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“Do you know what kind of people Madam Xie has under her Its already very good that I can be an errand boy there.

You wont understand since youre an ignorant person.”

Xie Ruoyun felt uncomfortable after hearing Du Yus words.

However, she didnt know how to refute Du Yus words.

Even he was willing to be Feng Qings errand boy, so what else could she, an outsider, say However, she instantly had an opinion about Feng Qings company.

She felt that the reason why Feng Qing could have her own business outside was because she had borrowed the wealth of the Xie Corporation.

Moreover, regardless of whether it was the small job or the company that Feng Qing opened, how could her business be compared to the huge Xie Corporation No matter how good the people she hired were, could they be better than the Xie Corporations collateral branches and loyalists on Sacred Island

Therefore, Xie Ruoyun concluded that Feng Qing did not know how powerful Master Du Yu was.

Most of the time, Du Yu was willing to be a cleaner in Feng Qings company because he coveted Feng Qings beauty.

Xie Ba couldnt help but ask, “Young Madam, since you said that Master Du Yu is your employee, how much salary do you give him every month You have to know that Master Du Yu is someone the leaders of the various countries have tried their best to rope in.

Even Xia country has offered a high price to invite him, but he rejected them.

Could it be that the treatment Young Madam gives is even higher than in various countries”

Feng Qing smiled and replied, “Oh, hes not worth that much to me.

3,000 yuan a month, three insurance and one fund after a year.

The other benefits are the same as ordinary companies.”

Everyone : “…”

This time, even Xie Ba couldnt listen anymore.

He asked directly, “Young Madam, the salary you gave is only the salary of an ordinary cleaner in the Capital.

You really treat Master Du Yu as a cleaner.”

Xie Cheng smiled bitterly and said, “If I were to be a cleaner at the Xie Corporations Di Hui Building, my salary and treatment would be more than five times this.”

Hearing them question the salary, Du Yu, who was kneeling on the ground, hurriedly retorted, “Shut up, all of you.

Dont talk nonsense if you dont understand.

Not to mention five times the salary, even if its five million times the salary, I dont care to work at your place.

Im willing to be a lousy errand boy under Madam Xie.

Its already Madam Xies favor to give me 3,000 yuan.

Even if she didnt give me a salary, Id rather pay to follow Madam Xie.”

Han Jinlu, the number one senior assistant of Blue Stocks Capital, was thought by others to be the young master of the Han family in the Capital.

Little did they know that he was actually the third young master of the Di Palace in the Seven Stars Continent.

Du Yu knew this very well.

Moreover, he did not say any nonsense just now.

He was nothing in Blue Stocks Capital because Feng Qing had gathered countless strange people under her.

The other governments treated someone like Du Yu as a sought-after person, but in the eyes of the other members of Blue Stocks Capital, he was almost trash.

Most importantly, ones self-awareness was the most important.

He knew that he was not capable enough.

Even if he was willing to spend money to stay in Blue Stocks Capital, he hoped that the other big shots in the company could bring him along.

Even if they did not bring him along, Du Yu could still learn some skills from those true top-notch gods when he dumped the trash and bought breakfast.

However, after hearing Du Yus words, Xie Ruoyun curled her lips.

Her face was not filled with disdain.

As a dignified weapons development master of the Seven Stars Continent, he would rather spend money to do odd jobs and errands in Feng Qings small company.

She did not believe that Du Yu did not crave for Feng Qings body.

Moreover, Feng Qing must have known this long ago.

Otherwise, how could she explain why Du Yu was so subservient to Feng Qing There was never a free lunch in the world.

If it really fell, there would definitely be a problem.

However, Feng Qing felt that it was reasonable for Master Du Yu to get a salary of 3,000 yuan.

Perhaps she had already done something shameful with Du Yu in private.

Xie Ruoyun decided that she had to beat around the bush and let their family head know about this.

Their family head was young and promising.

His looks could mesmerize everyone in the Seven Stars Continent and instantly capture the existence of thousands of girls.

The Seven Stars Continent was a holy land that everyone wanted to go to.

Everyone was honored to be a member of the Seven Stars Continent.

Many people were even proud of the people who knew the Seven Stars Continent.

In the words of the commoners, the people of the Seven Stars Continent were all superior.

Be it economics, technology, or other fields, they were far ahead of the world.

Therefore, they became the place that everyone yearned for.


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