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Chapter 1014: Kneel

A light glimmered in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, ‘Chen Hao came back’

He had heard from some inner disciples’ conversation that Chen Hao was training in the Blood Phoenix Forest, who would have thought he’d rush back so fast.

Looks like Chen Hao’s strength was actually higher than he had estimated.

“Who do you guys think has a higher talent between Huang Xiaolong and Eldest Senior Brother Chen Hao”

“Of course it’s Eldest Senior Brother Chen Hao! Although both he and Huang Xiaolong have low grade king rank godheads, Eldest Senior Brother Chen Hao’s is a unique ice element variation called Golden Ice Godhead, ranked higher than Huang Xiaolong’s Three Furnace Godhead.”

“What does that Huang Xiaolong count as! Eldest Senior Brother Chen Hao truly is our Barbarian God Sect’s greatest genius, that Huang Xiaolong isn't qualified to be spoken in the same breath as Eldest Senior Brother Chen Hao!”

The group of disciples not far ahead discussed heatedly.

Amongst them were two Sky Dragon League members who naturally wouldn't stand on Huang Xiaolong’s side.

Huang Xiaolong’s cold voice sounded, “Is that so”

The icy voice was too abrupt that the group of disciples nearly jumped out of their skin.

“His mother, which bastard sneaked up behind me, roll out here for this grandfather!” One of the Sky Dragon League members shouted angrily while turning around.

When he saw Huang Xiaolong’s cold face, the group of disciples immediately paled and started trembling.

Huang Xiaolong flew toward the group, his gaze fixed on that Sky Dragon League disciple who shouted earlier, “Earlier, you wanted me to roll out, now what”

That Sky Dragon League member already lost all color on his face, shaking his head vehemently as he forced a smile, “Senior Brother Huang, we-we didn’t know it was you.” His smile looked worse than a crying face.

Huang Xiaolong snorted.

He couldn’t be bothered with these disciples, directly flying away.

Only after he was completely out of sight did these several disciples discover that their backs were wet with cold sweat.

“His mother, who does he thinks he is He really thinks this grandfather is afraid of him” Seeing that Huang Xiaolong was no longer in sight, the same Sky Dragon League disciple spat on the ground, “If it wasn’t for the fact that I haven't been feeling well these past two days, I would make sure you know why the flowers are red!”   

The others rolled their eyes, ‘Didn’t you nearly piss your pants just moments ago’

Three hours later, Huang Xiaolong was back in his Sanctity of Order Mansion.

Standing in the yard, he suddenly recalled that Chen Hao would be back in the Barbarian God Sect tomorrow.

“Golden Ice Godhead.” He repeated under his breath.

In the recent days, thanks to the books inside the Barbarian God Sect’s library, Huang Xiaolong’s knowledge of godheads had increased.

For a genius with a Golden Ice Godhead, whether it was metal element or water element cultivation techniques, even ice element techniques, their progress would be startling.

They could be considered kings among all ice element godheads.

In the entire universe, there were recorded 499,999 kinds of godheads.

Chen Hao’s Golden Ice Godhead was ranked 2,256th, whereas the Three Furnace Godhead was ranked 2,321st.

This was the reason why the group of inner disciples said that Chen Hao’s talent was higher than Huang Xiaolong’s.

According to the introduction in the that book, all king rank godheads were ranked within the top three thousand, while all those outside of top three thousand would be godheads below the king rank.

Unfortunately, the books in the Barbarian God Sect only mentioned the godhead types until low grade emperor rank, there was nothing written in detail related to supreme godheads.

There was merely a simple line that said there was a total of ninety-nine kinds of supreme godheads.

Which was why, up until now, Huang Xiaolong had no idea whether his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead, Archdevil Supreme Godhead, and Infinite Buddha Supreme Godheads were low, mid, high, or top rank supreme godheads.

Even less where they would be ranked on the list.

Although Huang Xiaolong knew that Chen Hao would be back tomorrow, there were never any thoughts of running or hiding.

Within the Barbarian God Sect, Chen Hao wouldn’t dare do anything to him.

But if Chen Hao ignored the sect rules and attacked him, Huang Xiaolong believed that Sect Chief Gu Ling wouldn't just stand by and watch.

The night passed quietly.

Huang Xiaolong retreated from his cultivation state, opening his eyes.

After more than a month of cultivation, even though Huang Xiaolong’s strength did not breakthrough to peak early Second Order, it wasn’t that far away.

In another month or so, he was confident he could reach peak early Second Order Heavenly God Realm.

Still, the speed was far too slow for his tastes.

At this rate, wanting to breakthrough to Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm would take thirty years, it was impossible to achieve his goal of reaching Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm in a short twelve years.

Huang Xiaolong felt even more urgency and decided to bring forward his trip to the Lin Family Fort to collect that treasure map.

Right at this time, the Sanctity of Order Mansion suddenly swayed violently as a thunderous boom resounded.

The defensive formations placed around the mansion suddenly shattered, causing the pill refining room and study to collapse.

“Huang Xiaolong, roll out here to receive your death!” A loud bellow akin waves of thunder followed, causing the surrounding airflow to become turbulent.

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze grew cold, leaping up into the air.

Looking below at the collapsed mansion, his mood sank.

He then turned to look at the source of the voice and saw several figures standing in the air.

Right in front of the group was a young man clad in blue robe, with handsome features, thick waist and back, exuding an overbearing aura.

Behind the this young man stood Chen Xiong, Zhu Wanchen, and a few other people dressed in the Barbarian God Sect’s core disciple robes.

No doubt, at the frontmost of the group was the current chief disciple, Chen Hao.

It was out of Huang Xiaolong’s expectation that Chen Hao would barge into his mansion in broad daylight!

Relying on his status and identity, this Chen Hao was ‘fearless’ to such an extent...

“Big brother, that's Huang Xiaolong!” Chen Xiong pointed at Huang Xiaolong with burning hatred in his eyes.

The sharp gleam in Chen Hao’s flitted unnoticeably across his eyes, “Huang Xiaolong, you know very well that Chen Xiong is my younger brother, yet you dared to injure him.

Get on your knees this instant!” Chen Hao’s aura flooded outwards, bearing down fully on Huang Xiaolong.

Although Huang Xiaolong possessed three supreme godheads, the disparity of strength between him and Chen Hao at this moment was simply too great.

Being covered by Chen Hao’s pressuring aura, he couldn’t move an inch.

In the next moment, it was as if there were a thousand great mountains pressing down on his back.

Despite Huang Xiaolong’s three supreme godheads rotating to their limit, his body inevitably bent down on his knees.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes turned crimson, his knuckles white as he clenched his fists, coldly glaring at Chen Hao: “Chen Hao, if I don’t die today, I will kill you one of these days!”

Chen Hao sneered, “I admit that you’re indeed talented, possessing the Three Furnace Godhead, but you’re still far from my Golden Ice Godhead.

Your talent is lower than mine, and your strength is sorely lacking compared to mine.

You’re fated never to catch up to me, therefore you will never have that chance.”

Speaking of this, Chen Hao’s momentum increased further.

When Huang Xiaolong was mere inches away from kneeling on the ground, a voice sounded: “Enough.”

A rush of power swept over Huang Xiaolong, erasing Chen Hao’s pressure.

Huang Xiaolong immediately felt his body free of burden.

Following this, a group of people flew over from the distance, Gu Ling and a group of Grand Elders and Elders.

Chen Hao had already predicted that Gu Ling would appear, so was no surprise on his face.

In the blink of an eye, Gu Ling’s group was standing between Chen Hao and Huang Xiaolong.


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