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Hundred God, who was relatively calm just now, changed his expression almost instantly.

It actually… instantly reached 18 million energy points without the strengthening of the Beast Tamer

How was this possible!

The expression of the girl beside him, who was also part of the new generation Beast Tamer of the seven islands, suddenly changed.

It wasnt strange for Dong Huangs geniuses to pass a few levels.

Even if he reached the seventh, eighth, and ninth levels, they wouldnt be surprised.

However, in their imagination, he should have experienced a difficult battle to reach this level.

What was with this huge difference in battle power!

“Impressive.” At this moment, only the Beast Tamers of Dong Huang secretly clenched their fists.

This Lu Bai really had some skills!!

Tong Yan, Zou Yun, Ning Tianming, and the others finally relaxed.

How could they not be relieved!!

If this guy had only insta-killed the guardian of the second level, they wouldnt be like this.

However, at this moment, Shi Yu still had no intention of stopping.

Instead, he continued to walk towards the third level.

This directly made Ji Feng and the others of Dong Huang understand how strong and confident the incomparably weak looking Beast Tamer was!!

“Dong Huangs genius is indeed worthy of its reputation.” At this moment, after a moment of silence, the Warring States Legend of the seven islands spoke to himself, his expressions no longer changing.

He instantly knew that Dong Huangs secret trump card was not simple.

He began to relax and let Shi Yu challenge it.

The top-notch master of the true strongest ladder team of the seven islands was waiting for Dong Huangs challenger in the eighth and ninth levels!

If he had the ability, come.

He didnt believe that Shi Yu could continue like this.

Just as the Beast Tamers of the seven islands “expected”, Shi Yu charged ahead.

In the third level, outside a forest, a middle-aged man from the Green Wood Dojo, a top-notch master of the seven islands, commanded the monarch-level Giant Spirit Tree to set up an iron wall to fight Shi Yu!

In order to fight the Dong Huang challenger, the seven islands had indeed put in a lot of effort.

This was a plant controller stronger than the previous guardian.

However, as expected, under the shocked expressions of all the seven island Beast Tamers, Shi Yu made the ice elemental life form beside him use the same trick again.

This time, Susus energy level instantly increased to 20 million!!

“How can it still increase!!!” The Beast Tamers of the seven islands looked at the monarch-level ice elemental life form that could still erupt with stronger strength before breaking through the enemys defense.

A frozen stream that froze everything sealed a large area of the forest, turning the Green Wood Forest into an ice forest and finishing the opponent!

“Lets go.” Under the gaze of many Beast Tamers on the Sky Ship, Shi Yu still did not stop and continued walking forward.

After the third level, Susu had one more recovery method.

Apart from transforming the energy in its body through Infinite Devour, its body was also enveloped in faint starlight.

It was connected to the stars and used the power of the sea of stars to recover its energy.

This skill was unprecedented.

Even the legends and titled legends of the seven islands couldnt recognize this skill.

They could only determine through various performances that this was a method to recover its energy through external energy off-planet.

The power of time… the power of the stars… and that unbelievable energy eruption skill made the Beast Tamers of the seven islands extremely serious.

What race was this! Who could tell them!

The fourth level!

He was the leader of an ancient Ninja Village on the seven islands.

He was a top-notch master who was proficient in dark and assassination.

He was also the old man who Zou Tianwang had approached at the start.

After watching Shi Yus performance in silence on the Sky Ship, he went to prepare.

Unfortunately, no matter how well prepared the old man was, he was still insta-killed in the fourth level when facing Shi Yus unethical performance!!

Susu continued to erupt with power that far exceeded the monarch level!!

22 million!!


A drop of frozen water froze everything in the world and sealed the shadow in the mountain wall forever.

Instant kill again!

The Beast Tamers of the seven islands couldnt sit still anymore, their gazes exploding.

“Doesnt he need to change pets”

At this moment, four guardians had been insta-killed in succession, and they were all famous top-notch masters in the seven islands.

The legend of the Warring States finally couldnt sit still.

In the eyes of a titled legend like him, the strength of a top-notch master like Shi Yu was naturally nothing.

However, from the perspective of someone of the same level, the strength Shi Yu displayed was simply unbelievable!!

If it was just insta-killing one or two opponents, it would be fine.

It could indeed be done with explosive power.

However, why could this guy instantly kill four powerful opponents of the same level without any pressure or consumption Then, he still continued forward calmly and without any intention of changing pets!

Did his pet have unlimited energy

“Hes good at training pets.

He doesnt have any shortcomings in energy,” the Tyrannical Sea Legend still said calmly, but he was equally happy in his heart.

This was surprising When Ji Feng appeared later, his elemental lords storage of hundreds of millions of energy points probably wouldnt need to change pets either!

Shi Yu and Ji Feng could completely make the seven islands suffer!

At this moment, the various powerful performances of the Blue Sea Sprite Reincarnation shocked the Tyrannical Sea Legend.

He knew better than anyone that the Blue Sea Sprite was proficient in water-element power, but the power Shi Yu and the others had always displayed was inclined towards the ice-element… Therefore, they had yet to display their full strength


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