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Huang Xiaolong indifferently replied, “You will understand when youre about to die.”

Zhao Chenyuan and Luo Hua both scoffed in laughter at Huang Xiaolongs arrogant words.

Luo Hua shook his head while looking at him with a pitiful gaze, a mere Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm disciple actually dared to show such arrogance before them, two Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivators

Zhao Chenyuan had a smirk on his face, “Huang Xiaolong, do you think just simply uttering a sentence or two will scare us away Although we dont know what secret technique you have cultivated that enabled you to find out Luo Huas hiding place, to us, this isn\'t important.”

In Zhao Chenyuans opinion, Huang Xiaolong most likely cultivated an ancient secret technique that enabled him to discover Luo Huas hiding place.

There existed some ancient secret techniques that had such abilities.

Clearly, Luo Huas thoughts were the same as Zhao Chenyuans.

Both of them had been trailing Huang Xiaolong for several days now and had already determined there were no experts protecting him in secret.

Huang Xiaolongs attitude now was just putting up a strong front before the enemies.

Zhao Chenyuan turned to Luo Hua, saying, “Brother Luo Hua, this Huang Xiaolong, I want to kill him personally and bring his head back to the Elephant Genesis Sect, take it as me owing you a favor.

I will definitely heavily repay the favor..”

Luo Hua didnt seem tempted at all.

Although the Great Whale Sect Ancestor Zhu Huan sent him to kill Huang Xiaolong, ultimately, what they wanted wasn\'t that, so it wasn\'t necessary for him to act personally.

He looked at Zhao Chenyuan, waiting to see what he meant byheavily repay.

Looking at Luo Huas stoic expression, Zhao Chenyuan gritted his teeth and took out a fist-sized jade stone.

The stone had an ethereal golden halo around it,with shimmering starlight resembling an independent galaxy in between the halo and the stone itself.

“Golden Chaos Starlight Stone!” Luo Huas expression finally changed, a feverish light shining in his eyes.

The Golden Chaos Starlight Stone was one of the rarer divine stones.

It was born in the deeper depths of the Divine World and contained an astounding amount of chaos qi, origin metal element force, as well as star force, truly a priceless object.

Luo Hua did not expect Zhao Chenyuan to be willing to take out such a valuable item just to be able to kill Huang Xiaolong personally. 

By this point, Zhao Chenyuan already flipped the Golden Chaos Starlight Stone toward Luo Hua with a pained expression.

He obtained that stone a few hundred years back in one of the hidden spaces of the Lightning Wind Valley and had been reluctant to refine it all this time.

“Deal, haha.” Luo Hua looked admiringly at the Golden Chaos Starlight Stone in his hand, laughing happily.

“Zhao Chenyuan, this Huang Xiaolong Ill leave it up to you how you want to kill him.

You can take his head but Ill take his body back to complete my task!”

Zhao Chenyuan nodded, “Naturally.” He then turned his attention back to Huang Xiaolong, causing the hatred in his eyes to deepen even further.

If it werent for this Huang Xiaolong, would he need to lose a precious Golden Chaos Starlight Stone! Zhao 

“Huang Xiaolong, my three disciples have been killed by you.

Im sure you didnt think this day would come, right” There was a ruthless and brutal gleam in Zhao Chenyuans eyes, “I recently made some progress in my soul refining cultivation, Ill let you have a taste how powerful it is!”

“Youre the first person to experience it, you should feel honored!” 

Zhao Chenyuan suddenly clawed out just as he finished speaking, aiming for Huang Xiaolongs throat.

The overwhelming godforce of a Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm broke out, causing Zhao Chenyuans claw to press down on Huang Xiaolong like a million mountains.

Before this level of attack from Zhao Chenyuan, forget a Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm, even an average Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm could hardly raise any thoughts of resistance.

In fact, they wouldn\'t be able to move at all.

Just as Zhao Chenyuans claw-shaped hand was about to reach Huang Xiaolongs body, a giant iceman appeared in front of him.

The instant this giant iceman appeared, the surrounding heaven and earth seemed to turn into an icy abyss.

Hard ice covered the ground surface at a rapid speed, causing the trees and plants in the proximity to be turned into ice sculptures.

