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Wang Che only knew Wave Zero.

Every part of the body had undergone advanced modification. From the limbs, head, torso, wings, and sword, there were a total of six parts.

It was said that the sword equipment of Wave Zero was originally a mechanical sword soul pet that had been modified and evolved with it.

It was a very advanced combination modification technology.

However, Wang Che had never seen it used before, mainly because he had no chance.

It was a pity.

Combination modification was to modify two mechanical soul pets into one.

It greatly increased the strength of the two!

With the same body and soul pets soul power cultivation, its strength would be ridiculously strong.

Currently, in the mechanical modification world, it had always been the most cutting-edge technology. It was basically the ceiling of mechanical modification.

Wang Che shook his head to dispel these thoughts.

To the Magnetic Sword, these feelings were still a little far away.

“Come and install this sword blade.”

The Magnetic Sword flew up.

It was much harder to install the blade than the sword wings.

The sword wings could be installed and fused directly because the Magnetic Sword did not have them.

The Magnetic Sword itself had one, so it needed to remove the previous blade and install it.

The little caterpillar and Bear Treasure stuck their heads out as if to see what was going on.

The Magnetic Sword immediately hissed a warning, asking them to move further away.

‘Dont look, dont look!

The little caterpillar: “”

Bear Treasure: “…”

The two of them scratched their heads and looked at each other.

They could not understand.

Wang Che smiled. Disassembling the blade was actually a rather painful thing for the Magnetic Sword.

This thing was not equipment because the original blade was a part of its body and had already fused with it.

Removing it and installing a new sword blade would be a fast but painful process.

The Magnetic Sword did not want the little caterpillar and Bear Treasure to see it.

There was no other meaning.

“Ssss…” The Magnetic Sword was still a little afraid.

Previously, when the sword wings were modified, it did not have such a part installed already, so it did not feel anything during the process. It only needed to adapt.

However, if it was dismantled now, it would definitely be very uncomfortable.

Now that it wanted to dismantle the original blade, it was removing the parts of its body. The Magnetic Sword was naturally a little afraid.

Wang Che said, “Do you know how handsome your Stone Sword Form was”

“The little caterpillar and Bear Treasure are stunned.”

“Ssss” The Magnetic Sword was stunned. Because it had not experienced it for long, it only felt that it should have been very handsome back then.

However, it did not see the details.

While the Magnetic Sword was in a daze, Wang Che twisted his fingertips slightly and instantly removed the blade of the Magnetic Sword.

Then, with a crack, he installed the Purple Lightning Blade.

“…” Magnetic Sword.

The process was extremely short.

It was very painful, but… it did not react in time.

After a while, it let out a sizzling cry as lightning flashed.

The sword even struck out lightning from time to time in the second level.

Hearing this, the little caterpillar and Bear Treasures scalps turned numb. As they dodged the lightning, they muttered that not only could they not see such things in the future, but they could not even approach.

Wang Che smiled. This was also because the Magnetic Sword had yet to adapt.

For example, after a Mechanical Divine Soldier at the level of Wave Zero was used to modification, it could complete the modification of various parts of its body without changing its expression.

In fact, modifying and dismantling was not a physical pain. The pain was the impact of the energy loss.

This impact would affect the Magnetic Swords mind and make it suffer.

The higher the intelligence, the older the age, the more times it modified, the less pain it felt.

After the first few modifications, it still hurt.

After a few hours, the Magnetic Sword calmed down.

The pain brought by the mind slowly decreased.

The Purple Lightning Blade was a faint purple color. It was invisible and almost translucent from afar. Up close, it was colorful.

Because the mechanical structure inside was different, the light formed after the mechanical energy in the Magnetic Sword fused turned purple-red.

It was mainly dark purple with a hint of red light.

The blade was long and engraved with mysterious patterns. The sword spine was like lightning, unlike a normal sword spine that was straight.

Compared to the original ancient sword blade, it was worlds apart.

It felt like a handsome beggar in tattered clothes had changed into an Armani suit.

The little caterpillar and Bear Treasure walked over and looked at thenew equipment of the Magnetic Sword.


The little caterpillar shouted,Its super handsome.

‘I want it too!

Bear Treasures two bear paws collided. Was this a mechanical soul pet

If it removed its arms and legs, the bear would be a goner.

Wang Che used the communication devices mirror function to check the Magnetic Sword.

The Magnetic Sword immediately emitted an excited sizzling sound.

After changing its skin, it indeed looked different.

The Magnetic Sword was extremely satisfied.

“The Purple Lightning Blade has many effects on you. There are also eight spirit talisman slots inside. Ill plant a few more spirit talismans for you later.”

“With the Purple Lightning Blade, you should be able to sense your own strength.”

The modification of the blade could be said to have a powerful enhancement effect on any soul skill of the Magnetic Sword!

From a direct point of view, Sharpness 100%!

The actual combat effect was far beyond that.

Moreover, the Purple Lightning Blade was very powerful.

