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He Yanning pursed her lips, and insisted: "It's quite heavy, it will be inconvenient for you."

Yao Bianliang couldn't help looking at He Yanning.

Although there was no expression on his face, if she read correctly, he looked at her with guilt and...


Yes, indeed respect.

Yao Bian was silent and even forgot to refuse He Yanning's help.

Dude, something is wrong with this development!

Why do you respect me so much

Mu Taozhi also said, "Do you have anything else with you I'll help you too."

There was a bit of anticipation in his eyes as if he really hoped to help her.

Yao Bianliang: "...nothing."

Mu Taozhi said "Oh", as if he was regretful.

Yao Bianliang's thoughts were a little confused.

She forced them to participate in the rehearsal, came early and returned late every day, and taunted them from time to time.

No matter what, they shouldn't have a good impression of her.

How come, in the end, the attitude of these two little fresh meats towards her not only didn't get worse but got better and better

Shouldn't normal people hate her

Recalling the previous attitude of these two people, it was indeed problematic.

Their eyes dodged, avoided her, and when they occasionally came into contact with her, they couldn't help being a little nervous.

If you insist on describing them, these two people were like two students who had done something wrong.

They respected and felt guilty for her as a teacher.

They hope that she could forgive them, but they were afraid that she would be angry and blame them.


There must be something wrong with their brain!

Yao Bianliang and these two guys walked forward together.

She tried to find out where she might have exposed flaws, but after recalling for a long time, she couldn't find out what went wrong.

Perhaps, this was just her illusion Maybe they were just showing off their gentlemanly demeanour, so she didn't have to think too much about it.

Thinking of this, Yao Bianliang couldn't help looking at Mu Taozhi who was walking beside her.

Mu Taozhi met her eyes, was stunned for a moment, and coughed dryly: "Why are you...

looking at me"

Yao Bianliang didn't speak but looked up and down at Mu Taozhi with probing eyes.

 Mu Taozhi felt uncomfortable being watched by her, and couldn't help but start to reflect on himself.

He...he shouldn't have done anything wrong, right

"I practiced very seriously today, and I have corrected all those minor problems.

I am not lazy, really!" Mu Taozhi looked at Yao Bianliang, trying to prove himself.

The corner of Yao Bianliang's mouth twitched and then turned to look at He Yanning.

He Yanning also tensed up subconsciously, his back tensed.

He swallowed and said softly: "I arrived 20 minutes earlier than Mu Taozhi today, and I have been practicing the whole time, and I have not been lazy."

Yao Bianliang: "..."

Well, it seemed that this is not her illusion.

These two people had a problem!

The anxiety in her heart became stronger and stronger, and Yao Bianliang faintly felt that something was gradually out of her control.

The three of them came all the way to the assembly point in the hall.

At this time, most of the players had already arrived.

Mu Taozhi stepped forward very actively and helped Yao Bianliang open the door.

He Yanning followed behind her carrying things, like a follower.

Surrounded by these two, Yao Bianliang walked into the hall.

The moment she stepped into the hall, all the eyes in the room looked over.

"Here we come, people from group 6 are here."

"That girl in the middle is Yao Bianliang"

"Shh, keep your voice down, she's here."

"Whispering, they cast their eyes in the direction of Yao Bianliang.

There was a bit of resentment mixed with grief and indignation in that look.

It turned out that this one was Yao Bianliang—

the black sheep who made them all roll up!


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