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Huang Xiaolong did not mind when he first heard about the Cao Family young lords wedding, but at the mention of the bride being someone from the lower realm and born with a unique physique, his heart slightly quivered.

Ascended from the lower realm.

Alluring beauty.

Unique physique.

A thought rushed into Huang Xiaolongs mind like a collision. ‘Could it be Li Lu Is it her!

Huang Xiaolongs body involuntarily trembled.

In a flash, he was already rushing toward that group of core disciples.

Those disciples were just discussing the upcoming Young Lord Caos grand wedding when all of a sudden a shadow flickered and their path was blocked.

Before they could react, a question sounded in their ears, “The Cao Family Young Lords wedding, what is the name of the bride”

“You!” One of them was especially immersed in the topic of the wedding and his temper exploded seeing that their conversation was interrupted.

Pointing a finger at Huang Xiaolongs face, he shouted, “F*ck off~!”

The moment his voice fell, that disciple turned deathly pale and his body trembled.

The last syllable of his words turned into squeaking noises.

His companions also became ashen after recognizing Huang Xiaolong.

“Se-Senior Brother Huang!” That angry disciple who pointed at Huang Xiaolong and told him off was forcefully showing a smile worse than crying, trying to save the situation.

“I, I wasnt scolding you.”

He really didn\'t know what else to say.

Huang Xiaolong looked calm on the surface, “Do you know the name of the bride, the one marrying the Cao Familys young lord” He did not pursue the disciples earlier rudeness.

At Huang Xiaolongs question, that disciple hurried to answer, “Replying to Senior Brother Huang, we only know the rumors going around on the street.

We dont know the name of the bride.”

His companions quickly supported, none of them knew the brides name.

Their answer made Huang Xiaolong frown before asking again, “The wedding is two months later”

“It is thirteen days later.” The same disciple who told Huang Xiaolong off answered, adding, “The wedding banquet will be held at the Cao Familys main residence.

I heard that Grand Elders Zhuang Xuan and Huang Junfei already departed a few days ago to attend the banquet.”

Zhuang Xuan, Huang Junfei! A sharp glint flickered across Huang Xiaolongs eyes hearing the two names.

“What about Chen Hao” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Senior Brother Chen Hao is likely to attend as well.

Some saw him heading off to the Blood Phoenix Forest, so he might go to the Cao Family from the forest.” Another disciple replied.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently asked for the location of the Cao Familys main residence, then vanished from the spot in a flicker.

Watching Huang Xiaolongs leaving figure while riding on the back of a cow, the several core disciple wiped away the cold sweat running down their foreheads.

“His mother, this Huang Xiaolong is too scary, way more than Senior Brother Chen Hao!” The first disciple mumbled under his breath, still feeling apprehensive.

“I nearly stopped breathing when he released his pressure.

This Huang Xiaolong is probably already a Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm…” Another disciple added, his heartbeat sounded like drums in his own ears.

He said that because he himself was a mid-Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm, yet Huang Xiaolongs pressure overwhelmed him nonetheless.

“Just one look from him brought me close to fainting on the spot.

What spiritual force technique did he cultivate, he\'s so powerful!” An early Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm disciple lamented with envy.

Huang Xiaolong naturally didn\'t know about their discussion. 

In fact, he did not release any pressure at all, nor did he release his spiritual sense whatsoever.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong already left the Barbarian God City.

A few hours after, he was already far away from the sect.

Not long after he left, the Elephant Genesis Sect and Great Whale Sect received news of his departure.

Inside the Elephant Genesis Sects great hall.

Ren Changhai looked at the group of Grand Elders sitting below him, “Who volunteers to go kill Huang Xiaolong”

Zhao Chenyuan rose from his seat, saying, “Ancestor, this subordinates disciples Han Yang, Chen Wenyuan, and Fan Yuan died in Huang Xiaolongs hands one after another, thus I am willing to be the one to go after him! I will reap his life with my bare hands to avenge my three disciples!” His eyes burst with piercing killing intent.


