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Chapter 104: Slander and Trust


Fei Hou called out his martial spirit ‘Silver River’ and swung both of his arms.

And a Silver River was seen surging in midair, and when the attacks from the surrounding bandits crashed into the Silver River, ‘dang dang dang’ sounds of metals clashing could be heard, reflecting the attacks back onto the attackers.

Some unfortunate bandits escaped too slowly and were thrown to the ground, their own swords stabbing into their feet.

“My leg!!!”

Amidst painful howls, these bandits jumped around like kangaroos holding their feet.

Seeing this scene, the rest of the bandits were scared and retreated swiftly.

Fei Hou scoffed at their reaction, and his arms kept swinging out and his Silver River martial spirit turned into a solid entity-- a silver-colored river meandered through the group of bandits, and where it curved, screams reverberated in the air.

Some bandits were smashed to the ground and some bandits were flung high up in the air.


Since stepping into Xiantian realm, Fei Hou’s attack power had more than doubled.

How could these Sixth and Seventh Order vermins resist Fei Hou’s attacks

Instantly, a large number of bandits laid on the ground, and seconds later, only the Bandit Head remained standing, albeit in a daze.

Recalling his martial spirit back into his body, Fei Hou slowly walked towards the Bandit Head.

“You, you, don’t kill me!” The Bandit Head exclaimed in fright.

“Who sent you over’ Fei Hou asked icily.

The one-armed Bandit Head had a frantic look in his eyes.

“I say, two Sirs, please stop putting on an act!” Suddenly, at this point, Liu Mu that was standing next to Chen Li spoke.

Everyone was stunned.

Liu Mu walked out of the group slowly, glaring fiercely at Fei Hou and Huang Xiaolong, saying “We have been traveling for more than half a month safely without any incident, but it happens that right after meeting two Sirs, we ran into a group of bandits, what does it represent”

A sharp edge flashed across Fei Hou’s eyes, but Huang Xiaolong waved his hand to stop Fei Hou and he faced Liu Mu with great interest, spurring him on: “Continue.”

Liu Mu sneered: “This group of bandits was called here by the two of you!”

“Oh, we colluded with them Had them come here” Huang Xiaolong maintained an aloof expression, “And our motive”

Liu Mu snorted and his voice sounded icy, “Reason You know very well in your hearts.” Then, he turned around, and fixed a deadly stare on the one-armed Bandit Head, threatening “Speak, was it them who instructed you to kidnap our Miss”

That one-armed Bandit Head was agape.

“Say, am I right” Liu Mu’s gaze bored intensely at the Bandit Head, and a vague ominous light flickered across his eyes.

Noticing that, the Bandit Head immediately nodded his head vigorously: “Yes, yes, yes, it was them who told me to come here and kidnap your Miss!”


Liu Mu spun around, and said to Chen Li, “Miss, you heard him; they instructed these bandits to kidnap you.

I have reminded you earlier, we don’t know these two people’s background.

Evil lurks in the human heart!”

Chen Li shook her head, disagreeing “Steward Liu Mu, there must be some misunderstanding; Senior Fei Hou is my savior, and he saved my life before and with Senior Fei Hou’s strength, he doesn’t need to instruct other people to kidnap me.”

Liu Mu persuaded, “Miss, you must be vigilant.

He might have his purpose in saving you that year; seven years have passed and how could there be such a coincidence for Miss to encounter them at the same place Moreover, this Bandit Head has already confessed.”

Chen Li still shook her head; she doesn’t believe Fei Hou would act this way for it wasn’t necessary.

If Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou were the main culprits, at this moment, both of them could kidnap her without any resistance; was there a need to use so much effort

At this point of time, Huang Xiaolong clapped his hands.

Everyone shifted their attention to him.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Liu Mu, “I have to say, your little play is better than I have expected.”

Liu Mu’s face darkened, “What do you mean”

“What do I mean” Huang Xiaolong repeated coldly: “You arranged for this group of bandits.”

Hearing this, the people present were taken aback.


Liu Mu had an angry expression on his face, “You’re slandering, absolute slander! I have followed Miss more than a decade and there is no doubt about my loyalty and devotion to Miss.

You are retaliating because I exposed your trick, that’s why you turn around and slander me!” He quickly turned towards Chen Li, protesting: “Miss, you must not believe them!”

Chen Li shook her head at Huang Xiaolong, “Young Master Huang, Liu Mu has been by my side since I was little, and these past dozen years, he has loyally protected my safety.

It cannot be Uncle Liu.”

To her, Liu Mu was even less a culprit compared to Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou.

Liu Mu’s cold stare fell on Huang Xiaolong, “As a stranger and outsider, do you think we will believe your nonsense”

Huang Xiaolong turned towards Chen Li: “You really trust him”

Chen Li nodded, “Others I dare not say, but Liu Mu, I absolutely trust him.”

Although Chen Li did not say it out loud, the dissatisfaction towards Huang Xiaolong was obvious in her voice.

Evidently, she agreed with what Liu Mu said, Huang Xiaolong slandered Liu Mu because Liu Mu first pointed the finger at them.

Liu Mu was someone who watched over her since she was little, and the feelings between them were very deep.

Huang Xiaolong’s accusation made her heart uncomfortable.

Huang Xiaolong turned back, to Fei Hou he said: “We’re leaving.”

Since Chen Li stated her firmly position, there was no need to say anymore.

“Yes, Young Lord!” Fei Hou replied respectfully.

Chen Li blanked for a moment, and she called out to Fei Hou anxiously, “Senior Fei Hou, this isn’t what I meant.”

Fei Hou shook his head, saying nothing.

He quietly followed behind Huang Xiaolong and left.


But before Huang Xiaolong left, suddenly, his palm struck the one-armed Bandit Head’s chest as he was passing by.

The Bandit Head let out a scream as he flew out, crashing into countless trees.

When he hit the soil, there was no breath left.

Chen Li and everyone in her party were shocked.

And before their shocked eyes, Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou mounted on their horses and sped away.

Watching the two silhouettes grew further away, Liu Mu’s shock turned into great relief.

His eyes furtively swept passed the Bandit Head’s corpse and the rest of the bandits, and a frown appeared on his forehead that lasted less than a second.

A bunch of garbage!

“Miss, should we also leave this place” Liu Mu asked Chen Li.

Chen Li nodded in agreement.

Thus, not long after Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou departed, Chen Li, Liu Mu, and the rest of her party also journeyed out from the mountain area.

“Obviously that Liu Mu is in cahoots with that group of bandits.” After leaving the area, Fei Hou spoke: “Pity that Chen Li trusts that Liu Mu too much.” Fei Hou tilted his head up to the sky and sighed.

Huang Xiaolong nodded silently.

Continuing on, Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou weren’t in a rush, allowing the horse to run comfortably.


On the other side, one day after Chen Li and her party separated from Huang Xiaolong, they crossed a mountain pass when they suddenly ran into a group of black-clothed men.

The way these black-clothed dressed were similar to the bandits from last night, and it was clear as day, they belonged to the same group.

Watching the retreat path around her being blocked off, panic rose in Chen Li’s heart.

These black-clothed men besieged Chen Li and her party in the middle, without wasting a word, and they started slaughtering with the weapons in their hands.

In just a short while, all of Chen Li’s guards and servants were killed, but what surprised Chen Li was that these people ‘spared’ Liu Mu.

They did not attack him at all.

While Chen Li was still surprised, one of the bandits stepped forward towards Liu Mu, and in a polite manner, he greeted him: “Steward Liu.”

Liu Mu nodded.


Chen Li’s eyes were wide with disbelief.


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