Now, even Bear Treasure could not withstand the Magnetic Swords strike.

There were several forms of the little caterpillar.

Flame Awakening leaned towards attack.

Grass Awakening leaned towards life.

Water Awakening was more resistant.

Only after Ground Awakening could the little caterpillars defense increase to the limit.

Of course, the awakening state increased stats in all aspects, but the focus was different.

The little caterpillar could still withstand attacks after entering the awakening state.

Next, Wang Che used the remaining materials to make spirit talismans.

Wang Che needed sufficient materials. The Cloud Sky Heavenly King also gave him enough and was truly kind.

He was so kind. If he made any requests in the future, Wang Che felt that it would not be good to refuse.

The Heavenly Kings knew how to reciprocate.

The materials needed for the spirit talisman were naturally included.

When the sky turned dark, Wang Che engraved a total of seven spirit talismans in the empty slots inside the Purple Lightning Blade.

The Lightning Sword Wings only had five spirit talisman slots.

The Purple Lightning Blade was much larger and had three more slots.


“Similar spirit talismans cant be stacked on the same device. This is the rule of equipment in the cultivation world.”

Wang Che pondered and said, “But what about mechanical modification in this world If the same spirit talisman is engraved on different parts, can the effects be stacked”

When he refined the Lightning Sword Wings last time, Wang Che had guessed that it should be feasible.

This was because mechanical soul pets were very special.

Therefore, Wang Che first engraved the Lightning Drawing Talisman, Divine Movement Talisman, Armor Talisman, and Spirit Melting Talisman on the interior of the Purple Lightning Blade.

Because the materials used this time were relatively high-level as the Heavenly King gave good things, the quality of the spirit talisman had already reached the high-level.

After imprinting these four talismans, Wang Che directly let the Magnetic Sword test its speed. It could best display it directly.

It was as fast as lightning!

It was unbelievably fast!

“It can be stacked… This is a little absurd.”

Wang Che pondered and said, “A high-level Divine Movement Talisman can increase speed by 60%. Coupled with the middle-level Divine Movement Talisman, it can increase speed by 30%. Coupled with the increase in species potential brought by the Purple Lightning Blade… the current speed of the Magnetic Sword is extraordinary!”

“If this is used to deliver packages, it would be unreasonable if it cant deliver more than a thousand pieces a day.”

“…” Magnetic Sword.

Perhaps hearing Wang Ches mutter, the Magnetic Sword was very uneasy.

The high-level Lightning Drawing Talisman could increase its power by 100%.

It was a spirit talisman that only Golden Core cultivators could use.

Coupled with the previous intermediate Lightning Drawing Talisman, the power of the lightning directly increased by 150%.

Ordinary lightning attacks were equivalent to the power of a hundred-year soul skill.

The enhancement of sword moves and soul skills was very terrifying.

Other than these three talismans, Wang Che also engraved three types of spirit talismans: the Strength Enhancement Talisman, the Divine Power Talisman, and the Spirit Concentration Talisman.

The first two were talismans related to strength.

The Strength Enhancement Talisman increased its weight. This talisman made it as dense as a mountain and several times heavier than ones body. It was usually used by martial cultivators and Dharma artifacts to train themselves.

The little caterpillars Mechanical Meteorite Suit had the Strength Enhancement Talisman that Wang Che had engraved for training.

Flying with the Strength Enhancement Talisman might not even be half of its normal speed. After adapting, its speed would increase further.

As for the Divine Power Talisman and the Spirit Concentration Talisman, the former directly increased strength, while the latter increased mental strength.

These two talismans were mainly to increase the power of the Magnetic Swords sword techniques and could also be used for normal training.

As for the power of the sword move, other than the Magnetic Swords cultivation, lightning energy, and Lightning Sword Wings, it was also directly related to its own strength.

The sword technique was also related to divine sense, which was mental strength.

The Spirit Concentration Talisman could temporarily increase mental strength. It was very helpful for the Magnetic Sword to learn other sword techniques in the future.

Wang Che did not carve the last empty slot on the Purple Lightning Blade.

He could leave this empty slot untouched first. At the crucial moment, it would not be too late to engrave whatever it lacked.

There were a total of seven talismans on the blade and five talismans on the wings.

There were a total of twelve talismans.

If they were all activated completely, the energy that erupted would be very exaggerated.

However, activating all of them was also a huge burden on the Magnetic Sword.

Because the increase was too strong, it exceeded the range it could withstand.

Once this overload state lasted for a longer time, it would definitely cause considerable damage to the Magnetic Sword.

Therefore, it was best to only activate two to four spirit talismans.

With the Magnetic Swords current cultivation, if it combined with the Stone Sword Form and activated them all, one strike would probably be enough to instantly kill a six to seven thousand year King-ranked soul pet.

If it activated the sword formation, it could fight even if it was a thousand years higher than that.

If it fought the little caterpillar, it would probably be able to beat it.

“Oh right, speaking of which, wheres my second soul skill”

It was already dark when he brought the three little guys out of the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace.