Zhao Chenyuan did not expect this, thus he was caught off guard.

His claw-hand landed on the giant iceman, and a sharp burst of coldness slithered up his arm.

Zhao Chenyuan was terrified.

In less than a breaths time, his hand was frozen, and the coldness was spreading to other parts of his body, even his blood froze.

Falling into an immediate disadvantage, Zhao Chenyuan swiftly leaped back in retreat, but his gaze never left the giant iceman standing in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Fear crept into his eyes, and his jaw started to quiver; only he knew whether it was from the cold or the heart-stopping fear.

Luo Hua was still admiring the piece of Golden Chaos Starlight Stone, reluctant to put it away, when he felt the sudden change in the surroundings.

Lifting his head to look, what he saw made him go pale like Zhao Chenyuan.

“Green- Green Ice Hail Devil!” Luo Hua stammered.

Moreover, it was an Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devil!

That horrible pressure made them, Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivators, unable to breathe! 

Only Ancient God Realm masters could give them such whelming pressure!

Zhao Chenyuan and Luo Hua lost all confidence, despair overtaking them.

At Huang Xiaolongs side, there was actually an Ancient God Realm master! Moreover, it was from the Green Ice Hail Devil race! They were one of the ancient races, possessing extremely powerful physical bodies and ice element godforce.

A wave of their hands could freeze the land over a thousand li, turning everything into ice.

Huang Xiaolong watched the two peoples terrified expressions, letting out a loud snicker and walked toward Zhao Chenyuan.

The one that appeared was the female Green Ice Hail Devil Bing Xingying.

As for Bing Jiuyi, Huang Xiaolong did not let him out.

With Bing Xingyings early First Order Ancient God Realm strength, killing two Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivators was more than sufficient.

Using Bing Jiuyi was like killing a chicken with an ox-knife.

The female Green Ice Hail Devil followed behind Huang Xiaolong as he approached Zhao Chenyuan.

With every step she took, tremors ran through the ground, causing green ice to spread across the surface.

Waves of frigid coldness hit Zhao Chenyuans face.

His face was distorted with fear, shaking his head and hands.

His voice quivered as he tried to persuade Huang Xiaolong, “Se-Senior Huang, I, I was wrong, d-d-dont kill me, I beg you, please!”

He didn\'t try to run.

In front of an Ancient God Realm master, he didn\'t have the guts to do so.


In the distance, Luo Hua also remained rooted where he was, his legs swaying unsteadily.

Senior Hearing Zhao Chenyuan calling him Senior, Huang Xiaolong felt more speechless than usual.

“Since you called me Senior, then fine, I wont kill you.” Huang Xiaolong suddenly said.

Zhao Chenyuan lit up.

“As long as you can take one hit from her, Ill let you go.” Huang Xiaolong added, pointing at Bing Xingying.

Of course, he wouldn\'t Zhao Chenyuan go just like that.

He said he wouldn\'t kill Zhao Chenyuan, but that didn\'t mean Bing Xingying wouldn\'t as well.

The joy that rushed up to Zhao Chenyuans face disappeared in an instant.

Fear, unwillingness, fury, all the madness before death returned like a storm.

“Huang Xiaolong, go die for me!” Zhao Chenyuan bellowed, lunging at Huang Xiaolong, with his fist swinging out.

“Violent Heart Windfire Fist!”

Wind and fire element godforce combined to form a tornado that struck at Huang Xiaolongs chest.

This was Zhao Chenyuans last desperate attack, planning to pull Huang Xiaolong to hell with him.

The attacks power startled even Luo Hua.

However, a giant hand blocked the attack in front of Huang Xiaolong in a timely manner, causing currents of dotted green light to explode forward, repelling Zhao Chenyuans Violent Heart Windfire Fist. 

The once powerful attack was dispersed like fragile bubbles in the wind.

In the next second, the giant ice hand slammed onto Zhao Chenyuans chest.

Zhao Chenyuan spurted out blood as was knocked backwards, turning into an ice sculpture in midair.


Crashing to the ground, pieces of shattered ice flew out in all directions.


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