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As long as one was ambitious, who did not yearn to work and live in the Seven Stars Continent Even in the number one country in the world, Xia country, as long as someone could study in the Seven Stars Continent for a few years, they would be valued after returning to the country.

They would even directly achieve a leap in class.

As long as one could marry into the Seven Stars Continent or even marry someone from the Seven Stars Continent, it could be said that they would be able to climb up the social ladder.

However, the people in the Seven Stars Continent were generally arrogant and rarely married women outside the Seven Stars Continent.

After all, the genes of the women born and bred in the Seven Stars Continent were better.

At the thought of this, Xie Ruoyun couldnt help but be even more certain of her thoughts.

Feng Qing definitely wanted to use Du Yu as a stepping stone to build more ties with the Seven Stars Continent.

For example, she wanted to use Du Yus influence in the Seven Stars Continent to rope in some forces and make these forces work for her.

It was the same reason why she offended Xing Wudi.

“Ruoyun! Ruoyun” Feng Qing called out twice in a row.

She realized that Xie Ruoyun was thinking about something and was actually in a daze at this moment.

“Ah, ah” Xie Ruoyun pulled back and seemed a little flustered.

She saw Feng Qing looking at her with a faint smile, her eyes shining.

Feng Qing smiled and said, “What are you thinking about Why are you thinking so much”

Her eyes were fixed on Xie Ruoyuns face.

Her two large eyes were like bright lights.

Xie Ruoyun felt like Feng Qing had seen through her.

Xie Ruoyun hurriedly said, “Ah, Im not, Im not thinking about anything.”

Feng Qing said calmly, “You disappoint me.

I thought I could really find a weapon research master who could help Xie Jiuhan this time, so I want to punish you.”

As she spoke, Feng Qing pointed at the box of cigarettes on the table and said, “I wont make things difficult for you.

After all, youre also considering the Xie Corporation, so Ill punish you by smoking this box of cigarettes.”

Upon hearing this, Xie Ruoyuns expression changed drastically.

She hurriedly waved her hand and said, “No, no, Young Madam, I dont know how to smoke.

Ive never smoked before.”

Feng Qing said, “You dont understand.

This box of cigarettes is a custom-made high-end cigarette.

Every year, only a hundred boxes are produced in the world.

Any box can be sold for tens of millions in the black market.

This box of cigarettes has already been opened.

It would be a pity if no one smoked it.

Smoke the rest of the pack.”

Xie Ruoyuns heart is beating crazily.

Her brain was working at a high speed.

Could it be that Feng Qing had discovered that she had drugged the cigarette Or did Feng Qing just want to punish her Xie Ruoyuns expression was ugly as she said, “Young Madam, you dont know.

Im allergic to smoking.

In the past, when I smoked my fathers second-hand cigarettes, I would have allergies.”

Upon hearing this, Feng Qing flipped her hand and a small pill appeared in it.

Feng Qing smiled and said, “Dont be afraid of allergies.

I have medicine thats resistant to allergies.

Any allergic symptoms wont happen after taking it.”

Xie Ruoyun : “…”

Seeing that Xie Ruoyun was standing there without moving for a long time, the smile on Feng Qings face gradually disappeared.

Then, she said coldly, “Take the anti-allergy medicine first before smoking.

Ruoyun, I want you to remember that everyone has to pay the price for what they did.

You were talking nonsense just now.

You said that Du Yu is humiliating himself by being an errand boy in my small company.

As a member of the Xie familys collateral branch and a member of the Sacred Island, you actually said such words in front of me.

This is obviously contempt and provocation towards me, so I want you to remember forever that I will always be your Young Madam and the First Madam of the Xie family.”

Speaking up to this point, Feng Qing swept her gaze across the others and said faintly, “You should all know that not long ago on the Sacred Island, Little Jiu Jiu punished Little Aunt.

Have you all forgotten so quickly Or is someone anxious to accompany Little Aunt”

Xie Ruoyun looked at her father for help.

Xie Cheng braced himself and said, “Young Madam, please forgive her this time on account of her good intentions.

She only knows that Mr.

Du is a weapons master in the Seven Stars Continent, but she doesnt know the exact extent of Mr.

Dus strength.

It was an unintentional mistake.

As her father, Im also responsible.

I apologize to Young Madam on her behalf.

I hope you will be magnanimous.”

When Xie Cheng said this, Feng Qing looked at him with a faint smile, making Xie Cheng feel guilty.

After he finished speaking, Feng Qing said, “Ruoyun often talks about the Seven Stars Continent in front of me.

She admires the Seven Stars Continent and even praises it to the sky.

She is also the person on the Sacred Island who knows the Seven Stars Continent the best, but the news she obtained is not accurate, so she wasted so much of my time.

Xie Cheng, do you think your precious daughter should be punished”


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