Zhao Chenyuan had only received these three disciples in his life.

He had nurtured all three of them with love and a large amount of resources, yet all three died in Huang Xiaolongs hands.

He held tremendous hatred toward Huang Xiaolong.

He desperately wanted to roll Huang Xiaolong into a meatball with his palms, then hammer it flat and chop it into mincemeat.

Ren Changhai nodded, “Good, then the task of killing him will be handed to you.

Remember, execute it cleanly, do not leave behind any clues.”

Otherwise, it was no laughing matter if the Barbarian God Sects Lu Zhuo went crazy.

“Please rest assured, Ancestor, I will definitely complete this task.” Zhao Chenyuan stated with confidence.

Ren Changhai nodded, he too believed that Zhao Chenyuan would smoothly complete the task.

Zhao Chenyuan was an early Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm, moreover, Huang Xiaolong wasn\'t accompanied by any guards after leaving the sect this time.

Killing him would be as easy as snapping his fingers.

Ren Changhai cautioned Zhao Chenyuan to be prudent.

As long as he returned with Huang Xiaolongs head, the Elephant Genesis Sect would heavily reward him.

A while later, armed with his task, Zhao Chenyuan turned and left the great hall.

While the Elephant Genesis Sect had Zhao Chenyuan to kill Huang Xiaolong, the Great Whale Sect also sent a Grand Elder of their own with the same task.

On the other hand, Huang Xiaolong headed straight toward the Cao Familys main residence upon leaving.

With his and the little cows speed, arriving at the Cao Family main residence within thirteen days was slightly difficult, but it wasn\'t a big issue for Huang Xiaolong as the had two Ancient God Realm puppets.

The only drawback was that their presence was too strong and eye-catching, so he could only use them when passing through the wild forests and mountains.

The sands of time flowed, and in the blink of an eye, ten days had passed.


Night fell.

Huang Xiaolong was roasting meat somewhere in the wilderness over a bonfire, causing the aroma of roast meat to permeate the cool night air.

Xiaoniū was drooling beside the bonfire, its large eyes fixed on the roast meat.

Watching the crackling flames, Huang Xiaolong thought of his family in the lower realm, thought of Shi Xiaofei.

Even though his familys safety shouldnt be a problem in the lower realm, Huang Xiaolong couldnt help worrying.

“Thirty thousand years…” Huang Xiaolong muttered softly.

Yet it hadnt even been four years since he arrived in the Divine World.

‘What would Shi Xiaofei and my family experience in thirty thousand years Could that lower realm bride that the Cao Family young lord is marrying be Li Lu

The more Huang Xiaolong thought about this, the stronger his sense of urgency grew, wishing he was already at the Cao Familys main residence.

Based on his current speed, he could reach his destination by noon tomorrow.

Right at this time, a sharp cold sneer sounded in the night.

In the next second, clad in the Elephant Genesis Sects Grand Elder robes, Zhao Chenyuan walked out from the darkness.

“Huang Xiaolong, death is calling for you, yet you have the mood to enjoy roast meat here” Zhao Chenyuan snickered.

Huang Xiaolong looked calm despite Zhao Chenyuans sudden appearance.

In truth, he already detected that someone was hiding in the dark and following him.

Although Zhao Chenyuan was a Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator, how could he hide from the two Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devils detection

Huang Xiaolong stood up, lightly brushing non-existent dirt from his robe then looked in a certain direction.

“Is our friend from the Great Whale Sect not planning to come out”

Before Zhao Chenyuans surprised expression, a tall, heavy built middle-aged man walked out from the forest.

“Luo Hua!” Zhao Chenyuans expression changed slightly.

This person was the Great Whale Sects Grand Elder Luo Hua, with strength was higher than his.

He was a peak early Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm.

Grand Elder Luo Huas attention was all on Huang Xiaolong instead, “How did you detect me”

Zhao Chenyuan also looked at Huang Xiaolong, he too wanted to know how he found out where Luo Hua was hiding when even he himself could not


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