too low, merely a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm.

Looks like this All-Islands Great War first place will land in Zhou Xus hands! Myriad Flames Ancestor commented.

The other Ancestors nodded, agreeing with what Myriad Flames Ancestor said.

After all, peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm wasn\'t even on the same measuring scale as a Third Order Ancient God Realm, no one would think that Huang Xiaolong had a chance against Zhou Xu who had merged with an ancient azure dragon.

Even Blood Knife Ancestor who wanted to side with Huang Xiaolong couldn\'t do so, no one could dispute the truth.

On the stage, Huang Xiaolong looked at the azure dragon summoned by Zhou Xu, and let out a laugh, Admit defeat Zhou Xu, just because you have advance to Third Order Ancient God Realm and merged with an ancient azure divine dragon, you really think you\'re number one I didn\'t expect you to be as much of an idiot as Tan Lin.

An idiot like Tan Lin!

Huang Xiaolong\'s words instantly silenced the square.


No one thought at this point in time that Huang Xiaolong would still be as arrogant as he was in the beginning! Did he think defeating Tan Lin was equivalent to defeating Zhou Xu


Is Huang Xiaolong\'s blind Can\'t he tell that Senior Brother Zhou Xu\'s cultivation reached Third Order Ancient God Realm Didn\'t he see that Senior Brother Zhou Xu has merged with an ancient azure dragon The Dragon Origin Sect disciples couldn\'t help sneering, He\'s the idiot here, how dare he blaspheme Senior Brother Zhou Xu.

On the stage, Zhou Xu laughed instead of being angered, Huang Xiaolong, as long as you can withstand three strikes from me, I will admit defeat instead!  Before his last word sounded, he had already disappeared in a flash of green light causing wind to howl in everyone\'s ears.

Everyone lost sight of Zhou Xu\'s figure.

Disappearing together with him was the ancient azure dragon.


 In fact, Zhou Xu did not disappear, his speed has just reached the extreme.

He had the Violent Dragon Godhead, Thousand Dragon unique physique, and had merged with a wind element ancient azure dragon, his speed was comparable to some late Third Order Ancient God Realm cultivators.

Moreover, Zhou Xu also executed a teleportation technique comparable to an Ancestor God Realm master\'s Greater Space Teleportation, causing his speed to become even more unimaginable.

Die! In the next moment, Zhou Xu was meters away from Huang Xiaolong, his hands bent like claws, slamming down.

His attack caused terrifying waves of dragon qi to whirl out.

At the same time, the small mountain sized ancient azure dragon behind him also spread out its claws at Huang Xiaolong.

Even before Zhou Xu and the ancient azure dragon\'s attack reached him, terrifying winds locked all of Huang Xiaolong\'s escape paths.

He was akin to a fragile branch caught inside a cyclone, it could break into pieces at any time.

Looking at Zhou Xu\'s claw-hands coming towards him, Huang Xiaolong acted.

His Archdevil Supreme Godhead spun, sending supreme dark element godforce flooding out.

Black frigid qi that was much stronger than what Wu Qian\'er experienced, as well as inky-purple frigid qi wrapped around Huang Xiaolong\'s body.

His hands also formed claws, striking out two Asura Demon Claws simultaneously.

In an instant, numerous howling ghosts flew out, as if Hell descended on the stage, bringing with them the destruction of ten thousand worlds.

Zhou Xu\'s ferocious face and the killing intent in his eyes shrank for a second sensing the frigid qi coming from Huang Xiaolong.

His attack halted for a moment.


Two people\'s claws came in contact.


Siiiii! Similar noises sounded from the stage as it shooks vigorously.

Huang Xiaolong\'s body lightly floated backward just as the ancient azure dragon\'s claws slammed down.

Part of the stage cracked,  akin to withered wood splitting apart.

Zhou Xu was repelled by Huang Xiaolong, staggering back several times until the edge of the stage before regaining his balance.

He was shocked as he looked at his hands where a layer of black ice was spreading up his arms, quickly reaching his chest.

Astounded, Zhou Xu swiftly circulated his godforce to counter the black frigid qi.

This result gave the crowd a great shock.

The third Order Ancient God Realm Zhou Xu who merged with an ancient azure dragon collided head-on with a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm, yet it was Huang Xiaolong who had gained the upper hand! This…!

Everyone watching was dumbfounded.

The Dragon Origin Sect disciples who were clamoring for Zhou Xu to waste Huang Xiaolong were completely quiet as if something was clutching their necks.

The Fortune Gate\'s five Ancestors looked slightly dumbfounded.

If the frigid cold qi used against Huang Xiaolong was Extreme Frigid Qi, then what was this inky-purple frigid qi Super Extreme Frigid Qi...

On the stage, Huang Xiaolong looked at Zhou Xu indifferently, Now, it\'s my turn to attack. Then, an aura far stronger than Zhou Xu\'s spread out in all directions.

Let me show you the real power of extreme wind element force!

Frightening swirling winds appeared around Huang Xiaolong\'s body one after another.

Wind element force that was much stronger than what Zhou Xu\'s Violent Dragon Godhead could create condensed around Huang Xiaolong.

The stage was seemingly unable to withstand the force of Huang Xiaolong\'s wind element, beginning to sway madly.

Hearts tightened as the crowd watched.

This, how is this possible! This wind element godforce that is even more powerful than Zhou Xu\'s! Sky Sword Ancestor shrieked.

Could it be that Huang Xiaolong has another wind element emperor rank godhead!

Blood Knife Ancestor, Lightning Hammer Ancestor, Myriad Flames Ancestor, and Black Ice Ancestor were genuinely astounded at this moment.

The swirling wind around Huang Xiaolong was growing stronger still, expanding without end.

Suddenly, crisp cracking noises rang above the stage as cracks appeared on the barrier.

On the main judge stage, the four Elders were flustered for a second before quickly circulating their godforce to reinforce the barrier.

Zhou Xu too was in a state of shock at the thought of Huang Xiaolong having a wind element godhead besides a cold element godhead.

All of a sudden, a giant dragon spear appeared in Zhou Xu\'s hand.

A light flick of the dragon spear caused the surrounding space to crack.

Chaos spiritual weapon, Giant Dragon Spear It\'s the Giant Dragon Spear!! Undulating clamors came from below the stage.

There was a manic gleam in Zhou Xu\'s eyes as he channeled his godforce into the Giant Dragon Spear in his hand.

In the next moment, he leaped forward with the spear tip aimed at Huang Xiaolong, bellowing.

I won\'t lose!

I, Zhou Xu, am number one! Huang Xiaolong, go die for me!

Sssss! Zhou Xu\'s Giant Dragon Spear pierced through the swirling winds around Huang Xiaolong.


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