When he returned home, Wang Che remembered this.

‘Wheres my soul skill

After sensing it, Wang Che sensed his second soul skill.

Lightning Hand: Release a special lightning power that can stimulate life potential. It does not have any offensive abilities.

Wang Che opened his palm and looked at the pale golden electric arcs circling it.

Another soul skill related to the hand

What was going on with the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace

Why did it always have some strange soul skills

It did not have an attacking method.

It was indeed not offensive. Wang Che could not feel much power.

The words stimulating life force potential were very obvious. It was to increase the soul pets potential.

From a direct point of view, it was to increase strength.


He had really become a support character.

“It cant be used on myself… it should be useful on other people or soul pets.”

Wang Che touched the little caterpillar.

In an instant, the little caterpillar shook from its tail to its head and shouted at Wang Che.

‘Dont touch me like this!

However, soon, the little caterpillar began to enjoy it.

After touching it for a while, the little caterpillar immediately felt energetic!

It immediately entered an excited state!

It was full of confidence and felt that ten thousand year soul pets were trash in front of it!

“I cant tell how much its strength has increased, but this intelligence… Is this the Hand of Stupidity”

Wang Che looked at the little caterpillar and was speechless.

“Stone Sword Form, Purple Lightning Blade, seven types of spirit talismans, Lightning Hand… Its not bad to have broken through to Level 20.”

In the next few days, Wang Che let the Magnetic Sword adapt to the Purple Lightning Blade.

It had to familiarize itself with the two types of sword equipment.

Father Wang and Mother Wang saw the color of the Magnetic Sword change and thought that Wang Che had exchanged soul pets with someone else. They were so angry that they almost beat Wang Che up.


Fortunately, they still recognized it later.

Just like that, a few days passed until the night of New Years Eve.

“The West Peak Continents official website has released an announcement. The lucky beast this year is the Cloud Sea Azure Dragon!”

Wang Che looked at the official announcement on the communication device, “Its rare. The Cloud Sea Azure Dragon hasnt appeared for some years. The last time was more than ten years ago, right”

The Cloud Sea Azure Dragon was a peak Transcendent soul beast with the True Dragon bloodline. This was simple data announced by the war zone.

There was no specific species potential value.

There was only one simple grade.

It was a flying and dragon-type True Dragon.

From a certain perspective, the Cloud Sea Azure Dragon was not much worse than the Sky God Dragon.

However, the Sky God Dragon was a noble spatial attribute divine beast.

What Wang Che found interesting was that although the announcement was made by the West Peak Continents officials, in fact, the true speaker was the Cloud Sea Azure Dragon.

The West Peak Continents official announcement was only forwarded.

This lucky beast seemed to have an account on the human communication network.

On the largest online club in the Eastern War Zone, the Eastern Internet, the Cloud Sea Azure Dragon sent a message on the night of New Years Eve.

Cloud Sea Azure Dragon: “The route Im taking this time starts from the Ice Plain Continent in the northeast. Ill pass by the Middle Yang Continent, the North River Continent, the Chaotic Sea Continent, and so on. The exact route is as follows.”

“In addition, Im already five thousand years old. I will shed my skin once every fifty years.”

“This year, when Im close to shedding, dragon scales and dragon whiskers will drop. These are treasures to the dragon race and could be used for soul pet evolution, cultivation, and so on.”

“However, the Cloud Sea Dragon Scale and Dragon Whisker are too hard. If you cannot scrape them off the dragon skin, you cant force it.”

“Contract Soul Masters above Level 50 or soul pets above 50,000 years should not snatch them.”

“The Cloud Sea Dragon Scale has a powerful rebound effect. Once it endures too much power, although it will fall off, it will also suffer a backlash and explode.”

“Its harmless to me, but its life-threatening to you.”

“All of you can ask your children to follow me and scrape off the dragon scales.”

“After descending this time, I will sleep for dozens of years. In the following years, my siblings will bless you.”

“This is…” Wang Che smiled.

As soon as this Cloud Sea Azure Dragon spoke online, it immediately caused a heated discussion among countless people.

In less than half an hour, it became the number one trending topic on the Internet.

All the continents were reposting it.

However, it was only an hour before it arrived.

The arrival of the lucky beast was the most festive show in the Eastern War Zone.

Every year, the lucky beasts would bring many rare and good things.

This time, it was the dragon scale and dragon whisker of a Transcendent soul beast.

What level of treasure was this…

Moreover, it was shed naturally.

“The cultivation and strength restrictions are probably meant to prevent some thieves… soul beasts below Level 50 and below 50,000 years can probably be killed by this Cloud Sea Azure Dragon with a flick of its finger. However, for a soul pet or Contract Soul Master at this stage, its probably not easy to scrape off a Cloud Sea Dragon Scale or Dragon Whisker.”

“It looks easy, but its probably not ordinary.”

“I have to find a chance to get a few scales.”

Wang Che glanced at the little caterpillar and went to the central square of Skyheart City to wait quietly…-

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