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With a light push of his foot, Huang Xiaolong sent Xiong Dong rolling off the stage.

He then turned to look at the two remaining participants.

The other two participants faces became ashen when Huang Xiaolong sent Xiong Dong flying.

Seeing him look in their direction, the two of them shook their heads and hands frantically, quickly admitting defeat before walking off the battle stage.

On stage number fifty-six, only Huang Xiaolong remained.

Looking neither happy nor anxious, Huang Xiaolong glanced at stage number sixty-nine.

On that stage, Ouyang Yunfei had kicked the other four participants out.

However, at this moment, there was no hint of elation on his face.

He had witnessed the scene of Huang Xiaolong dealing with Xiong Dong.

Although he was confident in his strength, compared to the seventy-sixth ranked Twin Cities Sects Xiong Dong, he was still a little bit weaker.

Didn\'t this mean that Huang Xiaolong, who he previously thought he could slaughter at any time, could actually easily slaughter him in return Moreover, he would only need a single palm strike!

Watching Huang Xiaolongs indifferent gaze falling on him, Ouyang Yunfeis heart trembled inexplicably.

He wanted to show a nonchalant smile, but he couldnt.

Huang Xiaolong merely glanced at Ouyang Yunfei, then he looked at Elder Gong Fei.

Generally speaking, the chances of two disciples within the top one hundred appearing on the same battle stage was extremely slim.

Although each disciple\'s battle stage was determined by the token they grabbed, this was too much of a coincidence.

What happened was also unexpected for Gong Fei.

The Twin Cities Sects Xiong Dong actually failed to deal with Huang Xiaolong, a mere peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm disciple.

Gong Fei met his gaze with coldness and superiority.

Although Huang Xiaolong had now entered the top one thousand and would be accepted by the Fortune Gate as a disciple, it didn\'t matter to Gong Fei.

He was an Elder with adequate power, suppressing a common Fortune Gate disciple was similar to teasing a cat.

After the brief exchange with Elder Gong Fei, Huang Xiaolongs gaze fell onto the battle stage Hu Dan was on.

From Gong Feis eyes, Huang Xiaolong already got the answer he was looking for.

He had always been a person who draws a clear line between gratitude and grievance, and he had always paid back what he received; therefore, this matter would not end here.

Hu Dan was on stage number sixty-eight.

Although there was no Ancient God Realm on her stage, there was a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm disciple.

At this moment, Hu Dan was fighting that disciple; based on Huang Xiaolongs judgment, she could very well defeat him. 

As expected, after an arduous battle, Hu Dan forced the other party out of the stage, successfully entering the top one thousand.

A short while later, the battles on all stages came to an end.

Gong Fei had all the top one thousand disciples take out the token they received during registration, then tabulated the first day\'s ranking.

After the result was announced, hei spoke some perfunctory congratulatory words, then had the disciples disperse and prepare for tomorrows battle.

Huang Xiaolong was about to leave, but his path was blocked by Tan Lin, Yang Liming, and other Twin Cities Sect disciples.

Xiong Dong was standing limply, leaning onto two disciples.

After Tan Lin and others quick rescue effort, his face had regained some human features.

“Brat, youve got some guts to injure our Twin Cities Sects disciple!” Tan Lin icily glared at Huang Xiaolong.

“Anything else” Huang Xiaolong was too lazy to entertain these people.

The group of Twin Cities Sect disciples was instantly enraged by Huang Xiaolongs attitude, but Tan Lin raised an arm, stopping them from doing anything reckless.

“I hope you can be this arrogant until then end.” Tan Lins emotions calmed down all of a sudden, “Dont think no one will dare to do anything to you just because you entered the top one thousand, becoming a Fortune Gate disciple.

Even if you become an outer disciple, our Twin Cities Sect can make you kneel before us, begging to die!”

Huang Xiaolong retorted without fear, “Ill be waiting,” and walked away from Tan Lins side.

When Huang Xiaolong became a Fortune Gate disciple, he definitely wouldn\'t be the most common outer disciple!

Tan Lin watched Huang Xiaolong walk away, passing beside him without any trepidation, almost losing control of the killing intent in his heart.

In the end, like Yang Liming and the others, he could only watch as Huang Xiaolong walked away.

“All of you, dont underestimate that brat!” At this time, Twin Cities Sect Chief Zhou Xuantong came over with several experts behind him.

“Sect Chief!” Tan Lin, Yang Liming, and other disciples solemnly saluted.

Zhou Xuantong nodded at them before looking at Huang Xiaolongs leaving figure as he said, “With that brats strength, only Tan Lin and Liming could win over him amongst you all.”

“What!” Tan Lin, Yang Liming, and everyone else exclaimed in disbelief.

Tan Lin was the Twin Cities Sects number one genius, a Second Order Ancient God Realm disciple.

In this terms All-Islands Great War, it was predicted he could enter the top three, whereas Yang Liming could probably be ranked eleventh, but there was also a chance he could enter the top ten.

According to what their Sect Chief said, didn\'t this mean that Huang Xiaolong could be in the top twenty, his strength only below the monstrous geniuses in the top ten  

A Twin Cities Sect disciple named Du Liqiang, ranked eighteen in the preliminary round, refused to believe that Huang Xiaolong might be stronger than him.

“Sect Chief, if it is as you said, then could that brat catch the eye of a Fortune Gate Elder and be accepted as their personal disciple” Another Twin Cities Sects participating disciple asked.

Zhou Xuantong answered, “In principle, that is so, but if that brat is crippled, do you all think a Fortune Gate Elder would accept some waste as a personal disciple Therefore, Tan Lin, Liming, if you two come across him on the battle stage, you absolutely must cripple that little bastard!”

“Yes, Sect Chief!” Tan Lin and Liming both respectfully complied.

Tan Lin even added, “Sect Chief, please rest assured.”

Zhou Xuantong chuckled in agreement, “With your strength, Im not worried.”

At this time, Huang Xiaolong, Yao Chi, Lu Zhuo, and the rest had left the square. 

In a certain building, Li Lus eyes followed Huang Xiaolongs figure the entire time until he disappeared from view.

In Tan Lin, Yang Liming and others eyes, Huang Xiaolong was conceited, but in Li Lus eyes, he was just as proud, domineering, and confident as before!

It was the same familiar face, that pair of familiar eyes.

‘Hes still the same! 

Li Lu muttered under her breath, “Peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm… but he should be able to enter the top ten!” 

Li Lu was quite confident that Huang Xiaolong could enter the top ten, however, the first place would be somewhat difficult, after all, there was a Zhou Xu this time.

Huang Xiaolongs group returned to the courtyard they rented and celebrated until late at night, then Huang Xiaolong returned to his room to cultivate.

On this night, he did not consume a hundred drops of Phoenix blood as he usually did, but refined some of the fifty-million-year-old herbs he found in the Ghost Buddha Depository!

He still had over ten thousand drops of Phoenix blood, but he decided to leave them until he broke through to the Ancient God Realm.

Using the Blood Phoenixs blood to refine chaos spiritual pills, he\'d be able to enhance its effects.

‘I should repair that Pill Blending Tower as soon as possible. Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

It was unprecedented for Ancient God Realm masters to refine chaos spiritual pills, only after repairing that Pill Blending Tower would there be a successful chance of refining them.

During this period, the little cow Xiaoniū had been staying in the courtyard, cultivating, seemingly about to breakthrough to Ancient God Realm.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong did not disturb it.

The nights darkness slowly receded, faint rays of light shone over Fortune City.

The second day\'s stage battle had arrived!


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