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Hell kill you with his own hands!

Cao Feng roared the last sentence out with all her strength as if she was venting the immense roiling hatred in her heart toward Huang Xiaolong.

During the last incident at the Nine Heavens Palace, Huang Xiaolong caused her to wet her pants in public, shaming her in front of a crowd of disciples! Cao Feng would tear him apart and gnaw his bones into pieces if she could!

However, just as she finished, a loud snort of laughter came from the little cow.

Its head swayed left and right.

Cao Feng and her group of female disciples were dumbfounded.

What was so funny about Chen Hao planning to kill Huang Xiaolong with his own hands

The little cow abruptly stopped laughing and lifted its front hoof, sending a kick at Cao Feng, whose entire body was knocked backward in the air, half buried into the rocky terrain in the distance while still screaming at the top of her lungs.

The ground shook as deep fissures cracked its surface open.

The group of Sky Dragon League female disciples was stupefied before their faces became ashen, disbelief was written on their faces as they slowly turned towards the little cow.

Xiaoniū harrumphed a few times, “Little wench, a few years ago I was weaker than you, but now, packing you up only takes one kick.

If you dare to utter nonsense and foul-smelling words in front of me, dont blame this cow for giving you a few more kicks, bursting your cha-chas!”  [1]

The female disciples retreated in fear, while Huang Xiaolong nearly choked on his saliva.

The little cows words were just too domineering, or more accurately, cow-mineering!  

“In the future, if its inconvenient for you to handle women like this, just leave them to this cow.” The little cows face split into a huge grin.

Huang Xiaolong helplessly patted its cow head and said, “Lets go.”

The little cow sped away with Huang Xiaolong on its back.

When it passed by the group of female disciples, the little cow widened its eyes in a fierce glare, scaring the girls so much that they scattered off in different directions like frightened birds.

Xiaoniū chuckled mischievously and flew away while humming a little tune.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head in speechlessness.

He found out that this little cow was truly a tomboy, a tomboy with a big temper.

Only after Huang Xiaolong and the little cows figures were out of sight did the group of female disciples dare to go rescue Cao Feng, digging her out from the pit.

After Cao Feng was out from the pit, they could see on Cao Fengs chest an obvious cow hoof imprint.

The flesh under the hoof imprint was completely sunken it.

The group of female disciples went sickly pale at the sight of it.

After they left the Barbarian God Sect, Huang Xiaolong released the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast from the Xumi Temple.

Since refining the Reverse Incarnation Pill merely needed some of its blood, Huang Xiaolong subjugated the beast instead of killing it.

This Black Flame Sea Emperor Beasts strength was at peak early Tenth Order Heavenly God  Realm.

“Blackie, if we come across those kinds of clown, Ill handle the females.

If they are males, Ill leave them to you.” The Black Flame Sea Emperor had just regained its freedom, but the little cow was already assigning future tasks.

Over time, the little cow and Blackie had gotten chummy with each other.

Even though the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast was stronger and also possessed a divine beast bloodline closer to a chaos spiritual beast, in front of the little cow, it resembled a docile dog.

“Yes, Big Sis Niū!” The Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast answered without hesitation in its low rumbling voice, a hint of fawning on its face.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, enjoying this strange scene.

The Black Flame Sea Emperor Beasts original body was several hundred zhang long—a true gargantuan beast, whereas the little cow was shorter than its legs, yet the gargantuan beast was bowing and fawning over a little cow, calling it Big Sis Niū!

Watching the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beasts fawning manner, the little cow raised its head higher, nostrils puffing out air, then said to Huang Xiaolong, “Master, I have decided! I will tame a herd of divine beasts for you, forming a mighty divine beasts army.”

Huang Xiaolong burst into laughter, nearly spitting saliva onto the little cows head, “I say Xiaoniū, you think divine beasts are as common as cats and dogs Tame a herd Form a mighty army of divine beasts”

The little cow rolled its eyes at Huang Xiaolong in return, “There aren\'t many on Green Cloud Island, but what about the Fortune Mainland, The Dark Elf Mainland, and the Primal Chaos Mainland There are a lot! If there are only a few in the Vientiane World, isnt there still the outside world Also, there are many fine beasts with excellent bloodlines in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, even chaos spiritual beasts!”

“The Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield even has chaos spiritual beasts” Huang Xiaolong did not expect this.

This was his first time hearing it.

The little cows mouth split into a grin, “Hehe, you didnt know this, right In the deeper region of the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, theres a place called Divine Beasts Mainland, and the native occupants there are all divine beasts.”

“Divine Beasts Mainland.” Huang Xiaolong committed the name to memory.

“Thats right, the most powerful Beast King on the Divine Beast Mainland is a chaos spiritual beast.” The little cow nodded its head as it continued, “But, even if your cultivation reached late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm, you wont make it to the deeper parts of the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

Therefore, its still too early to talk about this.”

Huang Xiaolong snorted, “Youre the one who brought it up.”

The little cow grinned sheepishly, “It just came out of my mouth, hehe, but the divine beast army that Im going to form in the future will only accept the best divine beasts.” 

Huang Xiaolong lost interest in conversing with the little cow listening to its goal that was getting out of control.

However, what Huang Xiaolong didnt expect was that the little cow really did build a great and mighty divine beasts army that caused the Divine Worlds cultivators to turn pale at the mere mention of its name.

Of course, this was for later.

Huang Xiaolong wasn\'t in a rush, reaching the Jadeite Kingdom half a month later.

He directly passed over the city, heading directly to the Zhenyu Sects transmission array under the cliff.

The first time he and the little cow were here, they exhausted all of their energy to make it down to the transmission array, fighting off the frigid cold air on the way down.

This time around, with both of their strength having risen significantly as well as the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beasts help, the three of them easily reached the transmission array.

The restriction formation left behind by Huang Xiaolong last time was still intact, looks like no one discovered this place yet.

With familiarity and ease, Huang Xiaolong started the transmission array, entering the Zhenyu Sect treasury space, then used the key and opened the door.

Upon entering the treasury, three figures sped straight inside.

In a short few minutes, they reached the other end where the steel wall stood.

Standing in front of the steel wall, Huang Xiaolong circulated his godforce as he pressed his palms onto its surface.

Bang! The noise echoed through the hall, but the steel wall soon stopped shaking.

Seeing that he still couldnt move the steel wall did not come as a surprise to Huang Xiaolong.

“Blackie, your turn!” At this time, the little cow displayed itsBig Sister bearing, ordering the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.

“Yes, Big Sis Niū!” Without any objection, the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast went up to the steel wall, lifting its two front legs and banging on it.

Immediately, a booming noise rang out and the formation on the steel wall crackled and popped as it unraveled.

Spiderweb lines began spreading over the surface, more and more.

In the next second, the entire steel wall crumbled to the floor.

A bright resplendent light shone out from the inner hall, obscuring Huang Xiaolongs sight, while at the same time, a shocking amount of spiritual energy washed over Huang Xiaolong.


source: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/body/a47859/101-different-names-boobs/ 


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