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How high had the current strength of the Blue Sea Sprites reincarnation reached

Was there any hope of the trump card Iron-eating Beast comparable to Shi Yu if it erupted with all its might

At this moment, the Tyrannical Sea Legend was a little shaken.

Although the Nine Li Battle Beast was Emperor Wus trump card battle pet, its inheritance had already been broken.

Even if it was the Nine Li Battle Beast with the perfect inheritance, with Emperor Wus top-notch Fusion Talent, it was very difficult to defeat Yun An.

As for the Blue Sea Sprite, at its peak, it was an existence even more impressive than Yun An.

If the reincarnation of the Blue Sea Sprite awakened some of the power of the Blue Sea Sprite in advance and leaped to become Shi Yus strongest pet, he could completely accept and believe it.

That was the strongest demigod in the ocean!

Tyrannical Sea Legends expression changed again as he looked at Shi Yu.

What a lucky guy.

“Monster…” At this moment, the power Shi Yu displayed completely formed a sharp contrast to his sickly image.

Tong Yan, Zou Yun, and the others swallowed their saliva.

Even Ji Feng, a monster with super talent, took a deep breath and acknowledged Shi Yus strength.

This Lu Bai was not bad.

He was the second Beast Tamer they couldnt understand after Shi Yu.

They couldnt see the limit of this “Lu Bai”.

Just like that, Shi Yu continued forward with an invincible and unstoppable image.

In the fifth level, the snowfield seemed to have become Susus home ground.

The opponent was the cold witch from the Ice Snow Temple.

He had contracted a thousand-year-old snow woman of an overlord race.

Be it Beast Tamers or pets, they were all so beautiful and freezing.

Heavenly King Zou and the others from Dong Huang felt pity for her.

However, while girls were precious, ruins were even more expensive.

22 million.

18 million, 20 million, 22 million.

Every time they arrived at a new checkpoint, Susus energy level beside Shi Yu suddenly rose to a new height.

This never-ending increase directly made the expressions of the opponent and the seven island Beast Tamers change collectively again.

Was there really no limit to this guys explosive power

Did he really not need to rest

Such an eruption… had no side effects

After the ice and snow fluttered, Shi Yu took a deep breath and walked past the beautiful ice sculpture with Susu.

In the ice sculpture was the panicked gaze of the beautiful snow maiden.

For all the resources of the seven island ruins, no one could stop him!!!

Just like that, a super genius whose strength was enough to rank in the top five of the top masters under the age of 30 in the seven islands was defeated by Shi Yu in a single move.

Shi Yu walked deeper into the path of the champion step by step.

Although he didnt stop to rest, his slow progress was actually a kind of rest.

The mountain range was so vast.

He had only walked through five levels, and more than two hours had passed.

Shi Yu didnt use his pets to travel.

He killed an opponent every second and advanced slowly.

This was also to let Susu adjust as soon as possible after every eruption.

At this moment, on the seven islands, everyones scalps were already numb.

What was numbing was not that Shi Yu had passed the fifth level, but that he had not changed his pet and passed five levels in an instant.

When Shi Yu advanced, it was a huge pressure for the seven island Beast Tamers of the Sky Ship, as if they were being dominated, especially for the next guardian.

When Yu arrived at the sixth level, the waiting big sister of the Yin Yang Master was already drenched in sweat.

She was uneasy the whole time and was directly shocked by Shi Yus powerful battle results of the previous five levels.

She was a little nervous when facing Shi Yu.

The sixth level, 24 million!

Shi Yu still didnt go easy on her.

It even erupted with stronger strength and defeated the opponent.

This time, Susu directly erupted with a huge amount of energy value of 24 million.

This energy value was undoubtedly overwhelming for top-notch masters at the sixth level of the Beast Tamer and the monarch level of the pet.

After all, in the Ming Hua exchange team, the level-seven Beast Tamer who contracted a powerful battle pet like the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow had only 20 million energy points after being strengthened to the limit.

As for the guardians on the road to champion, their Beast Taming levels were all at level six.

Unless there was an abnormal talent like Ji Feng, or a Beast Tamer like Senior Lu who had abnormal opportunities, more than 20 million energy eruptions were a massacre for the opponent!

Of course, Susu actually didnt need to erupt with such strong strength to defeat its opponent.

However, the reason why Shi Yu let it erupt a little stronger every time was also to train it, train the Holy Water Ring, and train Susus endurance.

He had to make some preparations for the next few levels, especially the tenth level, in case Susu couldnt hold on if it erupted with too much power in one go.

He just didnt know how strong the overlords sent by the seven islands were… If it was a top-notch overlord, Shi Yu would probably directly raise a white flag, but if it was an ordinary overlord like the Earth Demon Ape and the Snake Lord…

He felt that he could let Susu give it a try.

After all, the skill Infinite Devour was equivalent to allowing Susu and Baby Ginseng to cooperate according to the rules.

The strongest attack when the power of time was completely activated was their trump card to fight the overlord.


Shi Yu was still advancing step by step.

Using his actions, he told everyone present that his footsteps were unstoppable.

Any opponent facing him would only be swept away.

At this moment, as Shi Yus battle style gradually appeared, some of the new generation Beast Tamers on the seven islands had already developed fear.

Even the older generation looked at this Dong Huang monster heavily.

They had completely remembered Lu Bais name.

The endless rising energy eruption made the legends of the seven islands and the titled legends of the seven islands feel a cold illusion.

“This Beast Tamer of Dong Huang, hes warming up!!!”

This brat, he was using the opponents in every round to gradually adapt to stronger strength.

He was moving his body and warming up!!! His goal was very big!!

“He cant be warming up, right…” At this moment, the girl in JK also sensed something sensitively.

Her face was pale.

How could there be such a monster in Dong Huang

She quickly looked at the strongest master of the new generation of the seven islands who should be guarding the eighth level, the Thousand River Hundred Gods.

This strongest master of the new generation of the seven islands, who was full of confidence just now, was already covered in sweat.

His brown hair was completely soaked, and his expression was incomparably pale.

Before the battle, his heart was already thumping.

“Hundred God, whats wrong with you, Hundred God Are you feeling unwell”


Qian Chuan was extremely silent.

It indeed seemed a little uncomfortable…

Was it too late to change now

He felt that at this rate, he would also be insta-killed if he went up.

Son of a b*tch!!!

If he had known earlier, he wouldnt have pretended!!! What kind of monster was Dong Huangs Beast Tamer!! Who would save him Were there any seniors who didnt like this guy who could show up instead of him!! Help!!


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